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Your Luckiest Days: A Zodiac Guide

Identify your luckiest days! Aries March 21 - April 19 Mars rules Aries and Tuesday, infusing them with positive aggression. Tuesdays are the perfect day to tie up loose ends and proceed with the things...

Identify your luckiest days!


March 21 - April 19

Mars rules Aries and Tuesday, infusing them with positive aggression. Tuesdays are the perfect day to tie up loose ends and proceed with the things initiated on Monday. Need to start something new? Make sure it's thoroughly planned. Tuesdays are ideal for workouts and organizing your home and workplace. Enhance your luck by adding any shade of red to your outfit.

Lucky Days Calendar for Aries Image Source: sanaulac.vn


April 20 - May 20

Friday, the day ruled by sensual Venus, is a day to slow down, enjoy life, and indulge in guilty pleasures. It's also a great day for mending fences and strengthening relationships. Introduce bright green and red to your outfit to attract luck on Fridays.


May 21 - June 20

Wednesday is the day of duality, reflecting the nature of Gemini. Ruled by Mercury, it's a day for communication, negotiations, and establishing new contacts. It's also perfect for catching up with missed emails and doing activities like yoga. Dress in bright blues and deep violet to enhance luck on Wednesdays.


June 21 - July 22

For Cancer representatives, Mondays hold a lot of potential. Ruled by the dreamy Moon, Mondays tap into your sensitivity and intuition. Use this day to follow your hunches and make fresh starts. Deep blues and white in your outfit, along with pearls, coral, or sapphire jewelry, will boost your luck on Mondays.

Lucky Days Calendar for Cancer Image Source: sanaulac.vn


July 23 - August 22

Sundays, ruled by the confident sun, make people born under Leo feel luckier. It's a day filled with creative energy and an opportunity for self-indulgence or quality time with family. Embrace warm hues like red, yellow, saffron, and canary to channel the energy of the sun. Wearing gold or diamonds will also recharge your batteries on Sundays.


August 23 - September 22

Wednesdays are the lucky days for Virgo reps. Ruled by Mercury, this day correlates with intelligence and flexibility. It's perfect for assessing plans, making new contacts, and signing contracts. Start a sport or add opals, agates, and purple items to your outfit to boost your luck on Wednesdays.


September 23 - October 23

Libra people feel luckier on Fridays, ruled by Venus. Plan activities that focus on establishing new contacts or strengthening relationships. Fridays are also great for improving your love life. Introduce green and red to your outfit, wear jade and diamonds, and watch your luck soar.

Lucky Days Calendar for Libra Image Source: sanaulac.vn


October 24 - November 22

Scorpio people draw energy from Tuesdays. This day is all about assertiveness and intuition. Trust your instincts and make fresh starts on Tuesdays. Add the vibrant color of red to your outfit, wear ruby and carnelian, and embrace your confident self.


November 23 - December 21

Thursdays, ruled by lucky Jupiter, present opportunities for personal growth and financial improvement. Finalize deals, make investments, or work out a budgeting strategy on Thursdays. Dress in orange-red, navy blue, lemon yellow, and attract luck by wearing amethyst and lapis lazuli.


December 22 - January 19

Saturday, ruled by Saturn, is the luckiest day for Capricorn representatives. It radiates the energy of completion and achievement. Use Saturdays for housekeeping activities, working on projects around the house, and planning budgeting strategies. Dress in dark hues like black, brown, and deep blue. Onyx and obsidian will further boost your vital energies on Saturdays.

Lucky Days Calendar for Capricorn Image Source: sanaulac.vn


January 20 - February 19

Aquarius is a Wednesday zodiac sign. It's a day to assess what has been done and what is yet to be done. Perfect for mending fences and networking, Wednesdays are also great for dealing with legal paperwork and making agreements. Introduce deep blue or purple items to your outfit, wear opals and agates, and ensure your business deals go smoothly.


February 20 - March 20

Pisces is a Thursday zodiac sign, governed by Saturn. It's a day of optimism and generosity, perfect for personal and professional growth. Learn new things, work on a budgeting or asset protection plan, and expand your wisdom on Thursdays. Attract luck by adding blues and yellows to your outfit. Lapis lazuli and turquoise jewelry will also enhance your luck.

Remember, understanding your lucky days can add a touch of excitement and intentionality to your life. Embrace the energies of each day, dress accordingly, and let the universe guide you to your greatest achievements.

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