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BTS Members And Their Zodiac Signs

What music band has been ruling our hearts and the music charts since 2013? If the name of the Korean music band BTS pops into your mind, congratulations, you are right. BTS army, cheer up!...

What music band has been ruling our hearts and the music charts since 2013? If the name of the Korean music band BTS pops into your mind, congratulations, you are right. BTS army, cheer up! We bet that the name of BTS alone can cause dopamine to rush into your veins.

Attending a BTS concert might be on your bucket list if you are a true BTS fan. With over 30 million fans across the globe, BTS has honed the craft of pop music. But do you know that you can know much more about your favorite BTS member based on their zodiac sign? Or even better, based on your zodiac sign, you can tell which BTS member are you. Enough chit-chat! Let’s find out which BTS member are you according to your zodiac sign through this InstaAstro blog!

Which BTS Member are you, According to Your Zodiac Sign?

With all the crazy fan following of the BTS army, it would be so nice to see which BTS zodiac signs will we fans be. So, let us have a look at these itself. Moreover, we will also have a look at BTS members zodiac sign. These BTS members, according to your zodiac sign, are as follows:

1. V - Capricorn (30th December 1995)

If you stan V then we are sure you must have searched every single detail about V available on the internet. There is nothing left to but wait, we must stop you right here if you think the same. You may know everything about his relationships, career, and wealth, but do you know what kind of personality V has? If not, scroll through you have landed on the right page. So, let us talk more about Taehyung zodiac sign.

Capricorns are blessed with one trait that we all have longed for. Can you make a guess? Capricorns are blessed with clean and clear skin. We can feel some of our readers being green with envy. And no one can deny that V is god’s favorite and has been blessed with clear and supple skin. So, the next personality trait of Capricorns is that they already have a blueprint imprinted on their mind. In other words, Capricorns are clear about their choices and decisions. Being indecisive is the last option on their list. If all of these personality traits match with you, then congratulations V is your true bias. V - Capricorn

2. Suga - Pisces (9th March 1993)

Doesn’t the name Suga remind you of the word sugar? Just like sugar, Pisces are the sweetest personalities you will ever come across. Dubbed the planet of dreams and delusions, Pisceans are ruled by the planet Neptune. So, Pisceans have the powers of a siren. This is the zodiac sign never to be found out at a party. Instead, they would rather enjoy helping and being with someone they love.

Being a water sign, Pisces would go to every extent to bring a smile to the face of someone they care about the most. This type of personality trait can be seen in Suga. For example, Suga keeps his accountants busy throughout the year but never forgets to donate his money to charity. If all of these personality traits resonate with you, then Suga, aka Min Yoon-gi, is your true bias. And at last, the song title that suits the personality of Suga the most is “Dream Glow”. Suga - Pisces: 9th March 1993

3. Jimin - Libra (13th October 1995)

Now is the chance to know about Park Jimin zodiac sign. This 27-year-old celebrity enjoys a colossal fan following all over the world. Being a Libra, Jimin, aka Park Jimin, is the most generous of all the band members. Known for their belief in balance and power, Libras can solve any matter with their charisma alone.

Did we tell you that Libra tops the most generous zodiac signs list? Jimin’s quality sets him apart from the other band members. If various sources are to be believed, Jimin’s primary income is donated to the welfare of underprivileged kids in South Korea.

The zodiac sign Libra is ruled by the planet, Venus which is also the planet of aesthetics and personal taste. So, the next time you want some advice in fashion, you know whom to approach. If all of these personalities match with you, then congratulations, Jimin is your true bias.

Now is the time to discuss the BTS song title that suits the personality of BTS the most. Jimin - Libra

4. J-Hope - Aquarius (18th February 1994)

Next on the list of zodiac signs of BTS members is J-Hope. If you want to know something about the personality of Aquarius, never instruct them to do anything. We repeat, NEVER. If you do so, then be ready to become a new addition in their bad book.

Nothing would delight us more if we get both friendship and love from the same person, right? Aquarians will never disappoint you if you are looking for the same quality in your partner. Aquarians are least bothered by others’ opinions and love to do things in their way. This is why being an Aquarius, J-Hope is least concerned about his popularity like the other members of BTS.

If all of these personality traits match with you, then congratulations. J-Hope is your true bias. But how can we forget about the song dedication that suits the personality of J-Hope the most? It would be none other than ‘Boy With Luv’. J-Hope - Aquarius

5. RM and Jungkook - Virgo

Next, we have not one but two BTS members sharing one zodiac sign: Virgo. Born in September, makes RM and Jungkook Virgos. If you have been following our blogs, then you must know that if there is something that defines the personality of Virgo the most is their love for hard work and perfectionism. This habit of theirs makes their friendship with success even stronger. Folks, do you know that according to Greek mythology, the natives of this zodiac sign are blessed with one power, communication?

Yes, you read it right. And we can find this trait in RM, aka Kim Nam-Joon. Out of all the seven band members, RM’s communication is top-notch. Let’s not forget about the other gem on the list, Jungkook. Jungkook zodiac signs Virgo, Virgos are known for their creative side the most, and they make their best version in the arenas like art, dance, or theatre. If all of these personality traits match with you, then congratulations, you will get not one but two biases, Jungkook and RM. RM and Jungkook

6. Jin - Sagittarius (4th December 1992)

Meet the oldest member of BTS, Jin. If you have been following our blogs, you must have an idea of what a Sagittarius personality looks like. The personality of this fire sign screams adventure, flexibility, and adaptability. This type of zodiac sign is said to be the life of the party. However, as per the other team members of BTS, Jin is the quietest and the calmest of all. The song title that would suit Kim Seokjin zodiac sign the most is ‘fire’. Jin - Sagittarius

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