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9 Examples of Luxury Home Elevators That Will Inspire You

Creating the perfect home elevator can be an exciting experience. It offers a chance to customize each element to suit your home's design and aesthetic. From styles and fixtures to interiors, doors, and gates, there...

luxury home elevators

Creating the perfect home elevator can be an exciting experience. It offers a chance to customize each element to suit your home's design and aesthetic. From styles and fixtures to interiors, doors, and gates, there are endless options for customization. Whether you prefer an elevator that seamlessly blends with the rest of your home or one that stands out as a statement piece, the possibilities are vast.

To help you get started, we've curated a list of nine elegant luxury home elevators that we've had the pleasure of designing and installing. These examples will not only inspire you but also showcase the diverse range of customization options available. Let's explore these stunning designs and unlock the potential of your own luxury home elevator!

Vacuum Elevator for a Modern Foyer

luxury residential elevators

Our client desired an elevator that would serve as a remarkable focal point in their entryway. We designed a luxury elevator that perfectly complemented their existing home, blending seamlessly with both modern and traditional elements. To keep the construction minimal, the homeowners chose a pitless design, providing panoramic views as they travel between the floors.

Modern Industrial Glass Elevator

For this modern luxury home, we installed a black metal and glass Symmetry home elevator. The combination of glass shaft walls and black metal trim effortlessly integrates into the sleek loft design. Our client had the opportunity to customize their elevator doors and gates, opting for a metal scissor gate that adds both charm and an industrial feel.

Custom Wainscoting for a Residential Elevator

We had the pleasure of assisting a client in designing a luxury residential elevator tailored to their home. They chose custom wainscoting, stainless fixtures, and a mirror in the car's interior, creating a one-of-a-kind space for riders to enjoy. The white accordion gates contribute to the elevator's clean and bright atmosphere. With the pass-through design, riders can conveniently exit at their desired floor. The wood floor of the elevator perfectly matches the home's interior, providing a cohesive finish.

Wood and Glass Accents in a Home Elevator

wood and glass accents in a home elevator

In this stunning renovation project, we collaborated with our client to create a beautiful elevator addition to their home. Notice how the luxury residential elevator's wood interior harmonizes with the home's wooden staircase and handrails. The elevators we provide are not only refined but also built to seamlessly integrate with your home, offering a wide variety of custom design options.

Statement Elevator

Small spaces can still have big designs! As showcased in the photo, our client chose a bold floral wallpaper to decorate the interior of their luxury home elevator. The white handrail and accordion gate allow the fun wallpaper to stand out. This compact wonder seamlessly integrates the flooring from the rest of the home into the elevator car. The black fixtures complete the unique look of this elevator.

Luxury Accessibility

This client sought to add an accessibility solution to their home without compromising on style. They achieved this by incorporating traditional and modern glass elements into their luxury home elevator design. The pass-through design offers easy access to the entire home, while features like large glass windows and a beautiful tiled floor complete the elevator's elegant design.

Shaker Elevator Car Panels and Scissor Gate

The standout feature of this luxury elevator is its classic scissor gate design, which adds a touch of architectural elegance. The interior is adorned with shaker paneling, enhancing the luxurious ambiance of the car. The wooden paneling and stainless steel features perfectly match the timeless interior of the home. At Arrow Lift, we offer a variety of materials and finishes to suit your custom elevator preferences.

Glass Elevator with Attention to Every Detail

Our client wanted a "wow" feature for their new luxury home, and they found it in a glass tube elevator showcased as the centerpiece of their spiral staircase. The luxury home elevator is accented with custom-tiled flooring, and its trim seamlessly aligns with the staircase railings. With its glass tube design, every rider can enjoy panoramic views of the sophisticated stone walls and spiral staircase.

Casual Contemporary Residential Elevator

The final luxury home elevator features contemporary yet rustic details. We were thrilled to install an elevator in this cool and unique shaftway. Vintage bronze fixtures were chosen to match the door hardware, and the handrail was custom painted to create a consistent interior car design. The sleek flat panel and extended flooring add a modern touch. This contemporary custom elevator perfectly complements the client's modern home.

Contact Arrow Lift to Design Your Dream Luxury Home Elevator

The elegance of a home elevator brings convenience and accessibility to multi-story homes. At Arrow Lift, we take pride in incorporating our clients' feedback and ideas into the design process. We offer a range of customizations, including fixture options, interior designs, and gate and door choices.

Our luxury residential elevators are elegantly designed, practical, and tailored to your specifications and needs. Begin your journey of building your dream home elevator by contacting us today. Let us transform your vision into a reality.