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Real Estate Videography Pricing: How Much is Fair to Pay?

Real estate video has revolutionized the way properties are marketed. Gone are the days of static photos and printed listings. In today's digital age, captivating videos have become the go-to strategy for attracting potential buyers....

Real estate video has revolutionized the way properties are marketed. Gone are the days of static photos and printed listings. In today's digital age, captivating videos have become the go-to strategy for attracting potential buyers. But how much should you expect to pay for real estate videography? Let's delve into the world of real estate videography pricing and find out.

What is Real Estate Videography?

Real estate videography involves capturing stunning visuals and creating compelling videos to showcase properties. It's not just about pointing and shooting; professional videography and photography require expertise and time-consuming post-production work.

According to a study by Biteable, real estate listings with videography experience a 400% increase in interest and a 300% increase in traffic. This surge in demand means that real estate videography services often come at a premium.

There are two primary types of real estate videography: walkthroughs and aerial footage. Walkthroughs involve capturing the essence of a property through a combination of photos and videos, while aerial footage provides unique perspectives using drones and aerial photography.

What's the Average Price for Real Estate Videography?

Real estate videography pricing is slightly higher than that of real estate photography. The complexity and advanced technology involved significantly influence the cost.

As a general rule of thumb, you can expect to pay around $100 to $200 per hour for the services of a photographer or videographer. A simple listing shoot may cost around $100 to $200, while a video shoot could range from $200 to $500.

For larger luxury properties or properties in remote areas, the price may increase to $1,500 per listing. Extensive editing or the creation of commercials may also warrant higher pricing. Remember, you get what you pay for, so investing in quality videography can make a significant impact.

What Affects Real Estate Videography Pricing?

Several factors influence real estate videography pricing. The amount of footage you require plays a significant role. More footage means more editing work, which translates into higher costs. Additionally, add-ons like 3D walkthroughs or ongoing support may incur extra charges.

To find the right videographer at the right price, it's essential to shop around and ask for referrals. Comparing portfolios can give you an apples-to-apples comparison and help you make an informed decision.

Can You Hire a Non-Real Estate Videographer?

While it might be tempting to work with a general videographer to save costs, hiring a specialized real estate videographer offers distinct advantages. These professionals understand the nuances of the real estate industry and know exactly how to capture the essence of a property.

When hiring a real estate videographer, you can assess their portfolio to gauge their expertise and compare their work with your requirements. It's a safer bet than relying on videographers who primarily focus on other niches.

Is Real Estate Videography Worth It?

Determining whether real estate videography is worth the investment depends on your specific circumstances. The goal of real estate photography and videography is to sell properties faster and more effectively. Assessing the competition and what other agents in your area are doing can help you make an informed decision.

For many agents, real estate videos become an integral part of their brand. High-quality videos can set you apart from other agents and leave a lasting impression on potential buyers. It's challenging to quantify the value of a brand, but real estate videography has the potential to elevate your business to new heights.

Can You Do Your Own Video Production?

For certain listings, you might consider doing your own video production to save costs. With readily available technology, many real estate agents successfully create their own videos and photos using smartphones or tablets. Basic editing skills are essential in such cases.

However, for high-value properties or more complex requirements like 3D tours, engaging a professional videographer might be the best option. It's a delicate balance between knowing when to handle your own marketing and when to bring in a professional.

Do You Need Videography for Your Listings?

Real estate videography prices vary depending on your location, with prices typically higher in major cities. Not every listing requires video tours or aerial footage. Smaller properties may suffice with a few photos, while larger luxury properties benefit from virtual tours.

Ultimately, the decision to invest in videography depends on your specific circumstances. Consider your target market, assess the competition, and weigh the costs against the potential benefits.

In conclusion, real estate videography pricing varies based on factors like the complexity of the shoot, the amount of editing required, and the expertise of the videographer. While you can explore the option of doing it yourself, hiring a specialized real estate videographer can elevate your listings and attract more buyers. So, consider your needs, budget, and the value of your brand when deciding whether to invest in real estate videography.