6 Real Estate Listing Description Examples: Boost Your Property Sales

Your property's listing description plays a significant role in attracting potential buyers. While the sales price and quality photography are crucial, a compelling listing description can make a difference in securing a sale. In fact,...

Your property's listing description plays a significant role in attracting potential buyers. While the sales price and quality photography are crucial, a compelling listing description can make a difference in securing a sale. In fact, it can be the determining factor between being on a buyer's shortlist or being overlooked entirely.

For buyers looking for specific features in a home, the listing description becomes even more critical. It is where they find details that go beyond the basic specifications. To help you create an effective property description, here are some ideas, templates, and examples to guide you.

Listing Description Template

  1. The Headline: Although the MLS may not have a specific "headline" section, make sure to create an attention-grabbing headline for other platforms like Facebook boosted posts, Craigslist ads, or open house flyers. Keep it short and highlight the best features that you'll expand on below.

  2. Attention Grab with the Best Feature: To capture the buyer's attention, highlight the property's best feature in the first sentence. If the location is excellent but the property needs work, focus on the location. If it stands out with a unique selling point like a downstairs master bedroom, emphasize that.

  3. Pitch the Area: Instead of leaving the area description until the end, consider discussing it early in the listing description. Buyers often decide on the area before they choose a specific house. Sell the neighborhood's lifestyle and unique characteristics, avoiding any language that may violate fair housing regulations.

  4. The Home's Story: Now it's time to narrate the home's story. Take the buyer on a journey through the house, following the order of the photos. Instead of simply listing features, focus on selling the benefits they bring. Use specific details like brand names and dates of upgrades whenever possible.

  5. The Need to Know: If there are any essential details that buyers need to know upfront, such as the property being sold "as-is," a short sale, or any uncommon neighborhood restrictions, be transparent and include them in the description. This saves everyone's time and ensures that potential buyers are genuinely interested.

  6. Call to Action: Remember, your listing is an advertisement, so conclude with a clear call to action. Prompt buyer prospects to take the next step, such as scheduling a showing or contacting their agent for more information.

Components of a Great Listing Description

To craft an exceptional listing description, keep these points in mind:

  • Highlight the Unobvious: Don't merely rely on basic specifications like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Highlight unique and special features that aren't immediately apparent.

  • Use (Some) Keywords: While you don't need to repeat the property specifications, mention specific selling points like a pool, guest suites, or other significant features. This helps with keyword searches in portals and MLSs.

  • Sell Benefits, not Features: Focus on how the property enhances the buyer's lifestyle rather than simply listing its physical attributes. Instead of mentioning a half-acre lot, emphasize the ample space for outdoor activities or creating a dream backyard.

  • Narrate the Journey Through the Home: Imagine you are a buyer touring the property, and structure your description accordingly. Start with the standout features that initially attracted you, then move through the different areas of the home, ending with the backyard. Tell a story using complete sentences.

  • Call to Action: Conclude your description with a strong call to action, encouraging buyers to take the next step. Mention any buyer incentives or simply prompt them to contact their agent to schedule a showing.

  • Don't Overshare: While it's essential to be transparent, you don't need to disclose every detail. Save any warts or caveats for agent-to-agent remarks or seller disclosures. Focus on presenting the property's best features to entice potential buyers.

  • Get Specific: Highlight noteworthy elements like proximity to parks, outdoor kitchens, or specific brand-name appliances. Using precise numbers and names adds credibility to your description, but always have the data source available.

  • Get Your Seller's Input: The homeowner knows their home better than anyone else, so ask them about their favorite things or unique aspects of the property. Incorporating their insights adds authenticity to the description. Ensure they review and approve the final description.

  • Use Complete Sentences: Avoid using fragmented phrases. Instead, write complete sentences to present the property's features and benefits professionally.

  • Avoid All Caps: Please refrain from using all capital letters in your description. It appears unprofessional and can be off-putting to potential buyers.

Examples of Exciting Listing Descriptions for Boring Houses

Every house has its unique qualities, no matter how ordinary it may seem. Here are some great examples of listing descriptions for houses that may not have extravagant features:

  • Stunning large late 80's contemporary home with soaring ceilings and windows: This Desoto gem boasts an open floor plan, perfect for entertaining. Located in the desirable Windmill Hill section, it offers convenience and beautiful scenery. With your personal touch, this home is an excellent opportunity to create something extraordinary.

  • Excellent little home superbly located right off Old Fredericksburg Road: Enjoy the convenience of this charming home that backs up to a green belt. With its functional layout and included appliances, it is move-in ready. Recent updates, such as a new roof and fresh paint, ensure a comfortable living experience.

  • Perfectly set on a tree-shaded lot, this North Waco beauty feels like home: The living room, with its wood-burning fireplace and built-in shelving, creates a welcoming atmosphere. The kitchen, breakfast bar, and a serene backyard patio combine to provide a perfect space for relaxation and enjoyment. Make this cozy house your forever home.

Crafting an engaging and informative listing description takes time and effort, but it's worth it. Not only will you attract potential buyers, but you'll also impress your sellers with your marketing skills. So, invest in your listing descriptions and watch your real estate success grow!

Note: This article was updated on December 27, 2021, and was originally published on August 22, 2019.