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How to Create the Perfect Bedroom: A Comprehensive Guide

Redecorating your bedroom can feel like a daunting task, but with the right guidance, it can become an enjoyable and rewarding experience. In this handy checklist, we will cover every aspect of bedroom decoration, offering...


Redecorating your bedroom can feel like a daunting task, but with the right guidance, it can become an enjoyable and rewarding experience. In this handy checklist, we will cover every aspect of bedroom decoration, offering valuable insights from design experts. Let's dive in and create the perfect space for your sleep!

Your Bedroom is Your Story

Your bedroom should be a true reflection of your personality and a reflection of your life's story. Don't worry about following trends, instead focus on finding things that you truly enjoy. Whether it's bright colors, pastels, whites and greys, or patterns, choose ideas that resonate with you. Your bedroom will continue to evolve as you explore what works for you. The process of redecorating is just as important as the end result. Live in it, interact with it, and love it!

To tell your story, select unique pieces that bring the space to life and make it yours. Pieces that have a story of their own or represent a part of your story will create an authentic interior that is completely unique to you.

Colors and Mood


Color can greatly affect your mood, so when choosing a color palette for your bedroom, think about how you want to feel rather than following color trends. Don't shy away from darker tones as they can create an intimate and sophisticated atmosphere, which are both desirable qualities in a bedroom. If you prefer a brighter and airy space, opt for lighter colors with color pops in accessories to add a fun element.

Remember that light also plays a role in how we perceive color. A south-facing room will have a warm light, making colors appear yellower. Conversely, a north-facing room will have a cooler blue hue. Experiment with warm tones in north-facing rooms to balance out the coolness.

The Bed and Mattress

Consider your bed as the focal point of your room. It should be positioned along the largest solid wall and diagonally across from the door. This placement ensures that your bed is in a commanding position with a view of the door. Avoid placing your bed against an external wall or window to avoid drafts and chills. If you're sharing the bed, make sure you can access it from both sides. If the bed is all yours, feel free to push it into a corner and create a cozy nook.

Choosing the right mattress is crucial for a good night's sleep. Take the time to try out different options and read reviews. Remember that mattresses are not one-size-fits-all. Find a mattress that suits your comfort preferences and sleep needs.

Maximizing Storage Space


Storage is essential in any bedroom, especially when space is limited. Utilize underbed storage options such as baskets or trunks that can slide neatly underneath the bed, keeping them hidden from view. Bed skirts or valances can also help conceal the mess under your bed.

Walls and Windows

When it comes to walls, you have several options. Wallpaper can add complexity, pattern, and color to your room, but it can be more expensive than paint. Paint, on the other hand, offers a wide range of color choices at a more affordable price. Consider your preferences and budget when deciding between the two.


When it comes to curtains, they can instantly add coziness to your bedroom. Extend the curtain rod past each side of the glass and above the top of the frame to create the illusion of wider windows. Ensure that the curtains clear the window to let in as much light as possible. Double curtain rods allow you to control lighting levels depending on the time of year and your mood. Alternatively, blinds are a more affordable and low-maintenance option.


Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the mood in your bedroom. Consider having multiple light sources, such as bedside lamps, a floor lamp, and wall lighting. Create a visually interesting space by balancing functional and ambient lighting. Position your bedside lights to provide directional task lighting for reading, while your floor lamp can provide ambient glow. Adjust the light levels to suit different activities and moods.

Flooring and Rugs


The flooring you choose can instantly transform your bedroom. Carpets offer comfort and warmth, making them perfect for stepping out of bed in the morning. Sisal and Jute carpets are eco-friendly options that provide both design and luxury.

If you prefer a low-maintenance option, timber flooring is a great choice. It adds warmth to the room and is easier to keep clean, especially with children and pets. Consider alternative patterns like chevron to make a bold statement.

Rugs are a great addition to timber flooring. They can anchor the bed and tie in the rest of the room decor. Depending on your bed's layout, choose a rug that surrounds the lower two-thirds of the bed or place a smaller rug to the side or foot of the bed for balance.

Wardrobes and Dressing Tables

When arranging your bedroom, strive for balance. Position your furniture along different walls to create a harmonious feel. Place your dressing table near a window to have natural light for getting ready. Offset this by positioning your wardrobe on the opposite wall. Built-in wardrobes offer practicality and customization options to suit your style and storage needs.

Art and Mirrors


Art and mirrors are excellent ways to add personality and depth to your bedroom. A central focal point above the bed, surrounded by accent pieces on the perimeter walls, can create a relaxing retreat. Use picture shelves and ledges to display photos and artwork. Position your art at eye level between 145-150cm from the floor for maximum impact. Mirrors can be incorporated into storage or used as a focal wall feature, creating the illusion of extra space.

Plants, Candles, and More

Positioning plants in your bedroom is a balance between their needs and yours. Choose leafy plants that enjoy sunlight if you want to place them near a window. Don't hesitate to go big with plants, as they add height and disrupt the horizontal furniture line. Cluster plants together for visual appeal.

Candles add ambiance and a calming effect to your bedroom. Place them on a tiled hearth or in a hollow fireplace to create a decorative effect. Scented candles further enhance the tranquil atmosphere.

Additionally, consider adding personal touches like photos, frames, and chairs to make your bedroom feel cozy and inviting. Select linen and throws that match the season and your mood, as they can change the feel of your bedroom.

A Comprehensive Checklist

We've compiled a comprehensive checklist to guide you through the process of redecorating your bedroom. Make sure to consider the following elements:

  • Bed and Mattress
  • Walls (Paint or Wallpaper)
  • Lighting
  • Flooring and Rugs
  • Curtains or Blinds
  • Storage (Wardrobes, Dressing Tables, Bedside Tables, Underbed Drawers, Bookshelves)
  • Decoration (Plants, Mirrors, Art, Candles, Photos/Frames)
  • Pillows and Comforter
  • Linens (Pillowcases, Duvet, Duvet Cover, Bed Sheets, Valance/Bed Skirt, Quilt/Throws)
  • Chairs
  • Loveseat or Ottoman


We've also created a printable image of the checklist for your convenience. You can either print it from the low-resolution image above or sign up for our mailing list to receive a high-resolution version.


Creating the perfect bedroom requires careful consideration and attention to detail. By following this comprehensive guide, you can transform your bedroom into a space that reflects your personality and provides the comfort you deserve. Remember to enjoy the process and let your bedroom evolve with you. Happy decorating!

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