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Property Trends in Pakistan That Are Revolutionizing the Industry

Pakistan's real estate market is undergoing a transformative phase, with new trends reshaping the industry. As the country's major cities become hotspots for property investments, sustainable infrastructure models are being adopted to prevent urban sprawl...

Pakistan's real estate market is undergoing a transformative phase, with new trends reshaping the industry. As the country's major cities become hotspots for property investments, sustainable infrastructure models are being adopted to prevent urban sprawl and promote vertical cities. Prime Minister Imran Khan's vision aligns with sustainable development strategies, emphasizing the need for intelligently planned high-rise buildings to optimize land usage and preserve the natural environment.

Top Real Estate Trends in Pakistan in 2022

Here are the most popular real estate trends in Pakistan that have gained approval and enthusiasm from property investors and industry stakeholders.

High-rise Buildings

Karachi, the country's largest city, is now home to some of the tallest buildings in Pakistan. The city's skyline is transforming rapidly, with high-rise construction now permitted in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. This trend appeals to millennials who prefer the affordability and low maintenance of apartments. The rise in high-rise construction has also boosted the construction and development sectors, creating new employment opportunities.

top real estate trends in Pakistan Hottest property trends to look out for in 2022

Mixed-use Developments

Mixed-use developments, which combine commercial, residential, and corporate spaces, have gained significant popularity in Pakistan. These projects provide indoor facilities and a secure environment, making them attractive options for urban dwellers. Lahore, the second-largest city, is a hotspot for mixed-use construction, with numerous such buildings under construction. Zameen Developments' Zameen Ace Mall project in Islamabad exemplifies the potential of mixed-use developments for sustainable urbanism.

mixed use developments have a promising future in Pakistan A mega project like Zameen Ace Mall promises a bright future for mixed-use developments in Pakistan

Gated Communities

Gated residential communities are thriving in Pakistan, with Bahria Town leading the way in creating modern and serene residential settlements. These communities offer state-of-the-art living experiences, attracting investors and stakeholders. Etihad Town in Lahore and Etihad Garden in Rahim Yar Khan exemplify the increasing popularity of gated housing societies, offering modern amenities and facilities.

Gated Communities in Pakistan Gated communities in Pakistan provide people with state-of-the-art lifestyles

Low-cost Housing Schemes

To address the housing shortage, the government of Pakistan launched the Naya Pakistan Housing Project (NPHP), aiming to construct five million affordable housing units. Prefabricated homes, constructed in factories and then transferred to their sites, are also gaining momentum in solving the housing crisis. These developments offer economical solutions and attract international contractors interested in utilizing the latest construction technologies.

Low-cost Housing in Pakistan NPHP is a low-cost housing scheme introduced by the government to address the shortfall of housing units in the country

Villa-style Homes

Villa-style homes are now being constructed in various housing schemes across Pakistan. These homes, designed with contemporary layouts, offer secure environments and luxurious living experiences on a budget. They contribute to aesthetically pleasing urban arrangements and cater to the evolving preferences of homeowners.

Villa-style homes in Pakistan Ultramodern villa-style homes are being developed in Pakistan these days

Hotel/Serviced Apartments

Hotel apartments and serviced apartments are a rapidly emerging trend in Pakistan's real estate market. These properties offer resort-like living experiences with fully furnished spaces and top-notch concierge services. Many property developments across the country now feature hotel apartments managed by renowned names in the hospitality industry.

Buying a hotel apartment in Mall 35 Mall 35 is a mixed-use project in Rawalpindi offering high-end hotel apartments


The concept of townhouses, which promote sustainable urban development, is now gaining traction in Pakistan. These properties feature multiple stories within a small footprint and foster a sense of community living. Townhouses offer modern living experiences and are ideal for small families.

Street View of Alma Townhomes Townhouses give a residential scheme an ultramodern look and promote community living

In conclusion, these property trends in Pakistan are revolutionizing the real estate sector and modernizing cities. Investors and homeowners have opportunities to embrace sustainable development, affordability, and luxurious living experiences. Stay updated with Zameen Blog for the latest property guides and real estate blogs in Pakistan.