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8 Best Good Luck Feng Shui Plants For The Front Door

The front door of a home holds significant importance in feng shui practices. It serves as the main focal point and has numerous factors to consider in order to create a positive energy flow. From...

The front door of a home holds significant importance in feng shui practices. It serves as the main focal point and has numerous factors to consider in order to create a positive energy flow. From choosing the right door direction to selecting suitable colors and locations, there is much to take into account. However, it is essential to understand that the primary goal should be to avoid negative energy rather than solely attracting positive energy. This means addressing any existing issues before moving on to enhancements.

One popular consideration when it comes to the front door is whether to place plants in that area. If so, what are the best feng shui plants for the front door? Let's explore some ideas and options that can help create a harmonious and auspicious atmosphere for your home.

Plants Beside the Front Door

Many homeowners are unaware that they have instinctively placed potted plants or flowers near their front door. This natural inclination may have occurred without them consciously realizing the benefits. By placing plants in the front door area, you can effectively slow down the chi (life force energy) before it enters your home. This is considered good feng shui, as excessive or fast-moving energy can be detrimental to the overall well-being of the household.

Moreover, plants are known to possess natural wood energy, which can be beneficial for the front door area. Wood energy can counteract negative earth-based energy from the northeast or southwest directions, serving as a protective shield against harmful influences. However, it's important to note that larger plants are more effective in defending against significant negative energy.

Interestingly, some feng shui practitioners manipulate the facing direction of energy through the strategic positioning of large tree plants. This technique can subtly alter a property's facing direction, potentially creating a more favorable energy flow. Nevertheless, this advanced method should be approached with caution and only attempted by those with a deep understanding of feng shui principles.

Aside from the practical advantages, plants at the front entrance also enhance the visual appeal of your home. They contribute positively to the overall aesthetics and can serve as lucky charms for the residents.

Big Plants

If your objective is to incorporate the natural wood energy that plants offer, then big plants are the way to go. When considering the size of a plant, three key factors should be taken into account: height, foliage density, and trunk girth. While it's challenging to define a specific size threshold for big plants, they are generally characterized by being visually commanding and substantial.

Here are some of the best feng shui plants for the front door:

Money Tree

Aptly named, the money tree plant cannot be overlooked. It can grow to a significant height and offers protection against negative energy while attracting wealth and prosperity. Its presence adds an auspicious touch to the entrance of your home, making it an excellent choice for a front door plant.

Iron Tree

With its sophisticated appearance, the iron tree plant blends seamlessly into modern home designs. Its popularity is such that businesses even rent them out for events to enhance the atmosphere. Besides their aesthetic appeal, they serve as staunch protectors of the front entrance, creating a favorable energy flow.

Areca Palm

The graceful foliage of the areca palm effectively blocks unsightly areas such as drains or pipes, making it a versatile choice for front door plant placement. However, considering its wide foliage, it's crucial to ensure there is ample space beside the main door to avoid obstructing the entryway.

Boston Fern

The boston fern is another plant that excels in blocking and concealing sources of negative energy directed at the front door. Not only do they serve a practical purpose, but they also add a touch of sophistication to modern home designs. However, their lush foliage requires sufficient outdoor space to avoid obstructing the door.

Small Plants

While big plants bring impactful wood element energy, small plants can still contribute positively, especially when grouped together. If your intention is primarily focused on visual appeal, even a single small plant can add a touch of luck to your front entrance.

Consider these small feng shui plants for your front door:

Jade Plant

The jade plant, with its succulent leaves, embodies lushness and wealth. It is a favored good luck plant for the front door, attracting prosperity and abundance. Its distinctive appearance and symbolism make it a cherished addition to any home.

Golden Pothos

The golden pothos, often referred to as a "money plant," is renowned for its air-cleansing properties. Additionally, its cascading vines make it a popular choice for hanging planters. When placing it near the front door, ensure that it hangs at chest height for optimal results.

Lime Tree

The lime tree, known for its bright orange fruits when ripe, is considered an auspicious plant. Despite being referred to as a tree, they are typically kept small for easy maintenance. This cheerful plant can add a touch of vibrancy and luck to your home's entrance.

Bamboo Plant

The bamboo plant is one of the most beloved lucky plants in feng shui. It is believed to bring good luck while eliminating bad luck. When placed near the front door, it creates a positive and harmonious energy flow. Consider including the bamboo plant in your lineup of small plants to enhance the overall auspiciousness of your home.


When considering the placement of plants near your front door, it's essential to align your intentions with the energy dynamics you wish to create. Big plants can bring substantial wood element energy, while small plants collectively contribute to the overall ambiance. Whether you choose to prioritize the natural wood energy or focus on visual appeal, make sure to select plants that resonate with you and your home. By incorporating these feng shui front door plants, you can create a harmonious and auspicious environment that welcomes positive energy into your home.