Master the Feng Shui Approach on Bedroom Art: Do’s and Don’ts

Your bedroom is the most important area of your home. It's where you relax and let your guard down. Creating a beautiful and cozy bedroom can have a significant impact on your sleep and romance....

Your bedroom is the most important area of your home. It's where you relax and let your guard down. Creating a beautiful and cozy bedroom can have a significant impact on your sleep and romance. So, it's crucial to be mindful of everything you put into this space because you'll be spending most of your time here.

Even though your bedroom is rarely seen by visitors, it still deserves some pampering. Placing artworks in your bedroom can make it visually pleasing and bring good energy that enhances your love life and abundance. However, you need to be careful in choosing the art because the wrong choice can ruin your mood and relationships.

So, what should you do and what should you avoid when it comes to placing artworks in your bedroom?

What You Should Do

When selecting artwork for your bedroom, consider how it can affect you. Here are some artwork ideas to consider based on the effect you desire:

1. For Long-lasting Love

If you're married or in a relationship, these artworks are perfect for you:

  • Pair of Birds (or Mandarin Ducks): Birds symbolize marriage and love. They are believed to be messengers sent down to lovers from the moon. You can choose bird artworks like Mandarin Ducks, which are considered good for married couple's bedrooms. If you prefer figurines, you can opt for rose quartz ones to place on your bedside table.

Mandarin Ducks Image source

  • Swans: Swans are a romantic symbol and often used as cake topper decorations. Hanging artwork depicting two kissing swans at the top of your headboard not only brings feng shui benefits but also adds symmetry and appeal to your bedroom.

Swans Image source

  • Golden Double Happiness Plaque: This gold-plated plaque symbolizes feng shui love. It features two Chinese characters arranged side by side, representing marriage happiness. The golden accent adds elegance to your bedroom.

Golden Double Happiness Plaque Image source

2. For Finding Love

If you're single and hoping to find love, these artworks are ideal for you:

  • Pair of Elephants: Feng shui suggests having a ceramic depiction of two elephants in your bedroom to attract a faithful lover. Ensure the trunk is trumpeting up and have the elephants in different colors, such as black and white.

Pair of Elephants

  • Red Peonies: Hang a beautiful picture of red peonies in the southwest corner of your bedroom to attract your soulmate.

  • Peach Blossom Animal Luck: Using a peach blossom animal figurine in your bedroom is said to help you find your soulmate. Select a figurine without any flaws and place it according to the guidelines.

Peach Blossom Animal

3. For Your Self Comfort

Consider the following for your personal comfort:

  • An Art That Resonates with You: Choose artwork that makes you feel good. It should be something you love because you'll be looking at it every day. Your art can affect your mood and demeanor.

  • Less is More: Avoid overcrowding your bedroom with art. Having fewer pieces creates a cozier environment.

  • Choose the Right Color Scheme: Select artwork that matches the color scheme of your bedroom. Harmonize the colors to create a relaxing atmosphere. Avoid vibrant or clashing colors that can provoke emotional outbursts.

What You Should Not Do

Certain restrictions apply when choosing artwork for your bedroom according to feng shui. Avoid the following:

  1. Artwork of Water Images: Pictures of swans and fish are generally good for your bedroom, but avoid images with gushing water like waterfalls and fast streams. Motionless water images can be acceptable.

  2. Lonely-looking Images: Avoid displaying pictures that depict loneliness if you're looking for love and romance. Also, don't hang a painting or artwork that you don't like, as it can affect your mood and sleep quality.

  3. Dried Flowers and Herbs: Despite the modern trend, feng shui advises against using dried flowers as bedroom ornaments. They carry a dead energy that could impact your health and relationships.

  4. Pictures of Cats: Unfortunately, cat lovers should not hang cat pictures in the bedroom according to Feng Shui. It can bring about disaster or theft.

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