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25 Top Interior Design Firms to Keep an Eye On This Year

Falling in love with inspirational interiors is easy, but finding a designer to recreate your vision is another story. Our team is lucky enough to work with some of the top interior designers across the...

Transitional bedroom by top residential interior design firms Urbanology

Falling in love with inspirational interiors is easy, but finding a designer to recreate your vision is another story. Our team is lucky enough to work with some of the top interior designers across the country, but we also love to keep track of the ones to watch. So, to help, we’ve narrowed the list to the 25 top interior design firms. Their expertise ranges from residential to commercial and they’re producing some of the finest interiors of our time. Take a look for yourself and be inspired!

1. Bates Masi + Architects

Indoor outdoor living area by Bates Masi and Architects interior design companies

Projects by Bates Masi + Architects are simply breathtaking. From the furniture, the floor, and to the surrounding landscape, these interiors have it all. As one of the top full-service residential interior design firms, these interiors resonate with the surrounding architecture. Architects Harry Bates and Paul Masi teamed up in 2003 and, with their team, have been creating visionary homes ever since. The calming modernist aesthetic of these spaces has earned Bates and Mati over 148 design awards.

What we love: Their impeccable talent for creating interiors that merge so well with the external environment.

2. Decorilla Interior Design Firm

High-end lounge in a formal interior design style by one of the best interior design companies, Decorilla High-end lounge interior design by one of the best interior design companies, Decorilla.

The flexibility of customizable design packages combined with professional expertise makes Decorilla one of the country’s top interior design firms. For one thing, Decorilla’s team includes hundreds of talented designers across the United States. As a result, Decorilla can reach more clients than most interior design companies. This alternative form of interior design is not only convenient, but it also saves homeowners and business owners time and money.

Luxury lounge by Decorilla one of the top residential interior design firms Luxury living room by one of the top interior design firms, Decorilla

From luxurious lofts, Hampton homes to casual cafes, Decorilla can do it all. Because their team includes designers with various skill sets, they can create equally exceptional residential and commercial interiors. Besides being internationally accessible online, Decorilla also offers an in-person design service to 25 major cities in the USA. In addition, publications like The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and Huffington Post have exalted Decorilla for its superb online interior design service and high-end results.

What we love: Decorilla’s realistic 3D renderings that paint a complete picture of what your home will look like.

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3. Kelly Behun Studio

Luxury living room filled with contemporary interior design style by Kelly Behun

Playful and experimental certainly underscore interiors by Kelly Behun Studio. They are everything but cookie-cutter. Designer Kelly Behun makes a point of using custom furniture as well as thrifty finds. And the result is intensely arty. So much so that Behun has been dubbed “an interior designer with the eye of a gallerist.” Instead of sticking to an interior design style preference, Behun focuses on creating a visual that appeals to her clients emotionally.

What we love: That homes by Kelly Behun tread on the line between exquisite gallery and cozy hangout. They are drenched in confidence and contentment.

4. Interior Architects

Office space by Interior Architects interior design companies near me

One of the top global residential and commercial interior design firms, Interior Architects, takes on projects as radical interior architects. They certainly focus on finding creative solutions that will enhance any given space. The employee-owned interior design company works alongside clients to create environments that are full of energy. As a result, these interiors help people thrive and function at their utmost.

What we love: The nurturing work environment that sustainably grows creativity and impressive output.

5. Urbanology Designs

Transitional living room by top interior design firms Urbanology

One look is enough to tell straight away that Urbanology Designs is a firm that prefers interesting spaces to perfect homes. As a result, the design team breaks all the rules to create contemporary homes that reflect their clients as they are, not as someone they’re not. Their functional approach not only earns them awards, but it is also a “breath-of-fresh-air” for homeowners. Although the unfussy design and clean lines mark these interiors, they are just as inviting and livable. Most significantly, the team knows how to strike a balance between warm urban and simplistic modern design.

What we love: Their spatial planning. Urbanology Designs can make even the largest open plan layout work without adding furniture unnecessarily. Every item has a purpose and adds meaning to the design.

6. Gabellini Sheppard

Gabellini Sheppard interior design style

Michael Gabellini, a nationally acclaimed designer, established Gabellini Associates in 1991. Following his partnership with Kimberly Sheppard and Daniel Garbowit, Gabellini Sheppard has become one of the best interior design companies worldwide. Above all, the mixed skill set of design, architecture, and fine art leads this team to create some of the most influential interiors of the 21st century. Their innovative interiors are, without a doubt, at the forefront of contemporary design and architecture.

What we love: How the Gabellini team elevates simplicity, giving interiors a sculptural quality. They aim to heighten perception and enhance experiences with the environments they create.

7. Hariri & Hariri

Hariri & Hariri interior design companies

The two sisters behind Hariri & Hariri continue to climb toward the highest tier of interior design companies. This is not only because of their forward-thinking approach but also due to their out-of-the-box creations. Their profile includes luxurious hotel and museum interiors as well as sumptuous family units. These interiors are so covetable, in fact, that Hariri & Hariri made it onto the Interior Design’s Hall of Fame in 2005. While receiving numerous accolades, this firm continually strives for betterment, which is why it is worth keeping an eye on.

What we love: Their holistic approach to design that stretches from architecture to furniture design. As a result, interiors by Hariri & Hariri feel made for its architecture.

8. Tsao & McKown

Open living and dining area by Tsao & McKown, one of the top interior design firms

Although the founding members are based in North America, concepts by Tsao & McKown have an undeniably Asian influence. Calvin Tsao and Zack McKown went from being classmates at Harvard to leading one of the top interior design firms within a few short years. Thanks to their experience, the scope of their projects includes everything from rustic retreats to plush penthouses. Like the designs of many industry greats before them, Tsao & McKown’s chic interiors have earned them a spot on the Interior Design Hall of Fame.

What we love: The otherworldly quality of their interiors that can make you feel like you’re in another world.

9. Marmol Radziner Interior Design Firm

Leo Marmol and Ron Radziner joined forces three decades ago to form Marmol Radziner, a Los Angeles based firm that has made quite the name for itself. Formed and led by architects, the team also includes interior designers, landscape designers, metal fabricators, carpenters, furniture makers, and construction crews. As a result, this design-build diversity allows for an unparalleled level of customization to meet any client’s desires.

What we love: The cohesive and customized approach of a one-stop-shop that handles everything from architecture prints and construction to finishes and furniture.

10. Eastlake Studio

Commercial office space design by one of the best interior design companies, Eastlake Studio

With their experience in residential design, commercial projects by Eastlake Studio are homey yet sophisticated. Not only are these spaces practical, but they also beg to be enjoyed. As one of the top residential interior design firms, management ensures every team member is content, and it shows. The positive work environment reflects significantly in their work. The resulting interiors - whether residential, recreational, or commercial - are creative and diverse.

What we love: That Eastlake Studio starts their design process by asking, “What if?” Their finished projects, as a result, are highly creative and inimitable.

11. S.R. Gambrel

Dining room by one of the top residential interior design firms, SR Gambriel

Every home by S.R. Gambrel is sumptuous and opulent. Steven Gambrel, founder and among the most influential designers in residential interiors, is known for his meticulous design and custom furnishings. Since its inception in 1996, Gambrel’s notable projects were featured in Town & Country, New York Magazine, House Beautiful, Elle Décor, World of Interiors, and New York Magazine. A line of custom lighting and accessories also list on their portfolio.

What we love: That, although the firm has countless designs with their name, not a single interior resembles another. In fact, each has its one-of-a-kind twist.

12. Aman & Meeks

Glamorous living interior design style by Aman & Meeks

Refined yet sumptuously glamorous. Homes by Aman & Meeks are every bit as cheeky as they are sophisticated. With a background in fashion, visual display, and retail design, founders Jim Aman and John Meeks ceaselessly construct interior eye-candy. As a result, their commercial and residential projects are timeless as the team skillfully pairs vintage and contemporary in a luxurious setting.

What we love: Their unexpected pairing of vintage, the latest fads, and trusted classics. The result is sensuous yet sleek.

13. D’Aquino Monaco, Inc.

Quirky living room by one of the top residential interior design firms DAquino Monaco Inc.

Founders of D’aquino Monaco, Carl D’Aquino, and Francine Monaco are famed for their knack to combine eclectic trends and modern restraint with contemporary interior design style. In their use of period furniture, exquisite lighting design, and state-of-the-art materials, the team can consistently come up with original interiors. Each project is bespoke and showcases architecture and design at their best. Unsurprisingly, the driving forces behind D’aquino Monaco made it to the Interior Design Hall of Fame.

What we love: The use of high and low elements in every interior. D’aquino Monaco addresses the often forgotten element of design, vertical space, and in doing so their interiors have depth like few others.

14. Bilhuber & Associates

Transitional bedroom interior design style by Bilhury

Rooms by Bilhuber and Associates are confident, flamboyant, and an all-American take on a traditional interior design style. Jeffrey Bilhuber, founder and one of the most influential designers in residential interiors, is known for his meticulous design and custom furnishings. Since its inception in 1996, Bilhuber’s notable projects were featured in Town & Country, New York Magazine, House Beautiful, Elle Décor, World of Interiors, and New York Magazine. A line of custom lighting and accessories also list on their portfolio.

What we love: The stately classicism that runs through every room by the Bilhuber team. It is at once confident and patriotic.

15. Rees Roberts + Partners LLP

Homes by Rees Roberts + Partners are calming and timeless. With three generations of painters in the family, principal Lucien Rees Roberts fell in love with art at a young age. Now the British-born designer and his partners carefully create interiors that intertwine with artistic sensibilities and lush landscape design. There’s certainly no surprise that they are among the top residential interior design firms in the world. What’s more, the team tailors each project to its location, context, and client.

What we love: That spaces by Rees Roberts + Partners resemble a complete work of art, from one edge of the plot to the other.

16. Champalimaud Design

Eclectic interior by one of the top residential interior design firms Champalimaud Design

Heritage and contemporary design merge when Champalimaud takes on a project - be it residential or for a luxury hotel, spa, or restaurant. The reason lies in the founder Alexandra Champalimaud’s and her diverse team’s extensive international experience. A multi-faceted perspective not only drives the creative process but also leads to distinct interiors. Every space is full of history without being fussy. The team succeeds in making homes, hotels, and restaurants warm and welcoming while staying true to its setting.

What we love: How Champalimaud’s interiors feel culturally and historically rich, yet contemporary, like every space has a story to tell.

17. Steven Harris Architects

Projects earning numerous “best of” awards and making many “top of” lists set Steven Harris Architects apart from other interior design companies. Through their collaborative approach, the firm exceeds expectations as they continually refine designs to best suit client needs. Architects Steven Harris, John Woell, and Eliot Lee craft extraordinary interiors that bolster their reputations evermore. Above the firm’s global recognition, Harris is also a recognized member of the Interior Design Hall of Fame.

What we love: The stillness and calm embedded in every design by Steven Harris and his team.

18. Corey Damen Jenkins

Maximalist lounge by the Corey Damen Jenkins interior design companies

Designer Corey Damen Jenkins brings the playful side of the city to life with vibrant colors and unexpected patterns. Wild as motifs may get, the final look is always a surprising yet suave take on a traditional interior style. Jenkins and his team cleverly soften serious spaces with bold hues and timeless furniture design. Moreover, as one of Elle Décor’s A-List, Corey Damen Jenkins is recognized as one of the top residential interior design firms in the country.

What we love: The confident patterns, lively colors, and luxurious furnishings that channel the sophistication of another era.

19. Fox-Nahem Associates

Eclectic and colorful retro bedroom by Fox-Nahem Associates, one of the interior design companies near me

“Decorating is intimate and personal.” That’s why Joe Nahem, the creative behind Fox-Nahem, lets go of ego to make his clients’ tastes and personalities show in their interiors. For instance, by diving into client likes and dislikes, the team can construct bespoke spaces rich in color and curvaceous furniture. Additionally, Nahem’s Parisian background drives the experimental balance between maximalism and modernism. It’s no wonder their projects feature in leading editorials and are favored among the well-to-do like Robert Downey Jr.

What we love: How the Fox-Nahem team’s creativity brings playfulness and lightheartedness into every interior.

20. Aero Studios

Home office design by Aero Studios, one of the top residential interior design firms in the USA

With a keen eye on architecture, product design, and interiors, Aero Studios perfect warm modernism. Furniture and interior designer Thomas O’Brien launched the firm as an overarching service for interior and product design. Since then, O’Brien and his team have reconfigured and developed spaces that range from lofts, country houses, beach retreats to commercial hotels, and condos.

What we love: Aero Studios’ exceptional product design, which features in loved brands like West Elm, Target, Pottery Barn, and Williams-Sonoma.

21. Alyssa Kapito Interiors

Modern living room by one of the best interior design companies Alyssa Kapito Interiors

The sleek but livable minimalism of Alyssa Kapito Interiors transforms homes from Manhattan to Connecticut. Through her appreciation for vintage and flair for balance, founder Alyssa Kapito brings a refreshing perspective to clean-lined interiors. Projects, whether a gut renovation or historic reinterpretation, overflow with texture. Though unfussy, these thoughtful spaces are as luxurious as they are controlled, lavish as they are modest.

What we love: How the minimal, refined interiors can feel contrastingly opulent and rich.

22. Amy Lau Design

Contemporary eclectic living room by one of the top interior design companies, Amy Lau

Amy Lau Design is a true fête of color. That’s because Amy Lau and her team embrace art and design equally in all of their concepts. These interiors call for a second look, not only because of their color but also owing to their tactile features. Since its inception in 2001, this interior design company has earned numerous accolades and regularly features in top interior publications like Architectural Digest and Elle Décor.

What we love: Lau’s signature interior design style, dubbed ‘sensual expressionism’. It’s an alluring mix of natural materials and indulgent elements.

23. Martyn Lawrence-Bullard

Opulent lounge design by one of the top residential interior design firms, Martyn Lawrence-Bullard

British decorator Martin Lawrence Bullard’s mastery is near limitless. As a self-taught interior decorator, Bullard’s innate talent for injecting a touch of theatre into homes has earned him international acclaim. Travel certainly inspires his dreamy eclectic creations. For new concepts, Bullard threads together colors, cultures, and tastes to suit the unique brief of his clients. It’s no wonder that his otherworldly interior design style has attracted clients like Elton John, Cher, and Christina Aguilera.

What we love: That the lead behind this creative firm is self-taught and continually sets the bar for excellence.

24. Brad Ford ID

Scandinavian simplicity meets sculptural design in interiors by Brad Ford ID. Moreover, this Nordic-inspired simplicity earns the firm a spot among the best interior design companies. Since the launch of his firm in 1998, Brad Ford continues to increase the allure of understated elegance in contemporary homes. By understanding how light, space, color, and balance affect an interior, Ford can create functional environments that complement lifestyles and personalities.

What we love: His residential work that is unpretentious but stately.

25. Yabu Pushelberg Interior Design Firm

Modern city-view living room design by one of the best interior design companies, Yabu Pushelberg

Whether residential or commercial, Yabu Pushelberg succeeds in transporting visitors with a coherent visual narrative. At first, the design duo, George Yabu, and Glenn Pushelberg started one of the top residential interior design firms to address the various layers of the sensory experience. In fact, since setting their goal, their finished projects are as immersive as they are compelling. Today, with more than a hundred talented members in their team, Yabu Pushelberg can design everything from lighting, graphics, objects, landscapes, to interiors.

What we love: That a Yabu Pushelberg design tells a consistent style story from one room to the next.

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