7 Affordable Places to Live in Florida

Florida, known for its sandy beaches, mild winters, and job opportunities, is a popular destination for many. However, with its growing population, finding affordable housing can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are hidden gems in...

Florida, known for its sandy beaches, mild winters, and job opportunities, is a popular destination for many. However, with its growing population, finding affordable housing can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are hidden gems in the Sunshine State that offer both affordability and a desirable living experience. In this article, we will explore the seven cheapest places to live in Florida that are safe, fun, and offer a high quality of life.

Lakeland: The Perfect Balance

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Lakeland, situated between Orlando and Tampa, offers the best of both worlds. Whether you want to spend your weekends basking in the waves or exploring amusement parks, this town provides the perfect balance. Besides its ideal location, Lakeland is known for its affordability. With a median home price of $282,500, well below the national average, and lower costs of groceries, transportation, and utilities, living here is not only affordable but also a great starting point for new residents.

Gainesville: A University Town Gem

Gainesville, located in Alachua County, is a vibrant town with plenty of events associated with the nearby University of Florida and Santa Fe College. With a median home cost of around $271,700, Gainesville offers an affordable living environment. It is considered one of the cheapest and safest places to live in Florida. The downtown area is perfect for leisurely strolls, and the surrounding scenery is abundant with beautiful bike trails. Gainesville is a town that combines affordability, safety, and a vibrant atmosphere.

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Sebring: An Oasis of Affordability

Sebring, located in the southern half of Florida, offers a slower pace of life and a closer connection to nature. With a cost of living of less than $32,000 per year, Sebring boasts affordability that is below the state and national average. It is an ideal town for outdoor enthusiasts, with hiking trails and a historic race track that's been in operation since 1950. If you enjoy a serene lifestyle and want to escape the hustle and bustle of coastal cities, Sebring is an affordable and picturesque option.

Arcadia: Affordable Shopping and Living

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Arcadia, located in central Florida, offers a low cost of living compared to the national average. This inland town provides affordable living options and is considered safer from hurricanes and tropical storms. Arcadia is known for its shopping, with its main street lined with antique stores offering various curios and home accessories. With a median home cost of only $238,700, Arcadia provides an affordable living experience for those who appreciate historic homes and a unique shopping scene.

DeLand: Proximity to Orlando and Natural Springs

DeLand, located in proximity to Orlando and the Atlantic Coast beaches, offers the best of both worlds. With a median home cost of around $323,400, DeLand is still an affordable option considering its location, schools, and nearby amenities. Additionally, DeLand is close to natural freshwater springs, perfect for cooling off on hot days. The town's accessibility to natural attractions and its ideal location make it an affordable and enjoyable place to call home.

Cedar Key: Coastal Living on a Budget

If living on the coast is your dream, consider Cedar Key. Located north of Tampa, this remote town offers a waterfront living experience at an affordable price. With a median home cost of around $328,900, Cedar Key falls below the Florida average and provides an opportunity to enjoy coastal living without breaking the bank. While the beaches may be different from other parts of the state, Cedar Key offers mangrove forests and unique swampland scenery. Owning a boat and exploring the Gulf Coast becomes a fantastic weekend activity.

Homosassa: Gulf Coast Charm

Homosassa, situated just an hour north of Tampa Bay, is an affordable Gulf Coast option. With a median house cost of $312,100, Homosassa provides easy access to the big city without having to actually live in it. The area is known for its manatee sightings and proximity to Weeki Wachee, home to the famous Florida mermaids. Whether you are commuting to Tampa or seeking a quieter lifestyle, Homosassa offers affordability, natural beauty, and a touch of magic.

Finding Your Ideal Florida City

Florida offers a range of affordable places to live, from the central region to coastal towns. Whether you are drawn to Lakeland's central location or Cedar Key's coastal charm, it's essential to have a top-rated realtor by your side. At FastExpert, we have a database of experienced and trustworthy real estate agents ready to assist you in finding your ideal Florida city. Take advantage of our free service and start your journey towards affordable living in the Sunshine State!