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The Future of Delaware: Reshaping the State with Exciting Residential Projects

If you happen to drive through the lands south of the canal in New Castle County, you might be enticed to believe that the entire state of Delaware is undergoing a significant transformation. It seems...

The big residential projects that will reshape Delaware

If you happen to drive through the lands south of the canal in New Castle County, you might be enticed to believe that the entire state of Delaware is undergoing a significant transformation. It seems like every corner is either up for rent, for sale, or under construction. Delaware is on the brink of a major makeover, and some massive residential projects are leading the way.

Middletown's Housing Boom and Its Ripple Effect

The Middletown area has become a hotspot for residential development. With the influx of new residents, the demand for retail, grocery stores, and restaurants has skyrocketed, leading to a complete transformation of the area. This housing explosion is undoubtedly one of the most influential developments that is reshaping Delaware's landscape.

The Buccini/Pollin Group's luxury housing in downtown Wilmington

However, Middletown is not the only area undergoing significant changes. The Buccini/Pollin Group, one of Delaware's largest developers, is making its mark on downtown Wilmington. Multiple high-rises are currently under construction, bringing a wave of luxury housing and adding hundreds of residents to the already bustling downtown corridor. Additionally, the long-debated lands of the Brandywine Country Club may soon be transformed into a housing development, accommodating hundreds of new residents.

A Sussex County Residential Boom

While northern Delaware takes center stage, Sussex County is not lagging behind in terms of residential growth. With its rapidly growing population and a surge in residential construction permits, Sussex County is poised to become a driving force in Delaware's residential expansion.

The proposed Brandywine Country Club housing development

So, what are some of the most noteworthy housing projects that will shape Delaware's future? Let's take a closer look:

Brandywine Country Club: Finalizing Future Plans

The proposed housing development at the closed Brandywine Country Club has been in the works for over a year. While construction plans are yet to be finalized, the project by Capano Residential aims to create a community consisting of 300 single-family homes, townhomes, and apartments. The plan also includes allocating land to Brandywine School District for an early education center. Despite some delays in the variance and rezoning processes, the completion of this project is anticipated in early 2024.

The Press, a luxury residential complex in downtown Wilmington

Buccini/Pollin Group's Downtown Wilmington Transformation

Having already made a remarkable impact on downtown Wilmington, the Buccini/Pollin Group continues its relentless pursuit of reshaping the city's landscape. More than 1,900 apartments have been constructed since 2000. In the near future, an additional 500 apartments are expected to be added to the city's skyline. The development at The News Journal site, known as "The Press," will feature a stunning 14-story high-rise accompanied by a four-story brick residential building. The project will offer a wide range of apartment options, catering to different lifestyle preferences.

AstraZeneca Campus: Paving the Way for Mixed-Use Projects

The development at the AstraZeneca campus on Concord Pike is entering its second phase. This $400 million project, called Avenue North, includes a 12-story office tower, 12 new buildings, and 360 apartments. The developers, Delle Donne & Associates, have already secured early tenants such as Brew Haha and Blk Ops Fitness. This mixed-use project promises to create a vibrant and modern community.

Residential housing proposal by Diamond Port Property LLC

The Southbridge Warehouse Project: A New Residential Complex

Developer Diamond Port Property has revised its long-embattled plan to build warehouses along the Christina River in Wilmington's Southbridge neighborhood. Now, the proposal includes a substantial residential complex in place of one of the warehouses. Though still in the conceptual stage, the housing project aims to enhance the area and provide an attractive living space for future residents.

Newark's Apartment Boom

Newark, too, is experiencing a surge in apartment projects. Among the significant developments, The Continental stands out. This six-story, 190-unit apartment building will replace the Continental Court apartments and University Commons townhomes. The project is geared towards students and will offer an internal parking garage for convenience.

The proposed The Continental apartment building in Newark

Development at Avon Property: Creating a New Destination

The former Avon Products distribution facility near Newark is set to undergo a significant transformation. Plans include constructing apartments, restaurants, retail, and office space while preserving the facade of the Avon building. The Granary at Draper Farm, proposed by Reybold Venture Group, envisions a lively community with amenities such as a pool, gym, and clubhouse.

Dover's Evolving Landscape

Dover, the state's capital, is not to be overlooked. Two large apartment projects are already in the pipeline, bringing over 400 new units to the area. Patel College Properties plans to construct two six-story apartment buildings near Delaware State University. On the other hand, the Downtown Dover Partnership aims to revitalize the "old Acme site" and transform it into a mixed-use complex, featuring apartments, a small-scale grocery store, and other amenities.

Lewes and the Zwaanendael Farm Development

Lewes, known for its scenic beauty, will soon see a 267-unit housing development and an office complex take shape. Zwaanendael Farm, one of the last remaining farmland parcels, received approval for a mixed-use plan. The project by Chesapeake Realty Partners aims to create a harmonious blend of residential and commercial spaces, enhancing the area's appeal.

Claymont's Iconic Steak Shop Takes on New Heights

In Claymont, the iconic 57-year-old Claymont Steak Shop is set to undergo a major transformation. The owners, Basil and Demi Kollias, plan to demolish the old building and rebuild a brand new mixed-use complex in its place. The project will include two three-story mixed-use buildings, housing apartments and parking space. This development aligns with the town's overall vision for Claymont's growth.

Elevation plans for the new mixed-use development in Claymont

As Delaware looks ahead to the future, these residential projects are at the forefront of the state's transformation. With each development, Delaware's landscape evolves, offering new opportunities for residents, businesses, and visitors alike. The state is eager to embrace these changes and create a vibrant and dynamic future for all who call Delaware home.

Original article by Brandon Holveck and Matthew Korfhage, Delaware Online.