The NeueChair by Secretlab: A Review Worth Reading

Are you in the market for a new office chair? Look no further than the NeueChair by Secretlab. Known for their popular line of gaming chairs, Secretlab has now ventured into the world of ergonomic...

Are you in the market for a new office chair? Look no further than the NeueChair by Secretlab. Known for their popular line of gaming chairs, Secretlab has now ventured into the world of ergonomic office chairs with the NeueChair. As an SEO specialist and copywriter, I had the opportunity to test this chair for 14 days, and today I'll be sharing my thoughts and insights with you.

A Closer Look at the NeueChair

Let's start by examining the main specifications of the NeueChair:

  • Mid back, all-mesh design
  • Three layers of polyester fiber and DuPont yarn
  • High-quality mesh upholstery
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Sliding seat depth adjustment
  • 2D armrests with 20-degree pivot

NeueChair Extremely fine, medium firmness mesh that wraps around entire seat

Unparalleled Comfort with the NeueChair

One of the standout features of the NeueChair is its mesh upholstery. Unlike other mesh chairs that can feel scratchy or uncomfortable, the NeueChair's mesh material is incredibly smooth and velvety. It feels like sitting on regular fabric, and it's so comfortable that I've even found myself sitting in my boxers and shirtless at times (apologies for the imagery).

Comparison DXRacer AIR Mesh vs NeueChair Mesh

The mesh upholstery on the NeueChair is made up of three layers of polyester fiber and DuPont yarn, resulting in a tight weave and a smooth texture. Secretlab has put this material through rigorous testing, and it has passed all ASTM tensile and tearing strength tests with flying colors. So not only is it comfortable, but it's also durable.

Innovative Features and Easy Adjustments

The NeueChair comes with a range of high-end features that you would expect from a chair in this price range. The tilting mechanism allows you to lock the backrest at any angle between 85 and 130 degrees, with a special "Focus Mode" at 85 degrees that helps you stay focused on your work. The lumbar support is adjustable both in height and depth, providing personalized comfort. The sliding seat depth adjustment allows you to find the perfect fit, and the 2D armrests provide flexibility for different tasks.

ShiftControls ShiftControls to lock/unlock the backrest and adjust the seat height

What truly sets the NeueChair apart is its innovative ControlShift feature. Located on the underside of the armrests, these controls allow you to easily adjust the backrest tilt and seat height without ever having to leave your seat. It's like having paddle shifters in a sports car, making adjustments effortless and convenient throughout the day.

Room for Improvement

After spending two weeks with the NeueChair, there are a couple of areas that stood out to me as potential areas for improvement. Firstly, the lack of a headrest by default is a downside for a chair in this price range. While Secretlab does offer a headrest as an accessory, it comes at an additional cost of $100. Secondly, the armrests could be better implemented. They don't come up high enough, and adjusting their height can be frustrating. Additionally, they only offer 2D adjustments and lack the ability to adjust for width or length.

Comparing the NeueChair

If you're familiar with the Quantum Pro 9000, one of my favorite mid back mesh chairs, you might be wondering how the NeueChair compares. Both chairs offer exceptional build quality and aesthetic appeal, but there are some key differences. The NeueChair is about $150 more expensive than the Quantum Pro 9000. However, it offers a more comfortable mesh sensation and a more robust backrest recline. On the other hand, the Quantum Pro 9000 excels in its larger dimensions, making it a better choice for those who need more space and support.

NeueChair vs Secretlab Titan Evo

Another comparison worth considering is the NeueChair vs Secretlab's flagship gaming chair, the Titan Evo. While these chairs belong to different categories, comfort and value are still important factors to consider. With the addition of the headrest attachment, the NeueChair is on par with the Titan Evo in terms of comfort. However, when it comes to value, the Titan Evo offers more for your money. With a lower price point and additional features like magnetic neck pillows, it provides a complete package.

Should You Choose the NeueChair?

The NeueChair by Secretlab offers unparalleled comfort with its high-quality mesh upholstery. If you have sensitive skin, this chair will be more comfortable than most mesh chairs on the market. However, it's not the perfect chair for everyone. The high price and smaller size may not be ideal for individuals over 200 lbs or 6'1". Additionally, the lack of a headrest by default can be a drawback. There are other options available that may better suit different needs and budgets.

In conclusion, the NeueChair provides exceptional comfort and innovative features, making it a worthy contender in the world of ergonomic office chairs.