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Modern Family Room and Playroom Combo Design

Our family room and playroom combo design is complete, or at least almost. Designing a room online and seeing it come to life is a fun experience. From the moment we moved in, the family...

Our family room and playroom combo design is complete, or at least almost. Designing a room online and seeing it come to life is a fun experience. From the moment we moved in, the family room has been a work in progress. Take a look at the before pictures to see how far we've come.

Before Pictures

Unlike other rooms in our home, I couldn't envision the end goal for this space because I didn't know its purpose. However, over time, we made some upgrades. We removed the curtains, wallpaper, and most of the dark wood. We also replaced the carpet and sliding glass door. These changes made a significant difference, but the room still didn't feel finished.

After 3.5 years of living in this house, I finally decided to create a real plan for the family room. The best way to visualize the space was through a 3D digital design.

3D Digital Design 3D Digital Design 3D Digital Design

How can I combine a living room and playroom?

We decided that our family room would serve as a shared space, functioning as both a family room and a playroom. Planning the room became much easier once we established its purpose. Dividing the room into different sections was especially helpful. Here's what we incorporated:

  • A place to store toys
  • Conversational seating for adult entertainment
  • Built-in storage and shelves for books and crafts
  • Room for a piano

Room Sections

Living in a smaller home meant we couldn't designate an entire room just for toys. Therefore, we needed a room that was kid-friendly while still being suitable for adults. Emptying the room and creating a 3D digital design allowed us to bring our ideas to life.

How can I make my living room kid-friendly?

When planning a kid-friendly living room, it's essential to consider your children's needs. Here are a few tips:

  • Indoor swings: They add a playful touch without looking childish. Indoor swings can be enjoyed by both kids and adults, offering extra seating during large gatherings.
  • Built-in storage: This not only looks great but also helps hide children's craft supplies and games.
  • Baskets: Use baskets to contain and organize toys, making it easier to put them away at the end of the day.
  • Display breakables up off the floor: Floating shelves are perfect for showcasing plants and sentimental items safely.

Kid-Friendly Living Room

How do I organize toys in a living room?

Organizing kids' toys can be overwhelming, but here are some tips to make it easier:

  1. Toss anything broken.
  2. Get rid of anything with missing parts.
  3. Donate any unused toys.
  4. Donate duplicates.
  5. Let each child pick a few favorites.
  6. Donate or store anything left over.

If you find it difficult to donate toys or want to keep some for future children or grandchildren, store them in bins in the basement or attic.

Toy Organization

Remember, it's crucial not to clutter the space. Giving kids enough room to store and play with their toys helps keep things organized. Having a place for everything ensures that your kids can easily put things away when they're done playing.

Enjoy the process of transforming your living room and playroom combo, and may it bring your family peace and joy!


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