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55 Useful Websites for Architects & Interior Designers: A Curated List

Start searching for anything related to architecture and design on the internet, and within a few seconds, you get over 4 million search results. With such a vast array of options, how do you pick...

Start searching for anything related to architecture and design on the internet, and within a few seconds, you get over 4 million search results. With such a vast array of options, how do you pick the best websites for architects and interior designers? We've curated a list of 55 websites that offer valuable resources, inspiration, and networking for professionals in the industry. Whether you're looking for project galleries, product directories, educational resources, job boards, or community forums, these websites have got you covered.

Best All-round Websites for News, Projects, and Jobs

These websites offer a mixture of news, articles, galleries, and job boards, making them the go-to destinations for architects looking for a well-rounded experience.

#1 Dezeen.com

best websites for architects and interior designers Dezeen is a digital magazine with an average of 3 million monthly readers. It offers a wide range of features, including architecture, interiors, and design news. With a showroom for product promotion, regular competitions and awards, and a job board, Dezeen is a one-stop-shop for architects and designers.

#2 DezeenJobs.com

websites for architecture jobs DezeenJobs.com is a dedicated standalone website for job roles available in the architecture industry. It provides employers with the opportunity to post job vacancies, while job seekers can create a free account to access a wide range of employment opportunities.

#3 ArchDaily.com

architecture website ArchDaily.com is a digital magazine with 13.6 million monthly readers. It offers a searchable project database, news pages, monthly features, interviews with architects and designers, competitions, and events listings. Architects can create an account to set up a portfolio and submit their completed and planning projects to be showcased on the website.

#4 Architizer.com

website for architecture students Architizer.com is a digital magazine with a vast community of architects and designers. It features architecture competitions, news, project galleries, inspirational images, directories of design firms and product suppliers, job boards, and a free individual membership option. Architects can showcase their contact details and projects, evaluate building products, and access resources for a better practice.

Other Magazines for Architects and Interior Designers

If you're looking for more specialized online and print magazines, check out these options:

#5 Arch2o.com

good websites for architects Arch2o.com is an online magazine focusing on project galleries, articles, interviews, news, and a free newsletter. It covers various areas of architecture, interior design, design materials, and art.

#6 ArchitectMagazine.com

best online architecture magazines ArchitectMagazine.com promotes subscriptions to the American Institute of Architects' journal. It features project galleries, product directories, an architecture firm directory, and cultural features like book reviews, videos, and podcasts.

#7 Metropolismag.com

online magazine for designers, urban planners, architects Metropolismag.com is a New York-based online magazine geared towards architects, interior designers, urban planners, and designers in general. It offers feature articles, news, awards, building products information, and video interviews with leading industry figures.

#8 ArchitecturalDigest.com

good architecture websites ArchitecturalDigest.com supports subscriptions to Architectural Digest magazine. It provides a preview of the magazine's features, articles, podcasts, videos, and a range of other resources.

#9 ArchitectureLab.net

good architecture websites ArchitectureLab.net is an online architecture magazine featuring news items, project galleries, competition and event promotions, features, as well as book and magazine reviews.

#10 ArchitectsJournal.co.uk

online architecture journal ArchitectsJournal.co.uk features information about subscribing to The Architects Journal, including articles, opportunities for projects and competitions, podcasts, videos, and an events listing.

Best Social Networking for Architects

These websites provide a platform for architects to connect with one another and with related professionals in the industry.

#23 Archello.com

networking website for students Archello.com is a social network for architects, offering news, product directories, project galleries, and an extensive brand directory. Architects can become members, follow and post information, and upload their own projects and specifications.

#24 Archinect.com

good website for architects and interior designers Archinect.com acts as a social network for architects across the globe. It features news, events, competitions, job boards, and a community section for networking and discussion forums.

#25 ArchiLovers.com

great website for architecture ArchiLovers.com provides a social network platform for architects and designers. It offers a database of people and teams, as well as projects, allowing architects to interact and post information.

#26 ArchitectureAndDesign.com.au

best websites for architectural design ArchitectureAndDesign.com.au is a digital hub with a focus on commercial architecture, design, and construction. It offers news, project galleries, product showcases, suppliers directories, podcasts, CPD resources, and awards and competitions.

Best Websites for Architect's Professional Life

These websites, maintained by various architectural institutes, provide education, news, courses, and CPD opportunities.

#27 Architecture.com

best architecture websites Architecture.com is provided by RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) and offers local and international information. It provides resources for architects at all stages of their careers, including educational material, job boards, contract templates, and access to membership services.

#28 AIA.org

good websites for architects AIA.org is the digital home base of the American Institute of Architects, offering an architect directory, career support, job boards, events listings, resources for building a better practice, and a wealth of topical articles and information.

#29 USGBC.org

website for sustainability USGBC.org is the home base of the US Green Building Council, promoting sustainable building practices and LEED accreditation. It offers educational resources, training, directories, news, and access to LEED examinations.

#30 NCARB.org

websites for architects NCARB.org is the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) website, providing resources for architects to track their post-graduation experience, prepare for licensure examinations, and access educational materials and events.

Best Websites for Interior Designers Plus Architects

These websites focus on interiors and lifestyle, offering inspiration, design trends, and marketing opportunities for professionals.

#31 Accredit-ID.org

best websites for interior designers Accredit-ID.org is the website of the Council for Interior Design Accreditation. It provides educational resources and access to the accreditation process, ensuring clients that you are a professional interior designer.

#32 Contemporist.com

best websites for designers Contemporist.com is an online magazine and gallery showcasing contemporary architecture, interior design, design materials, art, and travel. It offers a curated collection of projects and a design-focused newsletter.

#33 HomeAndDesign.com

websites for home design ideas HomeAndDesign.com is a combination of digital magazine and directory focused on luxury living in Virginia, Maryland, DC, and Washington. It features portfolios of architects, interior designers, and landscape architects, as well as regular magazine issues and design and cultural events listings.

#34 InteriorDesign.net

best interior design websites InteriorDesign.net promotes the Interior Design magazine and offers access to a range of articles, design resources, and a product directory.

#35 InteriorZine.com

best online interior design magazines InteriorZine.com is a digital magazine showcasing interior design projects. It offers a gallery of architecture, interior, and landscape projects, as well as interior design-related articles and an online shop.

#36 ApartmentTherapy.com

good websites for home design ApartmentTherapy.com is a lifestyle website featuring articles, house tours, design ideas, how-to guides, and images of buildings and interiors. It covers various topics from interior design to lifestyle and travel, offering inspiration and practical tips.

#37 Curbed.com

great websites for designers Curbed.com is a New York-centric online magazine covering various areas of interest, including architecture, design, food, and cultural news. It offers a collection of articles and resources related to architecture and design.

#38 Homedsgn.com

great websites for home design ideas Homedsgn.com is an online magazine featuring architecture and design projects. It offers showcases of homes, interiors, landscapes, furniture, and lighting, as well as lifestyle articles and an online shop.

#52 Mooool.com/en

website for designers and architects Mooool.com/en is a Chinese design website focusing on landscapes. It offers a project gallery, directory of design companies, job board, and other design-related resources.

Best Special Interest Websites

These websites cater to specific interests within the architecture and design industry.

#39 SkyscraperCity.com

best websites for real estate listings SkyscraperCity.com is a free community forum dedicated to high towers and skyscrapers. It allows members to share pictures, project details, and engage in discussions related to tall buildings and skyscrapers.

#41 Landezine.com

website for landscape architects Landezine.com is a website devoted to the promotion of landscape architecture worldwide. It offers a searchable project gallery, directories of landscape architects and photographers, a products showcase, competitions, and a free newsletter.

#42 TreeHugger.com

best websites for sustainability TreeHugger.com focuses on sustainable issues and approaches, offering a wide range of articles on green living, architecture, design, and environmental resources.

#43 Inhabitat.com

best websites for green living Inhabitat.com is a green design and lifestyle website, covering topics related to sustainable living, design, and architecture. It offers news articles, resources, and a free newsletter.

#44 Leibal.com

best websites for minimalist Leibal.com focuses on minimalist design in small spaces. It offers a curated gallery of furniture and product designs, as well as an online shop.

#45 HomeBuilderDigest.com

website for home builders HomeBuilderDigest.com is an online magazine and directory catering to potential housebuilders. It offers articles, a photo gallery, estimates, recommendations for architects and builders, and information about consultants.

Useful Websites for Architects and Interior Designers

In addition to the above-mentioned websites, there are various other tools and apps available for architects and interior designers.

#46 HomeStyler.com/int

best websites for interior design HomeStyler.com offers 3D interior design software for free or via a subscription. It allows users to access a wide range of features, browse design galleries, learn with videos, and create their own designs and portfolios.

#47 SunCalc.org

website for architects interior designers building designers SunCalc.org is a free app that calculates the sun's position and the amount of daylight in any location. It is useful for architects and designers working on projects where natural light is a crucial factor.

#48 en.Wikiarquitectura.com

best websites for building designers en.Wikiarquitectura.com is a free searchable database featuring architects and buildings. It offers detailed information about various architectural projects and allows users to contribute by submitting project information or improving existing content.

#49 Divisare.com

best websites for architects and interior designers Divisare.com is a digital atlas of architecture, showcasing a wide range of projects from around the world. It offers a curated collection of architecture projects, a designer and photographer directory, and an online shop for architectural books.

Best Websites to Explore Historical Monuments

If you're unable to visit historical monuments in person, these websites offer an opportunity to explore and gain insights into past architectural marvels.

#50 en.Chateauversailles.fr

![top website for architecture](https://sanaulac.vn