Retro Interior Design: Embracing Vintage Style in Your Home

Fantastic news, vintage lovers: retro-style décor and furniture are making a comeback! Embracing the charm of the past, retro interior design adds personality and pizzazz to any home. What was once seen as old eventually...

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Fantastic news, vintage lovers: retro-style décor and furniture are making a comeback! Embracing the charm of the past, retro interior design adds personality and pizzazz to any home. What was once seen as old eventually becomes fresh and new again. In this guide, we will explore how you can incorporate retro interior design into your contemporary space.

Retro Interior Design 101

Retro interior design - Michelle B Image: Vintage-style interior design by Decorilla designer, Michelle B.

Modern retro interior design is an eclectic mix of vintage and contemporary features. It combines the interior design trends of the past with a touch of the present. The term primarily refers to the mid-century modern and postmodern periods, spanning from the 1950s to the 1980s. Each era within this timeframe has its own unique style of furniture, décor, patterns, and color schemes.

Vintage-Style Décor Ideas for Each Decade

Vintage style decor in an eclectic living room - Amy C Image: Eclectic retro interior design by Decorilla designer, Amy C.

Creating a stunning retro interior is simple when you know which décor and furniture to use. Let's explore some tips for each decade:

Classic 50s Retro Interior Design

50s style living room design - Casey H Image: 50s-style living room design by Decorilla designer, Casey H.

The 50s was an exciting time for interior design, with Scandinavian furniture and pastel colors taking center stage. To create a 50s-style living room or interior, incorporate vintage décor and reproduction pieces. Consider iconic furniture like the Eames chair and ottoman, and add a touch of nostalgia with pastel-colored kitchen appliances and funky patterned wallpaper. Lighting also played a significant role, so choose dynamic and abstract designs that capture the essence of the era.

Top Retro 60s Interior Design Ideas

60s retro living room interior - Sonia C Image: 60s retro interior living room by Decorilla designer, Sonia C.

The 60s brought groovy and space-age vibes to interior design. To achieve a contemporary interpretation of this era, consider the following tips:

  • Incorporate the CH07 Shell Chair, a sleek and iconic design by Hans J. Wegner.
  • Add plenty of indoor plants to capture the vintage-style home decor of the 60s.
  • Roll out a bar cart for a mobile and stylish addition to your living room.
  • Embrace the art of macramé with ready-made wall hangings or create your own.

Funky 70s Interior Design Ideas

Kitchen with retro style decor - Decorilla Image: Kitchen featuring retro-style décor by Decorilla designer, Susan W.

The 70s were all about cheerful colors, bold prints, and maximalism. To bring the 70s retro vibe into your space:

  • Incorporate hanging chairs, a symbol of carefree 70s living.
  • Add shaggy accents such as pillows, area rugs, and faux fur throws.
  • Consider terrazzo, a unique and eye-catching material for floors and countertops.
  • Embrace linoleum flooring, which has made a comeback with tasteful 70s-inspired prints.

Bold 80s Retro Interior Design Ideas

Cafe with a retro interior design - Shofy D Image: 80s retro lounge interior by Decorilla designer, Shofy D.

The 80s were bold and wild in terms of interior design. To channel the 80s vibe without going overboard:

  • The Circle Chair, another iconic design by Hans J. Wegner, is the ultimate 80s interior must-have.
  • Transparent furnishings made of acrylic or lucite can create a clean and roomy feel.
  • Incorporate pops of neon colors and neon signs for a fun retro atmosphere.
  • Combine tropical prints or indoor plants with neon accents for some Miami Vice vibes.

Need Help with Vintage-Style Décor?

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