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Cape Cod Interior Design Ideas: 4 New England-Inspired Tips For Your Cape Home

Cape Cod-style homes have a timeless charm that harks back to the 1700s when early settlers arrived along the New England coast. Inspired by traditional English cottages, these homes feature distinct aesthetics that have come...

Design Tips for Cape Cod-Style Homes

Cape Cod-style homes have a timeless charm that harks back to the 1700s when early settlers arrived along the New England coast. Inspired by traditional English cottages, these homes feature distinct aesthetics that have come to define the Cape Cod style. With steep roofs, gables, large dormer windows, and double-hung windows complemented by wood shutters, they exude a classic elegance that's hard to resist.

In this article, we'll explore some design ideas that will help you create an authentic Cape Cod-style home. From coastal colors to rustic furnishings and nautical accessories, we'll guide you on the journey to transform your space into a New England-inspired haven.

Choose Coastal Colors

To capture the true essence of a Cape Cod home, it's essential to stick to a coastal color palette when decorating and designing. The traditional coastal-style color schemes are light and airy, reminiscent of a sunny day by the ocean. Consider opting for white walls, ocean blues, or greens used on alternating spaces or in combination with trim accents. This creates a sense of calmness, like clouds against a clear blue sky.

Incorporating soothing neutral tones like beige and tan can create an illusion of sandy beaches and complement bleached or gray driftwood hues. These can be beautifully contrasted with soft hues of yellow and coral, especially when paired with vibrant and bright tropical tones like beach flower pink and sunset orange.

Popular Cape Cod patterns lean towards thick stripes, nautical designs, and delicate florals for upholstery and fabrics. Rustic, quilted fabrics with embroidery can add a cozy feel, particularly when using natural textures such as burlap, vintage linen, or grasscloth.

Employ the Use of Rustic Furnishings & Colors

Simplistic furniture works best to showcase the interior and outside living spaces in a Cape Cod-style house. Rustic, clean-lined handmade wood furniture with smooth edges seamlessly blends into the overall aesthetic. Consider painting wood furniture in brighter pastels, whitewash, or natural finishes to give your home an inviting feel.

Popular choices for furnishings include pieces in the traditional Early American style, such as Windsor chairs, step-back cupboards, ladder-back chairs with rush seats, and trestle-style tables. Overstuffed upholstered loveseats, chairs, and sofas, or wicker furniture with slipcovers, can enhance the laid-back, casual coastal feel that sets Cape Cod cottages apart.

Aside from pastels, sage greens, sea glass, and butter yellow can add charm to the furnishings of a Cape Cod home and create a comfortable vibe. Many homeowners choose to base their furniture's colors on the exterior paint, trim, and shutters, employing complementary colors.

Decorate With Nautical Accessories

Seashells in Living Room

Decor dominated by a nautical or ocean theme is typical in Cape Cod-style homes, but it's important to strike a balance between themed decorations and simpler accessories. Start by establishing the core look you desire, considering traditional seaside adornments like seashells, driftwood, starfish, anchors, navigation wheels, portholes, propellers, and bells.

To add interest and balance the theme, incorporate natural displays alongside vintage or replica ship or boat parts. Sheer window coverings allow natural light in, creating a perfect environment for thriving houseplants and greenery. Woven baskets can hold plant containers, and colored glass vases or bottles can add a touch of sparkle to any room.

You can also add interest to your walls with artwork and shelves that display old books or knickknacks. Spruce up window seat nooks, sofas, and chairs with various pillows and throws in different materials and patterns. Lantern-style lighting in copper or brass, ranging from wall sconces to hanging lanterns and outdoor oil-fueled lampposts, adds a touch of tradition and elegance.

Get the Exterior Details Right

To achieve the authentic Cape Cod-style look and feel, attention must also be given to the exterior details of your home. Traditional Cape Cod-style houses feature natural shingles on steep slopes and numerous high and narrow dormer windows predominantly along the front.

Shutters are another significant feature of Cape Cod-style cottages, offering a timeless look that still holds appeal today. Opt for shutters that can be opened and closed, especially if you live in a seaside or seasonal climate, as they allow fresh air into the structure on moderate days.

Even the landscaping choices in your yard and window boxes should stay true to the style. Abundant wildflowers in an array of colors can rejuvenate seasonally and add to the overall charm. Historically, beautiful gardens dominated the yards of Cape Cod-style homes rather than vast lawns. In many climates, a profusion of flowers and blooming plants will attract butterflies and other pollinating creatures throughout the year.

Use These Design Tips For An Authentic Cape Cod-Style Home

Embrace the breezy and airy feeling of a Cape Cod-style home by incorporating decorations and furnishings that truly encompass the oceanside lifestyle. These design tips for colors, patterns, furnishings, and accents inside and out will help you create an authentic Cape Cod experience in your own space. Remember to stay true to the coastal color palette, employ rustic furnishings, decorate with nautical accessories, and pay attention to the essential exterior details. With these ideas in mind, you'll be well on your way to transforming your home into a New England-inspired sanctuary.