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All About Bohemian Design Style: A Guide to Creating a Laid-back and Eclectic Space

Feature Photo Credit: @saskiatabea Are you looking to add a touch of free-spiritedness and vibrant energy to your living space? Look no further than the Bohemian Design Style! This article will take you on a...

Feature Photo Credit: @saskiatabea

Are you looking to add a touch of free-spiritedness and vibrant energy to your living space? Look no further than the Bohemian Design Style! This article will take you on a journey through the world of Boho, providing insights and inspiration to help you create your own unique bohemian oasis.

Bohemian Style's Versatility:

One of the most remarkable characteristics of Bohemian style is its versatility. It seamlessly blends with various design styles, allowing for a wide range of creative expression. Whether you want to infuse femininity into a more masculine aesthetic or create a whimsical and relaxed atmosphere, Boho has got you covered.

From nurseries to college dorms and grown women's homes, Bohemian style knows no boundaries. It effortlessly adapts to any space, adding a sense of warmth, comfort, and self-expression.

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Describing Bohemian Style:

When we think of Boho, words like eclectic, gypsy, and 70s hippie come to mind. It's a forgiving design style that embraces imperfections and celebrates individuality. Bohemian elements have the power to transform seemingly unrelated design elements into a harmonious whole.

Bohemian Style Colors & Design Choices:

Within the Bohemian style, there are different subsets that offer unique twists on the overall aesthetic. Some lean towards natural colors with raw wood accents, while others opt for vibrant pops of turquoise, coral, and mustard yellow. No matter the color scheme, Boho always incorporates an indulgent mix of textures and patterns.

Wooden accents are a staple in Bohemian design, with medium-toned or raw/natural wood being the preferred choice. Woven baskets also play a significant role in adding texture to the space.

Architectural design choices often include elements such as rustic wooden beams, brick walls (in various colors), and funky colorful tiles. These choices contribute to the overall laid-back and eclectic vibe of Bohemian style.

Three Bohemian Must-Haves:

Number One | Plants

Boho style is synonymous with a love for plants. Fill your space with lush greenery, from pothos and snake plants to fiddle leaf figs. The more, the merrier!

Photo Credit : @saskiatabea

Number Two | Baskets

Natural and woven elements, such as baskets, wicker furniture, and jute rugs, are essential for achieving that boho texture. Don't hold back on the baskets - they add charm and character to your space.

Number Three | Hanging Decor

Transform your space into a bohemian sanctuary by incorporating hanging decor. Whether it's macramé wall hangings, swings, chairs, hammocks, or hanging lights, these elements create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

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Boho Furniture Ideas:

When it comes to boho furniture, look for carved wood, Moroccan-inspired designs, velvet upholstery, leather (especially cognac), woven pieces, and poufs. These elements add depth and personality to your space.


Soft, ambient lighting is a hallmark of Bohemian design. String lights, floor lamps, and candles create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Overhead lights are often unnecessary, as the soft glow from these lighting elements sets the perfect mood.


Boho textiles are all about layering textures and patterns. Combine cozy quilts, luxurious velvet, and cool leather for a relaxing and inviting space. Don't be afraid to mix and match rugs, incorporating shag carpets, oriental rugs, or natural woven jutes. Colorful rugs add a touch of gypsy inspiration to your design. Tapestries can be used to cover entire walls, adding depth and visual interest.

Wall Decorations:

Mirrors, both antique and sleek round ones, are popular in Bohemian design. They amplify the soft lighting techniques and add a touch of elegance. Gallery walls, with their eclectic mix of artwork, create a visually captivating focal point. Don't be afraid to showcase unique pieces like flat baskets/chargers in your gallery wall arrangement.


With its versatile and laid-back charm, Bohemian style offers endless possibilities for creating a vibrant and personalized space. Embrace the elements that resonate with you, experiment with textures and colors, and let your creativity flow. And remember, when it comes to Boho, there are no rules, only self-expression.

Photo Credit: @saskiatabea

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