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6 Video Scripts for Real Estate Agents to Ace Any Lead

Are you tired of wasting time on leads that aren't a good fit for your real estate business? Want to make sure your efforts are fruitful? The key lies in asking the right questions. When...

Loida V | BombBomb

Are you tired of wasting time on leads that aren't a good fit for your real estate business? Want to make sure your efforts are fruitful? The key lies in asking the right questions. When reaching out to leads through videos, having effective video scripts for real estate agents can help you determine if they're serious prospects or not.

But remember, don't simply parrot these scripts. Instead, use them as a guide to engage in meaningful conversations that will help you filter out non-serious leads while nurturing the relationships with potential buyers or sellers.

Loida Velasquez, a successful real estate agent with a massive following on her YouTube channel, shares her expertise and provides six video scripts for real estate agents to succeed with any lead. These scripts are useful for various types of leads, such as For Sale By Owner (FSBO), buyers, sellers, and more.

Real Estate Script for FSBO

Finding success with FSBO leads can be challenging. These prospects typically choose not to work with a realtor for various reasons. However, Loida has found that many FSBO leads are willing to work with an agent. Use the following tips and conversation script to engage with FSBO leads effectively:

Send an initial video introducing yourself saying...

"I noticed your home is listed on Zillow. I just wanted to reach out and see how I can help you."

If they respond with, "I’m not looking for an agent, but you can bring me a buyer," this is your chance to ask, "OK, so you are willing to cooperate with an agent?" If they say yes, ask these questions:

  • What are some specifics about your home?
  • How did you determine your listing price?
  • Where will you be moving once the home sells?

Listen attentively and take notes so you can show them how you can help, what you have to offer, and why working with you is the right choice.

Real Estate Video Script for Expired Listings

Expired listings present excellent opportunities to generate leads. These sellers have likely had their homes on the market for a while, possibly due to a less than satisfactory experience with their previous realtor. This is your opportunity to prove them wrong. Follow Loida's tips and use this script to connect with expired listings:

In your initial video email, say...

"Hi [name], I am contacting you regarding your XYZ property. I saw it just came off of the market yesterday and wanted to see if it was a mistake or if you have any plans on actually getting it sold."

Their responses can vary from "We're not going to sell anymore" to "We do want to sell, but we had a bad past real estate experience." In response, check the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) specifics and send them a video email asking, "Well, I see that your property was on the market for [number of days] days. How was that experience?"

This approach allows you to find out what went wrong in the past and explain how you can help them sell their home successfully.

Real Estate Script for Buyers

Engaging with buyers requires the use of real estate video scripts that help identify motivated leads. This will enable you to focus on guiding these prospects through the homebuying process. Watch Loida's video as she shares the questions she includes in her real estate video scripts for buyers. Use this script to start conversations with potential buyers:

In your introductory videos, ask these questions:

  • What is important to you about buying a home?
  • What does your homebuying timeframe look like?
  • When is your lease up (if they are currently leasing)?

Once they respond, ask prequalifying questions before referring them to a lender, such as:

  • What is your annual income?
  • Have you been employed in the same location for at least two years?
  • Can you give me an idea of what your credit score looks like?

With these answers, you'll be able to confidently connect leads with a lender and assist them in finding their dream home.

Real Estate Script for Sellers

When connecting with sellers through video, it's crucial to understand their motivation for selling. Here's a script to consider:

Start the conversation by asking...

"What is your motivation for selling, and what time frame are you looking at for selling your home?"

Understanding their expectations will help you deliver on those requirements while informing them about the selling process and timeline.

Just Listed Real Estate Video Script

If you have just listed a new property, using the right real estate scripts can help sell the house while generating leads. Follow this script to engage the neighborhood:

Create video emails for people in the neighborhood and say...

"Hi [name]. I just listed your neighbor’s house down the street at [address]. It’s currently going for [listing price]. It’s a [number of bedrooms] bed, [number of bathrooms] bath. I wanted to see if you knew anyone who was looking to move into your neighborhood."

Their response will indicate if they know someone interested in moving or if they are curious about their own home's value. This dialogue allows you to build relationships with potential sellers and connect with people who may be interested in your original listing.

Just Sold Realtor Video Script

Video scripts for real estate agents looking to generate leads from just sold listings are similar to just listed scripts. Use this script to reach out to residents in the neighborhood:

After you sell a home, send a video to residents in the neighborhood saying...

"Hi. I’m reaching out because I just sold your neighbor’s home down the street. We got five offers in three days and sold well above asking price. I just wanted to see if you were thinking about making a move because we still have a lot of families who want to move to your neighborhood."

This video will likely convince people who were considering selling their homes to take action. You're demonstrating the demand in their neighborhood and the success they can achieve by selling.

Why Video is More Effective in Delivering Real Estate Scripts

Loida believes that delivering real estate scripts through videos is more impactful and effective. According to her, when people see your face and smile as you ask questions, they are more likely to respond. Unlike traditional phone calls or texts, videos create a face-to-face conversation that sets you apart from the competition and builds trust.

Remember Loida's video tips as you deliver these real estate scripts:

  • Smile throughout your videos to show friendliness and confidence.
  • Ensure good lighting to enhance the quality of your video messages.
  • Practice your scripts to get comfortable and confident on camera.

Video may not be easy in the beginning, but with practice, you'll improve over time.

Improve Your Real Estate Videos with Expert Guidance

Armed with these real estate video scripts, you're well on your way to success. If you want further guidance to see even more success in your business, check out our Video Influencers Guide. It offers expert tips and tricks from real estate agents like Loida, who are crushing it with video. Learn their strategies for exceptional listing, community, consumer education, sales education, and BombBomb videos.

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