A Guide to Hiring a Real Estate Showing Assistant: Streamline Your Success

As a real estate agent, you know the struggles involved in finding leads and juggling various responsibilities. The next step in your career evolution is to build a fantastic support team, and one essential role...

As a real estate agent, you know the struggles involved in finding leads and juggling various responsibilities. The next step in your career evolution is to build a fantastic support team, and one essential role to consider is a showing assistant. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the importance of a showing assistant, their responsibilities, when to hire one, what to look for in a candidate, their potential earnings, training methods, and more.

What Is a Showing Assistant?

A showing assistant, also known as a showing agent, is a dedicated professional who specializes in showing homes to clients. They gather information about client needs and budget, identify suitable homes, and arrange appointments for showings. Their efforts play a crucial role in converting leads into active contracts, allowing you to focus on other important tasks.

Why are Showing Agents so Valuable?

While you focus on lead generation and serving clients, a showing assistant's activities convert those leads into active contracts. Their assistance ensures that potential homebuyers find their perfect home without consuming all your time. By hiring a showing assistant, you can improve your team's overall productivity and provide a better customer experience.

What Does a Showing Agent Do?

A showing assistant takes the lead once potential clients show interest in touring homes. They communicate directly with the buyer, refining their needs and wants as they show different properties. They assist clients in their search, providing information about the community and answering any questions. After a selection is made, they may even negotiate sales contract terms and assist with property access for third parties.

When to Hire a Showing Assistant

Knowing when to hire a showing assistant is crucial. As a general rule, if you feel overwhelmed by responsibilities and find it challenging to handle lead generation and client management simultaneously, it's time to consider adding a showing assistant to your team. However, there is no right or wrong answer to whether you should hire a showing assistant or a transaction coordinator first. Consider your pipeline flow and individual strengths to make an informed decision.

What to Look for in a Showing Assistant

Finding the right showing assistant is essential for your team's success. Highlight both hard and soft skills in your job description. Hard skills include real estate licensing, experience with customer relationship management (CRM) software, and proficiency in relevant lead generation and marketing technologies. Soft skills encompass excellent communication, self-motivation, professionalism, and a positive attitude. Ideally, you should also look for a candidate with future growth potential within your team.

How Much Do Showing Assistants Make?

Showing assistants' salaries vary depending on the compensation structure. According to Glassdoor.com, the average showing assistant earns around $40,000 in base pay, along with an additional $16,000 in commission and other compensation. Some teams offer a flat salary or hourly rate, while others pay based on productivity, such as a fee per house shown or commission for closed transactions. Consider the specific activities you expect your showing assistant to perform when deciding on an appropriate compensation structure.

How to Train a Showing Assistant

Being an introductory position, a showing assistant may require hands-on training. Shadowing is a common approach, allowing you to demonstrate responsibilities and expectations. Gradually, you can provide more independence and offer feedback to refine sales skills and communication. Ensure the showing assistant understands their role in the team dynamic. As they become more proficient, occasional shadowing of other team members provides a big picture view and helps them envision future career growth.

Explore the Possibilities Today

If you're ready to develop or expand your real estate team, take the time to hire the right showing assistant and provide proper training. By focusing on quality over quantity, you will build a strong foundation for a successful team. Streamline your success by hiring a real estate showing assistant today.