5 Ways to Style a Beautiful Reception Area

Your office reception area is the first impression visitors get of your company. It's important to make that impression count. But it's not just about beauty, your reception area should also reflect your organization's unique...

Your office reception area is the first impression visitors get of your company. It's important to make that impression count. But it's not just about beauty, your reception area should also reflect your organization's unique character.

Designing a reception area that aligns with your brand might seem challenging, especially if you have no interior design background. However, injecting a little personality into your reception area decor doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. By making deliberate choices about the feelings you want to evoke, you can create a distinctive style that sets you apart from the crowd.

In this article, we'll explore five ideas for office reception area styles, along with suggestions on how to bring each one to life.

1. Welcoming and Comfortable

If your company wants to make visitors feel at ease and personally connected, it's important to add comfort elements to your reception area. Focus on relatable pieces that create a homey vibe without being pretentious. This style works well for offices where visitors may feel nervous, such as dentists or therapists. Some ideas to keep your reception area approachable and friendly include:

  • Comfortable upholstered furniture that balances durability with cushioning for added comfort.
  • Warm colors that create a cozy atmosphere.
  • Homey touches like potted plants, lamps, curtains, and area rugs.

welcoming lobby comfortable lobby

2. Tranquil and Calming

For a reception area that promotes tranquility and relaxation, embrace clean lines, minimal clutter, and nature-inspired materials. This style is perfect for spas or organizations with an earth-loving mission. Key features to consider include:

  • Plants, such as living walls or vertical gardens, for a peaceful atmosphere and improved air quality.
  • Water features like fountains or aquariums that create a calming effect.
  • Calming lighting, avoiding bright fluorescents and opting for fixtures with a more ambient glow.

tranquil lobby calming lobby

3. Prestigious or Glamorous

If you want to impress big-spender clients and customers, a prestigious and glamorous reception area is the way to go. It doesn't have to be overly flashy; quality materials and a few elegant accents can create a luxurious look. Consider the following ideas:

  • Opulent bouquets or synthetic flower arrangements that add a touch of luxury.
  • Dramatic accents like bold patterns, polished accent pieces, or high-quality materials.
  • Incorporating shining marble floors, mahogany reception desks, or leather couches for a high-end feel.

glamorous lobby luxury lobby

4. Energetic and Exciting

To project a sense of energy and passion, opt for a reception area that looks modern, clean, and vibrant. This style works well for creative companies and startups. Consider these ideas:

  • Pops of color through accent walls, artworks, or statement pieces.
  • Inspiring words displayed boldly to make a statement about your company culture.
  • Bright lighting and "fun" features that add playfulness and energy.

Front office design

5. Eclectic and Creative

For a hip and edgy vibe that stands out, consider an eclectic and creative reception area. This style works well for companies that want to inspire creative thinking. Here are some ideas:

  • Art, such as murals or unique pieces that showcase your company's character.
  • Unique seating and furniture options that break away from traditional designs.
  • Statement pieces like colorful chandeliers, sculptures, or glowing company logos.

creative lobby creative seating area

Remember, these reception area styles can be combined or modified to create something that truly reflects your company's unique identity.

What Makes a Good Office Reception Area?

A well-designed office reception area serves as the first point of contact for visitors, setting the tone for their entire experience. To create an inviting and functional space that aligns with your brand identity, consider the following:

  • Comfortable and welcoming seating that provides both style and ergonomics.
  • Clear brand identity through incorporating your logo, colors, and visuals.
  • Thoughtful layout and flow that ensures easy navigation for visitors.
  • Welcoming decor and lighting that creates a positive ambiance.
  • Functional and informative features like signage and amenities.
  • Efficient technology integration with modern tools like visitor management systems.

How Does a Visitor Management System Fit In?

Regardless of the style you choose, a visitor management system like The Receptionist for iPad can seamlessly integrate with your design aesthetic. A sleek and easy-to-use check-in kiosk will enhance the overall look and efficiency of your reception area. Upgrade from old paper logbooks to a modern solution that leaves a lasting positive impression on your visitors.

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