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Before & After: The Art of Contemporary Townhouse Interior Design

There’s a certain power in transformation, in shedding the old to make way for the new. It's an art form that requires inspiration and dedication. And this before-and-after transformation of a townhouse interior is a...

Before and after contemporary townhouse interior design

There’s a certain power in transformation, in shedding the old to make way for the new. It's an art form that requires inspiration and dedication. And this before-and-after transformation of a townhouse interior is a prime example of that. Our talented designer skillfully curated the perfect decor to not only meet the client’s needs but also reflect her unique personality and lifestyle. Join us as we take you on a journey through the steps involved in reviving a space and creating a chic contemporary townhouse interior design.

The Challenge: Creating a Contemporary Townhouse Interior Design

A recent Decorilla client was about to embark on a major life change - moving from an apartment to a brand new contemporary townhouse. To ensure that everything would be just right when move-in day arrived, she sought the help of online interior design experts. Her ideal designer had to be able to:

  • Help decide which existing items could work in the new interior design scheme.
  • Furnish and decorate the house, including the entryway, open floor plan, and bedroom.
  • Establish a cohesive flow between all the spaces.
  • Infuse the builder-grade home with personality and character.

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Drawing Inspiration from Contemporary Open Floor Plans

Contemporary townhomes inspiration

A look at the client's selection of inspiration images made it clear that a contemporary townhouse interior design was the desired style. These images showcased a seamless blend of modern and traditional elements. Soft curved designs, neutral shades, and textured surfaces were prominent in the stunning living rooms. The furniture pieces exemplified a perfect fusion of traditional and modern aesthetics, ideal for contemporary interior design.

Contemporary Townhouse Ideas & Moodboard

Contemporary townhouse interior design by Decorilla

Using Decorilla's interactive questionnaire, the client effectively communicated her needs, habits, and preferences, allowing our expert designers to propose tailored concepts. After receiving two equally attractive design options, the client ultimately chose Courtney B.'s contemporary townhouse ideas.

Courtney's moodboard perfectly captured the inviting atmosphere with its balance of light and dark tones. The rich, tonal color scheme set the stage for a truly immersive space. The curated accents and stylish living setup went beyond the typical contemporary townhome interior, offering a fresh look with a sense of depth.

Contemporary Open Floor Plan Design Results

Contemporary decor for a hallway, design by Decorilla

Creating an inviting atmosphere was the essence of this contemporary townhouse interior design. It started from the entrance, featuring a white, clean, and simple mid-century-inspired entryway. This area was styled with modern accents that elevated the feeling of sophistication and comfort.

Each segment of the open floor plan captured attention with its combination of modern and timeless elements. The living room showcased a soft-edged yet bold curvilinear design with crisp tonal palettes. The combination of light gray and dark orange added a pop of color to the neutral scheme. Layered furniture pieces and cozy staging around the fireplace introduced texture and contrast, creating a cozy environment for relaxation and entertainment.

The trendy kitchen design featured sleek elements, with a dark dining table complementing gray kitchen cabinets and light bronze accents. Sharp dining chair silhouettes added masculine vibes and muted whimsy. Deep charcoal curtains, an upholstered bench, and a striped area rug softened the space, while a large abstract artwork brought a touch of drama. A sleek chandelier completed the look, blending traditional and modern elements.

Contemporary Bedroom Design

Contemporary decor in a bedroom designed by Decorilla

Continuing the theme of balance and contrast, the bedroom combined industrial-inspired accents with soft neutrals to create a luxurious feel. The bold accents and muted tones added a cohesive touch to the overall contemporary townhome decor, giving it a serene yet unexpectedly captivating atmosphere.

From the white, gray, and beige wallpaper to minimalist textiles, every detail in this space was professionally curated. The choice of rich yet subdued materials elevated the contemporary townhouse design, embodying sophisticated monochrome aesthetics. Black wooden surfaces and patterned fabrics introduced an eye-catching edge without overshadowing the simplicity of the overall design. The wall art triptych above the bed added a modern twist to the monochrome look.

Contemporary Decor Shopping List

Contemporary decor shopping list by Decorilla

Decorilla's innovative interior design process provides an effortless way to achieve your dream home. It includes handpicked furniture and decor options presented in captivating 3D visuals, along with comprehensive implementation guides and expert tips. Additionally, the package includes shopping lists that grant access to exclusive trade discounts. In short, creating your ideal home has never been so seamless and trouble-free.

Top Picks for Contemporary Townhomes

With a focus on clean lines and rich textures, contemporary townhouse decor seamlessly blends classic and modern elements. Here are some pieces that can elevate your space to the next level with a refined touch:

  1. Area Rug
  2. Leather Armchair
  3. Wall Art
  4. Sectional Sofa
  5. Coffee Table
  6. Floor Lamp
  7. Boho Pouf

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