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The Rise of Industrial Chic: Transforming Interior Design with Raw Beauty

When you think of the word "industrial," what comes to mind? Perhaps images of grunge and hard work? Well, it's time to update that perception. In today's world, the term "industrial" is synonymous with style...

When you think of the word "industrial," what comes to mind? Perhaps images of grunge and hard work? Well, it's time to update that perception. In today's world, the term "industrial" is synonymous with style and sophistication. Welcome to the era of industrial chic.

industrial architecture interior

*The Casing Boutique, Adele McNab*

Industrial style has taken the interior design world by storm. From trendy cafes and hotels to modern workplaces and urban residences, the allure of raw materiality and exposed inner workings has captivated designers and homeowners alike. This design movement has breathed new life into old spaces through the art of adaptive reuse.

Paying Tribute to Industrial Style: A Curated Collection

Join me as I take you on a journey through nine remarkable interior design projects that perfectly embody the industrial style revolution. These projects showcase the versatility and creativity that can be achieved with this aesthetic. Get ready to be inspired!

The Casing Boutique, Adele McNab

Architect Adele McNab designed The Casing Boutique, a natural sausage casing business, with a focus on making butchery fun and accessible. Located in a warehouse in Marrickville, Sydney, this warm and inviting space features a fully equipped kitchen, product display areas, a sausage-making room, and refrigeration facilities.

The Casing Boutique

*The Casing Boutique, Adele McNab*

Bicycle Thieves, Pierce Widera

Located in Northcote, Melbourne, Bicycle Thieves is an eatery that pays homage to the Italian neorealism classic film of the same name. This light-filled cafe captures the essence of the movie through its modern interpretation of tonality, textures, and a captivating narrative.

Bicycle Thieves

*Bicycle Thieves, Pierce Widera*

Park House Food Merchants, Alexander & Co

Alexander & Co transformed an old motel with 70s coastal and retro vibes into a loft-style art warehouse. This expressive and artistic venue in Sydney embraces both the heavy coastal traffic and its picturesque location. It's part art gallery, part loft, and all full of charm.

Park House Food Merchants

*Park House Food Merchants, Alexander & Co*

Pentolina, Biasol

Biasol, a local design studio, drew inspiration from the shared passions of Rome and Melbourne - design, food, and culture - to create a new restaurant in Little Collins Street. Pentolina celebrates the fusion of these two diverse cities and offers a unique dining experience.


*Pentolina, Biasol*

Crone Architects’ Office, Crone Architects

This stunning 850-square-meter studio in Sydney's World Square is a metaphor for architectural renewal. With its floor-to-ceiling height and fully glazed north-facing facade, it stands out among other architectural offices. Crone Architects has created a space that reflects their cultural shift and embraces openness and transparency.

Crone Architects’ Office

*Crone Architects’ Office, Crone Architects*

Project 281, Splinter Society

Splinter Society transformed an old printing factory and connected heritage Victorian terrace into a unique warehouse space. The design team worked with the textures and fabric left behind by the printing processes, including scars on the floor, cut-outs in the brickwork, and exposed steel structures. The result is a space that beautifully combines the old and the new.

Project 281

*Project 281, Splinter Society*

DCM Office, DCM

Denton Corker Marshall's new office in Melbourne showcases their commitment to honest and stripped-back design. Moving from five floors to a single open studio, they have created a workspace that reflects their design philosophy. It's a space that speaks volumes about how they work and design.

DCM Office

*DCM Office, DCM*

Woods Bagot New York, Woods Bagot

The Woods Bagot New York studio is a testament to the architectural history of the building and the global aesthetic of the Woods Bagot brand. This 1,000-square-meter open plan space celebrates raw beauty with stained concrete floors, exposed services, and pre-finished black MDF shelving and storage.

Woods Bagot New York

*Woods Bagot New York, Woods Bagot*

High St Society, Ricci Bloch Architecture + Interiors

Architect Ricci Bloch has transformed a tiny corner shop in Randwick into a bustling and efficient café that caters to the high volume of breakfast and lunchtime traffic from the nearby hospital. This compact space is a masterclass in functional and good-looking design.

High St Society

*High St Society, Ricci Bloch Architecture + Interiors*


If there's one thing that Melbourne is known for, it's its coffee scene. Bentwood is a Melbourne café that embodies the soulful and heritage-filled atmosphere that the city is famous for. From its warm and friendly ambiance to its fusion of flavors, it's a must-visit for coffee lovers.



Embrace the Beauty of Industrial Chic

These outstanding interior design projects showcase the transformative power of industrial style. From repurposed warehouses to creative office spaces, this aesthetic offers a unique blend of raw beauty and functionality. So why not add a touch of industrial chic to your own space? Let the industrial revolution inspire your design journey.