Aquarius Birth Flowers

What are the birth flowers of Aquarius? What are the meanings, symbolism, and myths behind these flowers? Find out below. It's fascinating how the universe works. In January, the zodiac wheel moves from the serious...

aquarius flowers

What are the birth flowers of Aquarius? What are the meanings, symbolism, and myths behind these flowers? Find out below.

It's fascinating how the universe works. In January, the zodiac wheel moves from the serious Capricorn to the creative Aquarius. Born under the quirky and rebellious influence of Uranus, Aquarius individuals are free-spirits who don't conform to societal norms. They are deeply empathetic and kind, often mistaken for a water sign due to their symbol, the water-bearer, but they are actually an air sign. Aquarians have their heads in the cosmos, constantly seeking enlightenment and striving to bring themselves into better harmony with their environment. Therefore, traditional flowers like roses or lilies don't quite fit their unique style. Aquarius calls for something as eye-catching and one-of-a-kind as they are. Whether you're in search of a gift for an Aquarius or simply want to explore flowers connected to your spiritual journey as an Aquarius, here are the five Aquarius birth flowers.

1. Orchid

orchid aquarius flower Image by Capri23auto from Pixabay

The orchid is the official birth flower of Aquarius. It is one of the most sought-after and prized ornamental plants. This distinct flower symbolizes luxury, love, strength, and beauty. The name "orchid" itself signifies fertility and intimacy. When gifted, the orchid's message can range from affection and friendship to kindness, depending on your relationship with the recipient.

Much like the unique and vibrant orchid, Aquarius stands out from the crowd with their funky fashion choices or colorful hair streaks. The orchid perfectly aligns with an Aquarius' style. It can be given as a gift or even worn as a print or wallpaper in an Aquarian's bedroom.

2. Snowdrop

snowdrop aquarius birth flower Image by André Lergier

The snowdrop is the birth flower for January Aquarius. It lives up to its name with its delicate, pearly white appearance. This innocent flower is often associated with sympathy and condolences. In the language of flowers, the drooping-bell-shaped snowdrop also represents acceptance and forgiveness. These meanings resonate with Aquarius' empathetic and humanitarian nature. Aquarians are relentless in their pursuit of fixing the wrongs in the world and are often found helping others or advocating for various causes. They are aware of the suffering in the world, which sometimes makes them cynical. However, they never lose hope in their mission to make a positive change.

3. Viola

viola birth flower for aquarius Image by Matthias Oberholzer

The viola is the birth flower for February Aquarius. It symbolizes spiritual wisdom in many faiths. These sweet purple flowers reflect the deep spirituality often found in Aquarius individuals. Violas come in various colors, with some displaying a spectrum of hues. Aquarius is deeply connected to the earth and the universe, always seeking a higher understanding of their existence. They are the ones most likely to gift you a crystal or read tarot cards. Aquarians are often free-spirited nomads, following their passions wherever they may lead. The viola perfectly represents their adventurous and spiritually inclined nature. It is considered a lucky flower for Aquarius.

4. Verbena

verbena flower of aquarius Image by Kerstin Riemer

With their empathetic hearts and gypsy souls, it's no surprise that Aquarians are overflowing with ideas and a desire to create. Just like the flowers in the verbena family bursting forth in large bunches from a slim stalk, Aquarius individuals put their all into their passions. They are committed to their loved ones and often channel their creativity into various forms of art. Aquarians are not your typical starving artists; they are likely to make a living out of their creative pursuits. They excel in photography, writing, and even architecture. Aquarians believe in the power of creativity, and gifting them verbena is a symbol of support for their artistic endeavors. Verbena is also known for warding off evil, making it an even more meaningful gift for Aquarius.

5. Freesia

freesia flower aquarius Image by Pezibear

Freesia comes in a rainbow of colors and symbolizes trust, something highly valued by Aquarius individuals. They create a safe and accepting space for those they love, allowing them to be their authentic selves without fear of judgment. Aquarius individuals appreciate genuine connections and reciprocate the trust given to them. Freesia is a reminder of the unwavering support and acceptance an Aquarius offers to their loved ones. They encourage others to embrace their quirks and dreams. Whether it's piercing your nose or embarking on an adventurous journey, Aquarius will be there, cheering you on. Freesia is also considered a lucky flower for both men and women born under Aquarius.

Remember, each zodiac sign has its own unique birth flowers, and their meanings provide valuable insights and connections. Stay tuned for more articles exploring birth flowers by zodiac sign and birth month.

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