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The Calm Interiors: Embracing the Essence of Wabi Sabi | CanvasInc

An Inspiring Blend of Peace and Serenity Editor’s Note: ‘Melange’- a varied mixture of styles. Something that is seeped in this abode, be it the gentle use of pastels in the bedroom or the extrovert...

An Inspiring Blend of Peace and Serenity

Editor’s Note: ‘Melange’- a varied mixture of styles. Something that is seeped in this abode, be it the gentle use of pastels in the bedroom or the extrovert layer of terrazzo on the kitchen walls. The tinted glass windows have a fresh set of dialogues with the open plan, while the brick wall is a star element along with the dark teal-colored console. The living room is an expanse of a peaceful haven filled with the sensorial fragrance of frangipani. - Nishal Sevak (Co-Editor)

White walls, beige flooring, and wooden finishes are the prime elements of the famous Japanese interior style known as "Wabi Sabi." The calm interiors of this house take inspiration from Wabi Sabi elements to create a soothing and tranquil atmosphere.

The Welcoming Entrance

The existing narrow entrance has been transformed by removing kitchen walls and shifting the kitchen inwards. This change has created a spacious entrance foyer with a decorative ceiling light that sets the ambiance. The storage cabinets flanking the kitchen entrance feature a pastel beige color at the bottom and mirror shutters with geometric patterns on top. These cabinets serve as multifunctional storage units, with bottom halves for shoe storage and top halves for miscellaneous storage and a bar.

Image Entrance Foyer

The wall separating the kitchen and the living dining area has been replaced with a teak wood finished sliding partition, featuring colorful tinted glass panels. This partition rests on a gray quartz breakfast counter with a ridged terrazzo stone cladding at the bottom. This open design allows natural light to flood through the living room window, blurring the lines between the living and kitchen areas and visually expanding the L-shaped living dining area. The breakfast counter doubles as a serving and bar counter during house parties.

Image Living Dining Area

The living area features a soothing beige color tone that compliments the colorful tinted glass panels of the sliding partition. Teak wood elements in the ceiling and the sofa back wall add a fresh and timeless touch with a hint of Wabi Sabi feel.

Image Soothing Living Area

The Versatile Den Room

The den room serves as a multifunctional space, acting as a home office, kids' play area, entertainment room, and home workout room. The exposed brick wall of the entertainment unit adds a timeless and minimalistic design element to the house.

A Playful Haven for Kids

The kids' room features a blue wall complemented by black and white wallpaper on the opposite wall. This combination creates a fresh and vibrant space for the little ones. The wardrobe shutters, finished in white back-painted glass, provide a canvas for the kids to scribble and explore their creativity without damaging the wall paints.

Image Kids' Room

Mastering the Art of Tranquility

The owner's love for the Wabi Sabi look is reflected in the design of the master bedroom. The use of beige color tones, along with wooden furniture, fabric for the headboard, and a corner armchair, creates a serene and calming atmosphere. The arch and ribbed paneling behind the bed, along with the undulated niche paneling on the opposite side, add a Zen and Wabi Sabi vibe.

Image Master Bedroom

Overall, every corner and room of this house exudes a calming and clutter-free vibe, which is essential in our chaotic modern lives. Our homes are meant to be a place of tranquility and rejuvenation, and this seamless, soothing, and timeless space perfectly caters to those needs.

Image Tranquil Space

Fact File

  • Designed by: CanvasInc
  • Project Type: Residential Interior Design
  • Project Name: Melange House
  • Location: Kandivali East, Mumbai
  • Duration of the project: 2.5 Months
  • Project Size: 1200 Sq.ft
  • Principal Designer: Bijal Chawda
  • Photograph Courtesy: Noaidwin Sttudio

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In the pursuit of a serene and welcoming home, CanvasInc has successfully captured the essence of Wabi Sabi, creating spaces that nurture the mind, body, and soul.