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How to Embrace the Timeless Charm of Craftsman Style Homes

If you have a deep love for homes with soul, then you're going to appreciate the vintage charm of craftsman style homes. These historical treasures have a unique character that simply can't be replicated in...

If you have a deep love for homes with soul, then you're going to appreciate the vintage charm of craftsman style homes. These historical treasures have a unique character that simply can't be replicated in modern builds. In this article, we'll explore the key elements that make craftsman style homes so special and provide you with tips on how to design and restore them in a way that honors their history while still making them feel fresh and inviting.

Embrace the Natural Beauty of Wood

One of the defining features of craftsman style homes is their use of wood, particularly in their intricate moldings and accents. Instead of covering up the wood with paint or high gloss finishes, consider bringing it back to its natural state. This allows the wood to shine and adds warmth and texture to the space. Embracing the natural beauty of the wood not only honors the craftsmanship of the home but also creates a visually stunning focal point.

Image Wall color | brass ceiling lights

Choose Light or Dark Wall Colors

When it comes to painting a craftsman style home, there are two main color palettes to consider: light or dark. Lighter colors like white or light gray, preferably in cooler tones, create a sense of brightness and openness, while still allowing the wood accents to stand out. On the other hand, deeper, darker colors can add drama and sophistication to the space, creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Whichever color palette you choose, make sure it complements the natural wood tones and creates a high contrast to make the wood accents pop.

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Highlight Architectural Details

Craftsman style homes are known for their unique architectural details, such as arches, exposed beams, and intricate stair railings. To enhance the beauty of these features, consider highlighting them with paint. Choosing a contrasting color for these architectural moments can create a visual impact and make the wood accents stand out even more. By painting these details, you elevate the entire home and turn ordinary elements into wow moments.

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Balance Traditional with Unexpected Decor

To add a modern twist to your craftsman style home, don't be afraid to incorporate unexpected and eclectic decor. Mixing traditional elements with contemporary pieces can create a unique and personalized look. For example, a vintage rug paired with a cool mint wicker desk or a standout sofa can add personality and visual interest. The key is to choose decor that complements the color palette and natural textures of your home, creating a harmonious blend of old and new.

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Keep Kitchens and Bathrooms Classic

While it's fun to experiment with decor in other areas of the home, it's best to keep kitchens and bathrooms in a craftsman style home classic and timeless. Opt for finishes and materials that would have been used during the time the home was built. Think marble countertops, soapstone sinks, and real wood cabinets. By choosing classic elements, you ensure that your kitchen and bathroom will never feel out of place and will stand the test of time.

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Select Light Fixtures in Line with the House Style

When it comes to choosing light fixtures for your craftsman style home, opt for ones that are in line with the overall style of the house. Modern traditional light fixtures work best, as they maintain the vintage aesthetic while adding a touch of contemporary elegance. By selecting light fixtures that complement the home's style, you create a cohesive and visually pleasing look throughout the space.

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Add Character with Fun Wallpaper

While paint colors are generally kept light or dark in craftsman style homes, wallpaper can be a great way to add personality and character. Choose patterns that have a nostalgic feel or opt for textured wallpaper to create visual interest without straying too far from the vintage aesthetic. Just make sure the wallpaper complements the overall color palette and style of the home for a cohesive look.

Image wallpaper | faucet | door knob | vintage semi-flush mount (similar)

Craftsman style homes are a true testament to the beauty of design history. By embracing their unique characteristics and incorporating modern touches, you can create a home that celebrates the past while remaining relevant and inviting in the present. So go ahead, let your creativity flow, and bring out the timeless charm of your craftsman style home.