How to Get New Clients as a Real Estate Photographer

Are you a real estate photographer looking to attract new clients? With the right strategies, you can take your business to new heights and enjoy a steady income in this ever-expanding field. From agents to...

Are you a real estate photographer looking to attract new clients? With the right strategies, you can take your business to new heights and enjoy a steady income in this ever-expanding field. From agents to private sellers, there are plenty of opportunities to land gigs and grow your client base. In this article, we will explore 12 effective tips and industry insights to help you find and attract new clients, ultimately taking your real estate photography business to the next level.

Research Your Competition

To become the top real estate photographer in your area, it's important to know who you're up against. Take the time to dive deep into your competitors' product offerings. Study their websites and browse their social media accounts to understand why they are successful. Additionally, join local real estate directories and analyze different listings in your area. Look at the top-ranked listings to gain insight into what works and what doesn't. Building personal connections with agents through social media, email marketing, and office visits can also be beneficial in establishing yourself as a trusted real estate photographer.

Real Estate Photographer Website by PhotoUp Real Estate Photographer Website by PhotoUp

Build an Impressive Online Portfolio and Offer Free Photography

Having a captivating online portfolio or real estate photographer website is crucial for showcasing your work, generating client interest, and securing more bookings. Ensure that your portfolio includes perfectly lit and edited photos that highlight the beauty of each property. Consider adding an "About Me" page with contact details to make it easy for potential clients to find and book your services. Initially, you may need to offer free photography services or shoot properties at below-market rates to build a solid portfolio.

Real Estate Photographer Website by PhotoUp Real Estate Photographer Website by PhotoUp

Polish Your Photography Skills

To succeed as a real estate photographer, you need to continuously improve your craft. Hone your skills by practicing shooting interiors and exteriors of properties, ensuring every shot showcases top-notch quality. Consider expanding your offerings by exploring drone photography or 360° images, as they can provide potential clients with a better sense of your capabilities. Stunning visuals play a pivotal role in capturing potential buyers' attention, so don't be afraid to show off your talent.

How to Get Clients as a Real Estate Photographer

Contact Real Estate Agents Directly

While cold calling can be intimidating, it shouldn't deter you from reaching out to potential clients. Identify local agents who may require professional photography services by looking at listings for properties with a significant amount of activity. These agents will likely be too busy to take their own photos, making them great candidates for hiring a professional photographer. When contacting realtors, keep the conversation brief, friendly, and highlight how your high-quality photography can help sell listings or close deals faster. Remember, starting with friends or family members who are real estate agents can be a great way to gain experience and build your network.

Contact Real Estate Agents Directly

Present at a Local Brokerage

Although it may require some courage, presenting your services at a local brokerage can be highly effective. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation, bring along some refreshments, and ask for a few minutes to introduce yourself and showcase your work. Find out if there are regular meetings where all the agents gather and request an opportunity to make connections. Even if you don't secure immediate clients, you'll gain valuable exposure and possibly build relationships that will benefit you in the long run.

Ask for Client Referrals

Word-of-mouth referrals can work wonders for growing your real estate photography business. Start by reaching out to family and friends, letting them know that you're looking for referrals. Offer incentives to current clients, such as discounts on future shoots, for recommending your services. Reconnecting with past agents can also help rebuild connections and remind them of your exceptional photography skills.

Post Your Photos on Social Media and Be Open for Feedback

Continuous improvement is crucial in any profession. Stay open to criticism and advice, and use social media as a platform to showcase your work, start conversations, and even book clients. You may be surprised to discover how well-connected you are to realtors or agents in your area. Through social media, you can engage with potential clients and build your reputation as an industry expert.

Search Engine Optimize Your Website

Optimizing your website for search engines is vital for potential clients to find you online quickly. Keep your website up to date with valuable content that engages readers, as this will improve your website's ranking in search engine results. Consider using real estate photographer websites or single property websites that offer user-friendly SEO tools, allowing you to create beautiful portfolios and listings that enhance visitors' experiences.

Single Property Website by PhotoUp Single Property Website by PhotoUp

Create Branded Business Cards and Flyers

Stand out from the competition by having eye-catching marketing collateral such as business cards and flyers. Incorporate stunning shots from your portfolio to highlight your photography skills. Don't forget to include contact details, making it easy for potential customers to get in touch with you.

Real Estate Flyer by PhotoUp Real Estate Flyer by PhotoUp

Attend Open Houses

Open houses provide an excellent opportunity to expand your network and connect with local agents and realtors. Dress professionally, bring business cards, and showcase marketing materials that highlight your unique skills as a photographer. Consider setting up meetings with agents or potential clients at open houses to personalize your approach and showcase your work in person.

Create Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are a powerful tool for staying top-of-mind with your audience. Use newsletters to showcase your latest projects and offer valuable advice as an industry expert. Strive for a blend of personal approach and professional insight, ensuring that each newsletter provides fresh insights and an easy way for readers to book your services.

Use Paid Advertisement

Consider investing in paid advertisements such as Google Adwords or Facebook Ads. By targeting specific audiences and crafting ads that resonate with their interests, you can drive traffic to your online portfolio and attract new clients. Well-crafted advertisements can effectively connect potential clients with the services you offer.

Before: Original Image Before: Original Image

After: Real Estate Photo Editing by PhotoUp After: Real Estate Photo Editing by PhotoUp

To attract more clients, it's important to make your real estate photography stand out from the competition. PhotoUp, with over 10 years of experience, can help you create stunning real estate photos that capture buyers' attention. Their team of expert photo editors can handle any editing job, big or small, for affordable prices starting at $1.15 per image. In addition to photo editing, PhotoUp offers a range of other services such as virtual staging, video editing, real estate photographer websites, and more. With their user-friendly software, you can easily upload and receive photos, communicate with team members and clients, and store final images. Sign up for a free PhotoUp account to experience high-quality editing and elevate your real estate photography business.

These 12 tips and strategies will help you attract new clients as a real estate photographer. With dedication, perseverance, and a commitment to excellence, you can establish yourself as a trusted professional in the industry. Remember to continuously improve your skills, leverage the power of social media, and make use of various marketing techniques to reach and engage potential clients. By following these strategies and using services like PhotoUp, you'll be well on your way to achieving success in the competitive world of real estate photography.

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