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Cabin Interior Design: Creating a Modern Retreat in the Woods

Few things come close to the magic of a cabin in the woods. But if your getaway is feeling a little run down, consider restoring its charm and updating the design. With our top cabin...


Few things come close to the magic of a cabin in the woods. But if your getaway is feeling a little run down, consider restoring its charm and updating the design. With our top cabin interior design tips and ideas, you can spruce up a tired hideaway into a modern and relaxing retreat in no time. Read on to get started creating your dream cabin interior!

Cabin Interior Design Inspiration & Ideas

Cabin interior design ideas and inspiration

Contemporary cabin interior ideas have evolved beyond the beloved favorites, resulting in something extraordinary. Plush sofas, warm woods, and low light still have their place in every cozy retreat, but now polished accessories and sleek furniture are also making their mark. The most breathtaking homes boast rustic charm alongside sophistication.

Rustic and Modern Cabin Interior Design

Rustic contemporary cabin interiors - living room with a contemporary rustic cabin interior design Modern cabin interior design by Decorilla designer, Darya N.

What we love: The straight lines and sleek silhouettes of modern style beautifully contrast with rustic cabin interior design. By modernizing a cabin, the interior can resemble a contemporary farmhouse style.

Scandinavian-Inspired Log Cabin Interior Design

Cabin interior ideas - small cabin interior

What we love: A Scandinavian color palette consisting of light monochromatic hues is ideal for brightening a cabin interior. The minimal style of Scandinavian design also tones down the sometimes-elaborate decor of a log cabin, making it a perfect fit. Additionally, Scandinavian interior design emphasizes natural materials, which are perfect for creating an inviting cabin atmosphere.

Cozy and Small Cabin Interior Design

Modern cabin interior design with a sage green accent wall Cabin interior with a sage green accent wall by Decorilla designer, Ryley B.

What we love: The cozy and indulgent feel of a small cabin interior is unlike any other. Many of these interiors celebrate natural materials, showcasing them in the construction and furniture as well as in the decor.

Our 5 Favorite Cabin Interior Ideas

Cozy rustic cabin interior design Cozy cabin interior design by Decorilla interior designer, Ilaria C.

1. Going Natural

Natural materials dominate modern and rustic cabin interiors, from the frame to the furnishings and accents. Wood is a popular choice, but stone, pelts, and bone can also add a touch of nature to your cabin. It's important to choose sustainable products and consider faux alternatives when designing a modern rustic interior.

2. Warming Up

Wool throws, plush scatter pillows, and a fireplace give cabins their characteristic welcoming warmth. Consider an electric fireplace as an eco-friendly option that can be just as lovely as the real thing.

Updated cabin interior ideas for a more modern design Updated cabin interior by Decorilla interior designers, Rosela B. and Scott K.

3. Bold Lighting to Lighten Rustic Cabin Interiors

Log cabin interior design is known for its quirky lighting. Contemporary design offers a wide range of lighting options beyond branch chandeliers and elaborate candelabras.

4. Wood Walls

A wood wall provides the warmth we associate with cabin interior design. You don't need every surface clad in timber, though. For a modern twist, consider a framed herringbone panel on one wall. This adds elegance and a bespoke feature.

Small cabin bedroom interior design Small modern cabin interior by Decorilla designer, Drew F.

5. Vintage Accessories

As cabins can be in a family for generations, it's common to find a few antiques in the interior. Vintage pieces not only add practicality but also finesse to a rustic cottage. Ornate table lamps and polished tables are among our favorites.

Quick Modern Cabin Interior Design & Decor Tips

Cabin interior design with a black and white color scheme Contemporary cabin interior by Decorilla designer, Courtney B.

You don't need a wooden structure to create a cozy cabin interior design. In fact, you can recreate the magic of a cabin in any home.

Small-cabin-bedroom-interior-with-blue-accents Small cabin bedroom interior with blue accents by Decorilla designer, Sharene M.

  • Pick a Complementary Style: Stick to one interior design style that softens the rough aesthetics of a cabin. Too many looks can make a space feel cluttered. Consider modern, Scandinavian, transitional, or bohemian styles.
  • Choose Quality Finishes: Walls, trim, and flooring are prominent features of a modern cabin interior. Opt for timeless, high-quality materials that will stand the test of time.
  • Think Timber Tone: The color of your timber can greatly impact your cabin interior design. Dark wood can make a space feel snug but smaller, while blond or whitewashed wood can create the illusion of a larger room. Consider adding a wooden feature like a clad wall, exposed beams, or carved artwork.
  • Add Colorful Touches to Rustic Cabin Interiors: Inject a burst of lively color into your cabin interior design. Paint is not the only option – consider wallpaper in the bedroom, tiles in the bathroom, a backsplash in the kitchen, painted trim, and colorful accessories.

Colorful cabin interior design - small cabin interior Colorful cabin interior design by Decorilla designer, Jamie M.

  • Let Surroundings Inspire: A key aspect of modern cabin interior design is drawing inspiration from the natural surroundings. Choose colors that complement the outdoors, as contrasting colors can feel out of place.
  • Decorate Walls with Cabin Interior Ideas: Walls in modern cabin interiors can be just as neutral as those in a city apartment. Add character to your cabin by incorporating nature-inspired artwork, woodland-themed wallpaper, or a herringbone feature wall.

Small Cabin Interior Design Ideas

Cabin-interior-design-ideas-with-a-brick-fireplace Small modern cabin interior by Decorilla designer, Sharene M.

There is a fine line between cozy and cramped in a small cabin interior. But with the right log cabin interior ideas, you can perfect your mini abode.

Small cabin interior with a stone fireplace Rustic small cabin interior by Decorilla designer, Alyssa H.

  • Rustic Sliding Door: Opt for a reclaimed barn door as a beautiful rustic feature that saves space compared to a swinging door.
  • Fold-Out Furniture: Maximize comfort and hospitality with sleeper couches and extendable dining tables. Contemporary designs offer attractive and functional multi-purpose furniture for small cabin interiors.
  • Bunk Beds: If you frequently host family and friends in your cabin, built-in bunk beds paired with a sliding door create additional sleeping quarters and a rustic feature.

How to Brighten a Dark or Small Cabin Interior

Modern cabin interior with white furniture Modern cabin interior with white furniture by Decorilla designer, Drew F.

Traditional log cabin interiors can be dark, but there are ways to brighten them up with accessories, lights, and a fresh coat of paint.

  • Include Light Rugs: Light-colored rugs can brighten a dark cabin interior floor while adding coziness and anchoring the room. Choose a color and design that reflects the mood you want to create.
  • Lighten with Mirrors, Lights & Paint: Use white or grey paint to provide a reflective surface for existing light. Mirrors create the illusion of more depth, and maximizing natural light with minimal window treatments and different light types can brighten up a room.

Rustic cabin interiors - cabin interior ideas

  • Play with Accessories: Decorations and accessories can brighten a room. Whites, greys, pastels, and even bright colors like yellow can lighten a modern cabin interior. Reflective surfaces of metals and mirrors also help to amplify light.
  • Go Green with Plants: While plants may not directly brighten a room, they can add life and create a beautiful contrast with the browns often found in cabin interiors.

Need help with your modern cabin interior?

If you're looking to refresh your own cabin interior design but not sure where to start, contact a team of experienced interior designers! Schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation to receive personalized help from top cabin interior designers today!

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