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Luxury Real Estate Trends: What's Hot in Florida's Upmarket Neighborhoods

From avant-garde houses to villas and mansions, Florida's luxury real estate market is all about extravagance through bespoke designs and exotic charm. The architectural style overlaps from Mediterranean to modernist to transitional - blending the...

From avant-garde houses to villas and mansions, Florida's luxury real estate market is all about extravagance through bespoke designs and exotic charm. The architectural style overlaps from Mediterranean to modernist to transitional - blending the past and present in harmony. No matter how distinct a house is from another, the housing market showcases specific trends catered to the clientele, ranging from design, accessibility, location, and safety.

Top 4 Trends in Florida's Upmarket Neighborhoods

1. High Security

The staggering price points of Florida's high-end real estate often stem from heavy security, not just the property's size and construction. The rich and famous prefer to live in intimate gated communities with 24/7 surveillance rather than a mansion with multiple openings for intruders. These luxurious residential properties have a few features in common: controlled access points, high fencing, surveillance systems, and a private security force. Guests and maintenance workers require approval before making an entry and are escorted by security personnel to the designated house. Moreover, the Homeowner's Association (HOA) manages garbage and package delivery to limit outsiders' access.

Upscale condos offer extensive security and privacy protection, including key cards to access communal amenities and password-protected private elevators. In addition to Burglary/Theft Detection Systems (BDS) and Security Cameras, these condominium complexes have Carbon Monoxide Alarms to ensure the safety of residents on higher levels. The HOA also conducts drills and workshops to prepare residents for emergencies such as fire or gas hazards and burglaries.

2. Transitional Design

Luxurious residential properties in Florida capitalize on the state's sun and wind through transitional designs that bring the outdoor spaces inside. These designs incorporate necessary weatherproofing techniques, making the outdoor space the center of the house. Contemporary homes feature large windows and window walls that embrace biophilic architecture and natural construction elements such as glass, wood, stone, mud, iron, and earthy color tones. While many houses draw inspiration from Mediterranean architecture, designers incorporate modern minimalism and compact layouts to accommodate modern amenities.

Luxury Real Estate Trends Luxury Real Estate Trends in Florida's Upmarket Neighborhoods

These chic properties prioritize features such as massive walk-in closets, home gyms, and professional-grade kitchens with double islands, state-of-the-art appliances, and bar settings that rival five-star hotels. Given that affluent residents often host large social gatherings, sprawling living and dining areas become attractive features for luxury homebuyers.

3. Accessibility and Comfort for Retirees

With the upcoming silver tsunami in the housing market and the love for Florida's warm, sunny climate among boomers, new communities are designing accessible houses for affluent retirees. These houses focus on comfort and convenience, featuring single-story designs for properties exceeding 2100 sqft. They also include extra-wide lounging zones on the second floor and wheelchair-accessible expansive corridors. Additionally, some neighborhoods offer spare bedrooms on the ground floor of two-story houses, perfect for accommodating permanent caregivers.

Upmarket neighborhoods in Florida also provide premium household and communal facilities such as championship golf courses, private marinas, clubhouses, and resort-inspired self-care amenities. Elderly residents can enjoy spa-inspired bathrooms with hydrotherapy showers, jacuzzis, massages, and saunas within the comfort of their homes. Luxury communities also come with dedicated property managers who take care of both indoor and outdoor maintenance, addressing the challenges that come with property upkeep for older residents.

4. Lakefront Homes

While Florida's exclusive waterfront houses were once synonymous with beachside properties, modern communities are now situated near lakes. These lakefront homes offer panoramic water views without the rush and noise of beach parties, providing residents with enhanced privacy. Unlike beach houses, lakefront properties face minimal damage from natural disasters, salt, wind, and sun. Residents do not have to evacuate to shelters during hurricanes and receive protective measures against flooding. Lakefront houses also provide ample space and square footage, unlike clustered beach houses that prioritize prime real estate. Homeowners can fit everything they need, from home offices to spas, making these properties highly desirable in the luxury housing market.


When it comes to luxury real estate, Florida is a pioneer, thanks to its stunning coastline and architectural elegance. Seaviews and McMansions have become styles of the past, replaced by modernist houses that feature meeting rooms, spas, running tracks, mini-golf zones, offices, and even personal marinas. Millionaires are flocking to the sunny state, and the trends in the luxury real estate market reflect what they are looking for in a residential property. As individuals embrace tranquility and the concept of "extra large everything," luxury homes in Florida continue to impress and cater to the desires of discerning buyers.