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Easy Feng Shui: Unlocking the Magic of a North West Facing House

Fig. 1: A beautiful North West facing house Are you in the market for a new home? Consider exploring the world of feng shui. In this article, we will delve into the basics of a...

feng shui north west facing house Fig. 1: A beautiful North West facing house

Are you in the market for a new home? Consider exploring the world of feng shui. In this article, we will delve into the basics of a good North West facing house. Discover the secrets of career magnetism, the power of the metal element, and how to choose the right art for your house's direction. Additionally, learn how to select the perfect door and integrate it into every room. With a well-positioned feng shui home, you can unlock a world of benefits.

Buying a Good Feng Shui House

Location is key when it comes to purchasing a home. Whether you desire a north-facing house with a scenic mountain view or a cozy suburban abode, you must consider how the building's position influences the flow of chi. Homes facing busy streets with towering structures can create aggressive energy flow, leading to disharmony and even theft.

If your potential feng shui house faces a north street, chances are the front door will be on that side. Opting for a north-facing house guarantees direct sunlight during winter months, especially in urban areas. For enhanced creativity and travel opportunities, choose a house with a front door facing the northwest direction. To maximize the positive energy, consider painting the walls white.

When the front door is on the north side, a black door is recommended. Black symbolizes deep water and shimmering surface waters, attracting beneficial energies. Similarly, colors like copper, gold, platinum, bronze, brass, and steel will also invite water energies. However, avoid colors harmful to the earth element, such as red and yellow, as they weaken its influence. Adding a mirror can create the illusion of an extra room.

Remember, a good feng shui house should ideally be north-west facing, creating a favorable environment for a patriarchal household. However, keep in mind that a north-west facing house does not automatically guarantee good feng shui. The location of the house plays a significant role in its energy dynamics.

The Direction of a Feng Shui House

For Vastu experts, a north-west facing house is considered the most beneficial. Although the northeast direction is commonly associated with the best placement for a kitchen, it's not always the case. If your kitchen faces south, you may encounter issues with authorities. The south is home to the five yellow star and three jade, both considered unlucky. Additionally, it's best to avoid sleeping in the west area.

While a north-west facing house may not be considered ideal for feng shui due to various reasons, it remains prevalent. In such a house, the northeast sector is a positive area. The trigrams SC, FW, TY, and YN indicate good sectors, while the north houses the bad sectors. Thus, it's crucial to have your front door in a north-facing sector.

Choosing the right direction is vital for a harmonious home. The north-west corner is especially significant for career growth, income, and mentorship. If your house lacks a north-west-facing corner, it's recommended to explore other housing options. According to feng shui principles, a missing north-west-facing corner is considered a severe affliction that can bring negative consequences to you and your family.

If you are considering building a custom home with a feng shui plan, carefully assess the location of your lot. Avoid building your house on a ridge or cliffside, or at an intersection. The most favorable placement for a feng shui north-west-facing house is one with a straight road leading to the entrance.

Career Magnetism

In classical feng shui, the north sector represents one's career. A north-facing house positively impacts career prospects and attracts prosperity. The north element possesses auspicious energy. When it comes to windows, the number on the north side should be double that of the south. The north-facing position of the Lord 'Kuber' in your home imbues you with the strength to make important decisions and achieve financial abundance.

Art with Strong Metal Element Energy

To enhance the energy of a north west-facing house, consider incorporating art pieces with a strong metal element. The metal element is yin in nature, signifying inward movement and contraction. Associated with autumn and the slowing down of energy, metal is a powerful and flexible element. It also strengthens the earth and water elements.

Placement is crucial when harnessing the positive effects of metal in feng shui. Correctly positioning metal elements can improve relationships with benefactors, stimulate creativity, and attract helpful people into your life. This element, also known as Wu Xing, is highly beneficial for a north-west facing house, enhancing its favorable energy.

Vastu Remedies for Northwest Facing Houses

Northwest facing houses have both positive and negative aspects in Vastu. Incorrect placement can lead to various problems and affect health negatively. However, there are remedies to promote positive Vastu in northwest facing houses. Here are some essential tips to keep in mind while modifying your home. Seeking guidance from an expert is advisable for optimal Vastu benefits.

  • Place a small brass Annapurna idol in a rice jar in the northwest direction to attract abundance to your home.
  • Keep the windows clear of clutter in the northwest area at all times.
  • Hang a 50-mm crystal between your main door and kitchen.
  • If you live in a northwest facing house, fasting on Mondays is believed to ward off negative energy and invite prosperity.

Additionally, salt is highly effective in reducing negative energy. Placing uncrushed salt in the four corners of your house can help mitigate Vastu-related issues and ward off the evil eye. It can also be placed near the door to deflect negative energy. Consulting an expert is advisable if you are unsure or lack other Vastu remedies. Rest assured, there are various effective ways to enhance the positive energy in your northwest facing house.

Remember, a carefully planned and well-thought-out feng shui house can transform your life. By embracing the principles of feng shui and making intentional choices regarding direction, placement, and design, you can create a harmonious and prosperous living environment. So, embark on your feng shui journey and unlock the magic of a North West facing house!

Fig. 1: A beautiful North West facing house