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The Best Residential Architects in Arizona: A Showcase of Unique Designs

Arizona is known for its stunning landscapes and natural wonders. It's no wonder that residents in this beautiful state seek out unique and contemporary homes that blend seamlessly with the surroundings. In this article, we...

Arizona is known for its stunning landscapes and natural wonders. It's no wonder that residents in this beautiful state seek out unique and contemporary homes that blend seamlessly with the surroundings. In this article, we will showcase 15 of the best residential architects in Arizona who have created outstanding homes and spaces.

Ibarra Rosano Design Architects

Located in Tucson, Ibarra Rosano Design Architects is led by Teresa Rosano and Luis Ibarra. With their comprehensive range of architectural services, they showcase expertise in various designs. Rosano, a Tucson native, has gained recognition as one of Arizona's leading practitioners. Ibarra, a graduate of the University of Arizona College of Architecture, brings socially and environmentally responsible methods to the firm's projects.

Ibarra Rosano Design Architects Levin Residence by Ibarra Rosano Design Architects

Kendle Design Collaborative

Based in Scottsdale, Kendle Design Collaborative is renowned for its sleek modern designs. Brent Kendle, along with his senior team of architects and designers, creates cutting-edge homes. Inspired by the works of Frank Lloyd Wright, Kendle combines old-school techniques with state-of-the-art technology.

Kendle Design Collaborative Bird's Nest Residence by Kendle Design Collaborative

Urban Design Associates

Urban Design Associates excels in creating stunning homes in Scottsdale and Phoenix communities. With over four decades of experience, Principal Architect Jessica Hutchison-Rough leads the team in providing comprehensive residential architecture services. The firm's contemporary design sense, blended with their signature Organic Pueblo style, has earned them numerous awards and distinctions.

Urban Design Associates Prairie Pine Residence by Urban Design Associates

Robinette Architects

Robinette Architects, led by Ron Robinette, is a Tucson-based firm with over 40 years of industry experience. The company specializes in full-service architectural design, interior design, and landscape design. With a commitment to serving their clients' needs, they have completed over 350 projects throughout Southern Arizona.

Robinette Architects Nestled Desert Home by Robinette Architects

PHX Architecture - Erik B. Peterson

PHX Architecture's expertise shines in luxury residential projects, clubhouses, and hospitality designs. The firm combines form and functionality, using a blend of architectural vernaculars. Their contemporary and modern designs have been featured in prestigious publications.

PHX Architecture Desert Mountain Residence by PHX Architecture

HK Associates Inc. Architecture

HK Associates is an award-winning firm that prioritizes sustainable materials and innovative approaches. Founded by Kathy Hancox and Michael Kothke, the firm has gained experience working with internationally recognized architecture firms. Their portfolio showcases a wide range of architectural vernaculars and stunning designs.

HK Associates Inc. Architecture Canyon House by HK Associates Inc. Architecture

180 Degrees Design + Build

With a comprehensive design-build approach, 180 Degrees Design + Build offers high-end custom residential designs and remodels. The firm takes care of every aspect of the process, providing a seamless experience for homeowners. Their projects prioritize indoor-outdoor living and capture the breathtaking landscapes of Arizona.

180 Degrees Design + Build Modern Spacious Home by 180 Degrees Design + Build

Drewett Works

Located in Old Town Scottsdale, Drewett Works is one of the most awarded and published architecture firms in the area. The boutique firm specializes in luxury residential and end-user commercial building projects. Their attention to detail, use of high-end finishes, and extensive experience create exceptional homes and spaces.

Drewett Works Ritz Carlton Estate Homes by Drewett Works

Soloway Designs

Soloway Designs is consistently recognized as one of Arizona's leading architectural firms. Led by founder Marc Soloway, the firm specializes in luxury residential and commercial projects. With over a thousand completed projects, Soloway Designs delivers impressive architecture and interior design services.

Soloway Designs Oro Valley Home by Soloway Designs

Candelaria Design Associates

Candelaria Design extends its services throughout Arizona, California, and across the nation. Their collaborative and client-centered approach creates immersive travel experiences and exceptional homes. Led by Mark Candelaria and his talented team, the firm has gained recognition for their personalized designs.

Candelaria Design Associates Arcadia Home by Candelaria Design Associates

Integrated Design, LLC

Integrated Design is a small firm that offers full-service architecture services. With their integrated collaborative process, they create both traditional and modern architecture. Their projects range from custom residential designs to commercial tenant improvements, showcasing their versatility and expertise.

Integrated Design, LLC Arcadia Home by Integrated Design, LLC

KQ Architects

KQ Architects excels not only in residential projects but also in healthcare and commercial designs. Their integrated approach and sustainability practices ensure efficient and sustainable projects. With a strong reputation and over four decades of experience, KQ Architects delivers high-quality designs.

KQ Architects Maricopa County Home by KQ Architects

Seaver Franks Architects

Seaver Franks Architects, based in Tucson, specializes in both commercial and residential projects. Their extensive regional experience allows them to create spaces that are responsive to the surroundings. Their portfolio includes planned resorts, offices, casinos, and stunning homes.

Seaver Franks Architects Pima Canyon Estate by Seaver Franks Architects

Higgins Architects

Led by Michael Higgins, Higgins Architects operates in Arizona and California. With over five decades of experience, Higgins is an expert in a wide variety of disciplines and architectural vernaculars. Their portfolio includes high-end hotels, luxury resorts, and exclusive developments.

Higgins Architects Arcadia Home by Higgins Architects

RJ Bacon Consulting & Design

RJ Bacon Consulting & Design, headed by Bob Bacon, brings over five decades of industry experience to the table. The firm specializes in community planning, architecture, engineering, and real estate development. With a strong reputation and a keen eye for detail, they have worked on various high-end projects.

RJ Bacon Consulting & Design Windmill Neighborhood by RJ Bacon Consulting & Design

Each of these architects brings their unique vision and expertise to create extraordinary homes and spaces. Whether you're looking for sleek modern designs, sustainable architecture, or regional-inspired masterpieces, Arizona has some of the best architects to turn your dream into a reality.