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The Best Interior Designer in Houston: Laura U Design Collective

Over the past fifteen years, Laura Umansky, the esteemed designer, has successfully transformed her boutique interiors practice into one of the most celebrated full-service design firms in Houston, Texas. Today, the Laura U Design Collective...

A residential sketch by the Laura U Design Collective

Over the past fifteen years, Laura Umansky, the esteemed designer, has successfully transformed her boutique interiors practice into one of the most celebrated full-service design firms in Houston, Texas. Today, the Laura U Design Collective (LUDC) specializes in both building design and interiors, receiving international recognition from homeowners and awards committees alike. LUDC has recently been honored by prestigious award committees, including the Paper City Design Awards, the Luxe RED Awards, the International Architecture & Design Awards, and the Globee Business Awards.

Now spearheaded by two innovative and incredibly talented women, Founder and CEO Laura Umansky and Creative Director Gina Elkins, LUDC has established itself as a pioneering design firm. Their holistic approach to design ensures that each home is not only practical but also beautiful, embodying the ethos of "livable luxury" that defines the LUDC aesthetic. Regardless of the client's lifestyle or the home's location, LUDC prioritizes functionality while authentically capturing the homeowner's unique vision.

History of the Firm

A dining room in Santa Fe plus Gina Elkins & Laura Umansky of LUDC

In 2006, Laura Umansky founded Laura U Interior Design and Laura U Design Studio, which have since evolved into the Laura U Design Collective. For the past fifteen years, LUDC has been serving clients across the greater Houston area, delivering thoughtful and timeless interiors that combine functionality and artistry. Laura Umansky's work has been consistently celebrated by local publications and recognized by numerous awards committees, as well as major design magazines such as House Beautiful, Good Housekeeping, and Elle Decor. She has firmly established herself as one of the best interior designers both in Houston and nationwide.

LUDC Becomes a Full-Service Design Firm in 2020

Fourteen years after its inception, Laura U Interior Design expanded into a full-service design firm in 2020, offering everything from interior design to residential building design. CEO Laura Umansky and Creative Director Gina Elkins successfully transitioned the firm to a full-service model, bridging the gap between interior design and custom home design. Gina's extensive experience in residential architecture made her the perfect fit for this new phase. With a seamless blend of interior design and architectural expertise, LUDC ensures a comprehensive approach to every project.

LUDC Expands to Aspen-Snowmass in 2021

With the addition of Gina to the LUDC team, the firm embarked on another exciting venture - a second show house and studio in Aspen-Snowmass. LUDC's holistic approach to design will be showcased in the second show house, celebrating the partnership between Gina and Laura. They aim to create an environment that harmoniously combines the natural beauty of Colorado with the urban luxury of Aspen-Snowmass. The Mountain Lane show house will serve as a home to Laura Umansky and her family while benefiting the Anderson Ranch Arts Center through the grand opening tour ticket sales.

The Future of LUDC

Whether in Aspen, Houston, or Pebble Beach, Laura Umansky, Gina Elkins, and the LUDC team are dedicated to helping clients bring their design goals to life. They specialize in custom house plans and interior design services for residential projects nationwide. LUDC creates custom-built homes and unique interior designs that set them apart from other designers in the industry.

Awards and Recognition for Laura Umansky and LUDC

A graphic of design award icons, from HGTV to ASID awards

Laura Umansky and the Laura U Design Collective have been consistently recognized by magazines, professional organizations, and international design committees. They have received numerous awards, including the Texas Gulf Coast Chapter ASID Design Awards, Houzz Awards, International Design & Architecture Awards, and the Luxe RED Awards. Their work has been featured in various publications such as MyDomaine, ElleDecor, House Beautiful, Forbes, The New York Times, and many more. LUDC has also been listed among the "Best Interior Designers in Texas" by Home Builder Digest and the "Top Decorators and Interior Designers in Houston" by DecorAid.

Recent Recognition for LUDC

A high contrast primary bath and colorful home entry

LUDC's recent residential design projects, including the Encino Retreat, Viscaino Conservatory, Astoria High Rise, Green Tree, and the River Oaks Pied-à-terre, have garnered significant attention. These projects have been featured in magazines and have received various awards, such as the Paper City Design Awards and the Luxe RED Awards.

Noteworthy Press for LUDC

A graphic of snapshots from articles featuring Laura U Design Collective

LUDC's work has been prominently featured in both local and national industry publications. Laura Umansky is frequently interviewed and quoted by interior design, décor, and architecture writers. The firm's projects regularly appear online and in print, receiving recognition from renowned publications such as Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Forbes, and The New York Times. LUDC has been celebrated as one of the best interior design firms in Texas and Houston by various sources.

What It's Like to Work with LUDC

A living room photo featuring the Laura U Team

As a full-service design firm, LUDC provides a seamless and collaborative experience throughout the design-build process. By managing every detail under a single contract, LUDC ensures that the budget, timeline, and quality of each project are maintained. Their designs prioritize both functionality and aesthetics, creating spaces that are not only beautiful but also usable. With their expertise in designing for different lifestyles, LUDC can craft a custom home tailored to the unique needs of each client.

What Clients & Colleagues Say About Working with LUDC

The Laura U Team working in the Houston Studio

Clients and colleagues praise LUDC for their professionalism, creativity, and commitment to client satisfaction. Colleagues describe the team as highly creative and motivated, constantly bringing fresh ideas to their work. The firm has a reputation for producing some of the finest design work in Houston, exhibiting high standards of integrity and professionalism. Clients appreciate the team's accessibility, ability to communicate effectively, and respect for budgets and timelines. LUDC's designs are known for making bold choices while maintaining comfort and functionality.

Our Style

A primary bedroom with an ochre bench and black bookshelf

While LUDC doesn't adhere to a specific design style, their custom homes are often described as "classically current" - timeless, elegant, and full of personality. Each project is thoughtfully designed to support the homeowner's lifestyle and bring their aesthetic vision to life. LUDC strikes a balance between traditional and modern features, prioritizing quality craftsmanship and livable luxury in every design.

In conclusion, Laura U Design Collective stands out as one of the best interior design firms in Houston, Texas. With their extensive experience, innovative approach, and commitment to client satisfaction, they continue to create stunning spaces that seamlessly blend functionality and artistry.