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Astrology Tea: Cancer and The Moon

Celebrating National Moon Day! Did you know that July 20th is National Moon Day in the U.S.? It commemorates the historic first moon landing in 1971. The moon holds a special place in our hearts...

Celebrating National Moon Day!

Did you know that July 20th is National Moon Day in the U.S.? It commemorates the historic first moon landing in 1971. The moon holds a special place in our hearts as humans. Not only has it been explored by our fellow humans, but it also exerts a significant influence on our planet. From controlling the tides to impacting our emotions, the moon plays a crucial role in our lives.

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The moon is far more than just a glowing orb in the sky. Its gravitational pull, known as the tidal force, affects the ocean tides. Considering that our bodies are made up of more than half water, it's no wonder that the moon also has an impact on us.

Across various cultures, the moon holds immense significance and is revered for countless reasons. In Chinese culture, the moon is associated with gentleness and brightness, believed to carry human emotions. In some cultures, it symbolizes the bond between mother and child, representing feminine energy. For the Incas in South America, the moon is personified as Mama Quilla, the goddess who regulates menstrual cycles. Astrology, an ancient practice, has long explored the influence of planets on our lives and the world.

The History of Astrology

Astrology, the study of stars and planets and their influence on human affairs, originated in Mesopotamia in the 3rd millennium BC. Initially intertwined with astronomy, it later evolved into a distinct practice. Astrology spread to India, Asia, and eventually took shape in Western civilization during the Hellenistic period in ancient Greece. Nicolaus Copernicus' groundbreaking revelations in 1543 separated astronomy from astrology, changing the perception of the practice. However, astrology still thrives today, with many believing in the impact of celestial bodies on our lives.

Astrology 101

When someone asks, "What's your sign?", they're really inquiring about the position of the sun in the zodiac when you were born. Sun signs are just the beginning of understanding your astrological birth chart. Your birth chart is like a screenshot of the sky at the exact moment of your birth. It reveals the positions of not only the sun but also the moon and all the other planets. You can find your complete birth chart online for free, as long as you know your birthplace and time.

Western astrology recognizes 12 zodiac signs, each with unique characteristics influenced by a ruling planet. For example, Mars, the planet of energy and action, rules Aries, known for passion and leadership. Leo and Cancer are the only two signs ruled by stars instead of planets—the sun and the moon, respectively.

Zodiac Sign | Ruling Planet | Element | Modality

Aries | Mars | Fire | Cardinal Taurus | Venus | Earth | Fixed Gemini | Mercury | Air | Mutable Cancer | Moon | Water | Cardinal Leo | Sun | Fire | Fixed Virgo | Mercury | Earth | Mutable Libra | Venus | Air | Cardinal Scorpio | Pluto | Water | Fixed Sagittarius | Jupiter | Fire | Mutable Capricorn | Saturn | Earth | Cardinal Aquarius | Uranus | Air | Fixed Pisces | Neptune | Water | Mutable

Exploring the Zodiac Sign Cancer

The zodiac sign Cancer stands out because it is ruled by the moon rather than a planet. Astrologically, the moon represents our unconscious minds, emotions, intuition, childhood experiences, and relationships with maternal figures. Cancer, with the moon as its ruling planet, embodies these qualities in a unique way.

The Qi Astrology Tea Cancer and The Moon

When is Cancer Season? Cancer season begins on June 21st and ends just after National Moon Day on July 22nd. If you were born within this period, happy belated birthday to you, Cancer baby!


The constellation of Cancer is symbolized by a crab. According to Greek mythology, this crab pinched Heracles while he was fighting the hydra. Despite being crushed by Heracles, the crab was placed in the heavens by Heracles' enemy, Hera, becoming the constellation Cancer.


Each sign corresponds to one of four elements:

  • Fire: raw energy and creativity.
  • Earth: grounding and connecting us with the physical world.
  • Air: facilitating communication and intellect.
  • Water: purifying, healing, and nourishing.

Cancer is a water sign, alongside Pisces and Scorpio. Water signs are known for their emotional depth, intuition, sensitivity, and imagination. They possess the ability to connect and empathize with others on a profound level.


Each sign falls into one of three modalities, reflecting a unique expression of the changing seasons:

  • Cardinal signs initiate a season (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn).
  • Fixed signs establish stability in the middle of a season (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius).
  • Mutable signs conclude a season (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces).

Cancer is a cardinal sign, marking the official start of summer. Cardinal signs are known for their leadership skills, influence, and visionary qualities. They possess a go-getter attitude and can have a significant impact on those around them.

Personal Characteristics

Individuals with Cancer as their sun sign are intuitive, gentle, emotional, sensitive, maternal, and deeply connected to their emotions. They possess a keen ability to pick up on emotional cues and are often associated with psychic abilities.


Generally, signs of the same element get along well. Therefore, Cancer sun signs often find comfort in the company of other Cancers, Pisces, and Scorpios. Water signs understand and relate to one another, fostering peaceful and understanding relationships with friends, partners, and family members.

Cancers also appreciate the stability and nurturing qualities of Earth signs, including Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. However, relationships with Fire or Air signs, such as Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, can be more challenging. Fire signs may come across as too assertive for Cancer's sensitive nature, while Air signs may appear too detached.

It is important to note that compatibility is not solely determined by the sun sign. Considering the complete birth chart can provide a more comprehensive understanding of compatibility.

Tips for Cancers

Cancers are known for their empathic abilities, enabling them to tune into the emotions of those around them. While this is a remarkable quality for fostering deep connections, it can also leave Cancers feeling drained or absorbing emotions that don't belong to them. It is crucial for Cancers to set aside time for themselves, allowing them to discern their own emotions from those of others. Here are a couple of rituals to help restore and protect their energy:

  1. Super Healing Flower Infusion: Enjoy a walk in nature while sipping on a bottle of Super Healing Flower infusion. Water, being cleansing and healing, resonates with Cancer's strong connection to the element. Alternatively, bring the beauty of nature indoors and sip on the infusion in a calming environment.

Super Healing Flower Infusion

  1. Super Healing Lotus Ritual: To protect your energy and nourish your intuition, indulge in a simple flower tea ritual. Make a cup of Blue Lotus flower tea, known for its relaxing properties and connection to intuition. As you pour the boiling water into your cup, set the intention for the water to be filled with light energy that refreshes your body and protects your energy throughout the day or night. Visualize a circle of bright, white light surrounding your body, acting as a shield against negative influences.

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