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Honest Review of The MaxxAir MaxxFan Deluxe 7000k

Is the MaxxFan Deluxe good - Our Verdict. Okay, let's cut to the chase... Is the MaxxFan Deluxe any good? Well, the answer is a resounding YES! We absolutely loved our MaxxFan Deluxe. It exceeded...

Is the MaxxFan Deluxe good - Our Verdict.

Okay, let's cut to the chase... Is the MaxxFan Deluxe any good? Well, the answer is a resounding YES! We absolutely loved our MaxxFan Deluxe. It exceeded our expectations and performed exceptionally well.

Sure, the MaxxFan Deluxe may cost a bit more than other fans on the market, but once we hit the road on our adventure, it quickly became the most essential item in our van.

The fan was impressively quiet, especially on lower speeds, and had a low power draw. We never had to worry about its power consumption. Operating the fan was a breeze, and the rain hood was a complete blessing.

Honestly, being stuck in the van on a rainy day with no ventilation would have been a nightmare! Thankfully, the MaxxFan Deluxe kept us comfortable and dry.

MaxxFan Deluxe installed in van conversion

MaxxAir MaxxFan Deluxe installed in ceiling of van

Key features of the MaxxFan Deluxe that we loved.

Let's dive into some of the key features of the MaxxFan Deluxe.

MaxxFan Deluxe Best Features

Built-in Rain Cover

In our opinion, the biggest advantage of the MaxxFan Deluxe is its built-in rain cover. The rain hood is well-designed, easy to operate, and does an excellent job of keeping rain out while allowing fresh air to flow in. We never experienced any instances of rain coming in, even during heavy storms.

Exhaust and Intake

One game-changing feature of the MaxxFan Deluxe is its ability to function as both an exhaust and an intake fan. We found that setting the fan to exhaust mode provided better circulation within the van. By opening a window at the rear of the van, the fan would pull air in through the window, circulate it throughout the van, and then expel it through the fan set in exhaust mode. This setup provided excellent airflow and made a noticeable difference in our comfort.

10 Speeds

The MaxxFan Deluxe boasts 10 different speeds, giving us greater control over the climate inside the van. We typically used the fan at around 80% speed, which provided an optimal balance between energy consumption and performance. Even at lower speeds, the fan remained whisper quiet and highly effective.

Highly Efficient 12v Power

The MaxxFan Deluxe is remarkably efficient when it comes to power consumption. Combined with its 10-speed options, this fan allowed us to effectively manage our power usage and maintain a comfortable environment in the van.

Automatic Thermostat Settings

The thermostat feature in the MaxxFan Deluxe allowed us to set a specific room temperature that we wanted to achieve. The fan would then adjust its operation to reach and maintain that desired temperature. While it doesn't function like an air conditioner, it was effective in maintaining a comfortable sleeping temperature during overnight stays.

Removable Bug Screen

The removable bug screen was a fantastic addition to the MaxxFan Deluxe. It effectively kept insects out of the van and was easy to clean. We only had to clean the screen once after getting caught in a dust storm, which speaks to its overall effectiveness.

Ford Transit Van With MaxxFan Deluxe Installed

Do You Even Need A Fan In Your Van?

The short answer is: yes, you absolutely need a fan in your van. Here are five good reasons why:

  1. Airflow: Proper airflow keeps the air fresh, removes pollutants, and eliminates odors in the confined space of your van.
  2. Condensation: Without proper airflow, condensation can accumulate and lead to mold growth and health issues.
  3. Ventilation: A roof fan is especially crucial when cooking inside the van with a gas burner, as it helps remove harmful gases.
  4. Climate Control: A roof fan provides relief on hot days by quickly circulating cool outside air through the van.
  5. Safety: With a roof fan, you don't have to worry about leaving windows open for ventilation, enhancing security while you're away or sleeping.

Which MaxxFan Model is Best?

The best MaxxAir MaxxFan model available is the MaxxFan Deluxe. It truly lives up to the hype and offers the most comprehensive features.

Now that you know the MaxxFan Deluxe is the best choice, which model should you get? The top picks are the 7000K and 7500K versions.

The difference between the 7000/7500K and the 5100/6200K models is the electric opening and remote control inclusion.

We personally opted for the electric opening 7000K model and found it to be absolutely fantastic. The convenience of simply turning the fan on/off using the remote or buttons made a significant difference in our daily van life. The ease of use and time saved were well worth the investment.

We had the electric opening 7000K model and it was glorious.

Why we chose the MaxxFan Deluxe 7000K Model.

Why we installed a MaxxFan 7000k

The reason we chose the MaxxFan Deluxe for our van was threefold:

  1. It came highly recommended by major van conversion websites and was considered the gold standard in roof fans.
  2. We were planning to travel through hot climates and wanted to ensure our living quarters were comfortable and enjoyable.
  3. We prioritized the convenience of the automatic opening and closing rain shield, which was only available in the top-tier version.

Where on your roof should the MaxxFan go?

The location of your MaxxFan on the roof is crucial for optimal effectiveness. Consider the following points:

Where should MaxxFan be installed

How does Window Placement affect the MaxxFan Deluxe?

To maximize the fan's effectiveness, the MaxxFan should be placed as far away from your windows as possible. This allows for better airflow throughout the van. When the fan is located closer to the windows, it tends to circulate air between the window and fan, rather than circulating air throughout the living space.

We installed our MaxxFan at the front of our van, away from the main window. This allowed the fan to pull in cool air from outside and circulate it throughout the entire living area, creating a comfortable environment, especially at night.

Roof Fan Placement in relation to your Kitchen

In our Ford Transit campervan conversion, we placed the MaxxFan Deluxe above our van's kitchen space. This allowed us to use the fan as an exhaust while cooking, effectively removing any odors, moisture, and heat generated from the kitchen area. It prevented the accumulation of smelly clothes and condensation inside the van.

MaxxFan Deluxe Dimensions

The MaxxFan Deluxe has dimensions of 22-1/2 inches long x 16-1/2 inches wide x 5 inches tall when closed (9.3 inches tall when open).

What size hole does the MaxxFan Deluxe fit?

The MaxxFan Deluxe fits the industry standard van and RV roof opening of 14 inches wide x 14 inches long (355x355mm in metric measurements).

How much does a MaxxFan Deluxe weigh?

The MaxxFan Deluxe weighs 11.9 lbs or 5.4 kg when fully installed.

How thick does the roof need to be to support a MaxxFan Deluxe?

The MaxxFan Deluxe model requires a minimum roof thickness of 1 inch (25mm). The roof width should be kept below 3.5 inches (90mm). If your van's roof is thinner than 1 inch, additional thickness can be created using insulation and interior ceiling cladding. It is also recommended to add beams or framing strips for extra support.

What is the MaxxFan Deluxe Rain Shield?

The MaxxFan Deluxe Rain Shield is a high-density polypropylene shield that sits on top of the roof fan mechanism. Unlike other fans, the MaxxFan Deluxe can operate in both intake and exhaust mode regardless of the weather conditions, thanks to its rain shield. This allows for continuous airflow, even during rain.

How to clean the MaxxFan Deluxe

Cleaning the MaxxFan Deluxe is quick and easy. Simply turn the four mounting knobs to the side and remove the inner mosquito screen. This grants access to the fan, making it accessible for cleaning. Make sure to turn off the power to the fan before removing the mosquito screen.

How to set the timer on a MaxxFan Deluxe

Currently, it is not possible to set a timer on the MaxxFan Deluxe. However, the AUTO setting allows you to set a desired temperature, and the fan will adjust its speed or turn off depending on the temperature.

Which Way Should a MaxxFan Deluxe Face?

To ensure rain does not enter your van, the MaxxFan Deluxe should be installed with the vent grille facing the rear of the van. This position prevents rain from being pushed through the grille and into the interior.

How much light does the MaxxFan Air let in?

Based on our experience with the MaxxFan Deluxe 7000K model, the rain shield provides excellent opacity and limits the amount of light that enters the van when closed. Even in bright sunlight, the light that enters the van is diffused and not overly apparent.

Can You Use MaxxFan Deluxe While Driving?

Yes, you can use the MaxxFan Deluxe while driving. Its strong dual lifting arms can fully support the rain shield lid, even in high winds generated by driving at high speeds. Make sure the rain shield lid is fully open while driving to allow the lifting arms to provide maximum support.

Best Wire Gauge for MaxxFan Deluxe

The best wire gauge for the MaxxFan Deluxe depends on factors such as the distance between the fan and the fuse box. Thicker gauge wire is recommended for longer wire runs to prevent voltage drop and ensure proper power supply. Additionally, if other electronics share the same circuit, the wire gauge should accommodate their power requirements as well. A typical choice is 12 gauge wire, which offers a balance between power efficiency and safety.

MaxxFan Deluxe Wiring Diagram

MaxxAir MaxxFan Wiring Diagram

MaxxFan Deluxe power consumption (how many watts does MaxxFan use?)

The MaxxFan Deluxe consumes 0.1 Amps on its lowest fan speed setting and 2.8 Amps on its highest setting.

Expert Tip - Want to run your roof fan effectively and conserve power?

Understanding the affinity laws can help you maximize the efficiency of your fan. The power consumption is equal to the cube of the speed. By running the MaxxFan Deluxe at lower speeds (around 8 or lower), you can significantly reduce power consumption while maintaining a comfortable environment. The fan remains highly effective at lower speeds and generates less noise.

The different MaxxFan Deluxe speed settings and examples of use.

  • Speed set to 0: Even when not running the fan, leaving it open allows for some fresh air circulation, especially on colder days.
  • Speed set between 1 and 3: These speeds are ideal for sleeping in temperate weather, providing a soothing and gentle airflow.
  • Speed set between 4 and 6: Choose these speeds on hot days when you want a stronger airflow throughout the van. The fan's sound becomes noticeable but not overwhelming.
  • Speed set between 7 and 10: Use these higher speeds for quick ventilation, such as when returning to a hot van or when cooking. The fan generates more noise but is still tolerable.

Roof fan exhaust vs intake. Which mode is most effective?

Based on our experience, setting the MaxxFan Deluxe to exhaust mode provides the most efficient and pleasant airflow. It effectively replaces the air inside the van with fresh air from outside, improving air quality. When using exhaust mode, make sure to have a source of fresh air, such as an open window, to maximize the fan's efficacy.

The Best MaxxAir MaxxFan Deluxe Alternatives

While the MaxxFan Deluxe is the top choice, there are alternative fans to consider if budget constraints are a concern. Here are a few options to explore:

1. Dometic Fan-Tastic Vent 1200

  • Price: $149.95
  • Speed Control: 3-speeds
  • Intake and Exhaust: Intake only
  • Remote Control: No
  • Thermostat: No
  • Rain Protection: No

The Fan-Tastic Vent 1200 offers a more affordable price point and decent airflow. However, it lacks a rain shield, limiting its functionality in wet weather. The three-speed control may also affect comfort customization.

2. Maxxair MaxxFan 4500K

  • Price: $205
  • Speed Control: 10-speeds
  • Intake and Exhaust: Yes
  • Remote Control: Yes
  • Thermostat: Yes
  • Rain Protection: No (automatic closure in rainy conditions)

The MaxxFan 4500k strikes a balance between cost and functionality. It offers 10-speed control, a built-in thermostat, and remote control. However, it lacks a rain shield, which limits ventilation during rain showers.

3. Heng’s 71112-C

  • Price: $26
  • Speed Control: 1 speed
  • Intake and Exhaust: Intake only
  • Remote Control: No
  • Thermostat: No
  • Rain Shield: No

Heng's 71112-C is a budget option with minimal features. While it provides some airflow, its limited speed control and smaller blades may not offer the same ventilation power as the MaxxFan models.


The MaxxFan Deluxe is an exceptional roof fan that is well worth the investment. Its superior performance, convenient features, and reliable rain shield make it the top choice for van life. While there are alternatives available, they generally come with trade-offs in functionality and convenience. Don't compromise on the comfort and convenience that the MaxxFan Deluxe provides during your van life adventures.