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The Top Log Garage Kits: 8 Models to Suit Every Budget

Whether you're looking to add a log cabin garage to your property or prefer the idea of a garage built from logs, there are numerous options available to you. The versatility that log garages offer...

Whether you're looking to add a log cabin garage to your property or prefer the idea of a garage built from logs, there are numerous options available to you. The versatility that log garages offer is endless, whether you need additional storage space or want to create a guest house. Here, we present eight log garage kits that suit every budget, ranging from small one-bay garages to larger two-bay garages with workshop areas.

Design Tips for Log Garage Kits

What Will it be Used For?

Consider the purpose of your garage and the different ways you plan to use it. Whether you need space for car storage, a workshop, a guest house, or even a games room, understanding your needs will help you determine the number of car bays, the need for bathroom or kitchen facilities, the desired number of levels, and whether a high pitched roof for extra storage is necessary.

How Big is the Site?

The size of your land will dictate the size of the log garage kit. If you have limited space, your options for garage size will be restricted. Conversely, if you have ample space, you can design a garage as large as you need. On average, a one-bay garage measures 20 x 24 square feet, a two-bay garage is typically around 24 x 26 square feet, and a three-bay garage can be even larger. Consider the soil type of your land to ensure appropriate foundations.

Which Direction Do you Want it to Face?

When planning your garage's orientation, consider factors such as easy access points for your car and driveway and whether you want a walk-in access door. Placement of windows is also important, as natural light can enhance the functionality of the garage if used for purposes beyond parking cars.

Real Logs or Log Siding?

When choosing a log garage kit, determine whether the company offers solid logs or log siding. Solid log kits are constructed using horizontal logs, while log siding kits use log siding to create the appearance of a log cabin. If matching your home's log profile is essential, ensure the company can provide the materials you desire.

8 Log Garage Kits

Two Car Garage

Brooks Garage (c) Brooks Garage - Katahdin Cedar Log Homes This two-car garage measures 36 by 24 square feet and complements traditional log homes built with square logs. The first floor features two car bays, a workshop, and a bathroom, with a bonus room on the second floor. Ample light enters the second level through large windows.

Ranch Roof Two Car Garage

Ranch Roof Garage (c) Lok N Logs Lok N Logs offers this ranch roof garage kit in two sizes: 24 x 26 square feet and 24 x 24 square feet. The lodge-like appearance is achieved by using solid log walls up until the gable wall, which is finished with log siding. Multiple log profiles are available to suit your preferences.

Large Garage with Additional Workshop

Large Garage With Workshop (c) Appalachian Log Structures This workshop garage, measuring 28 x 42 square feet, offers two bays and an additional front entry door leading directly into the workshop area. Built entirely with solid logs, it is an excellent addition to any home and provides storage space for tools and materials during the log cabin construction process.

Office Log Garage Kit

Office Garage (c) Free Log Homes This space-saving garage doubles as an office away from home, a games room, or even a self-contained apartment. It features a large two-bay garage (720 square feet) and an office space (280 square feet). The second level offers an open-plan living area, a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, a bedroom, and a full bath.

One Car Garage

One Car Garage (c) Coventry Log Homes With a footprint of only 280 square feet, this one-bay garage is the smallest on the list. It can be built with full logs for a traditional log cabin feel or log siding for a more cost-effective option. The garage features three main windows and side and front doors for easy access.

Garage with Loft

Garage with Loft (c) Lazarus Log Homes Lazarus Log Homes offers high-quality log kits at affordable prices. This garage, constructed with 10-inch profile log siding, provides ample space for two cars or a small RV and offers additional storage in the loft area. While garage doors are not included, customization options are available.

High Roof Garage

High Roof Garage (c) Zook Cabins Zook Cabins offers prefab garages made in sections and customized to your requirements. Their high roof garages feature attic space, higher walls, and larger garage doors. Crafted by skilled Amish carpenters, these garages boast fine quality craftsmanship and can be assembled on-site within three days.

Haywood Guest House Garage

Haywood Guest House (c) Tar River Log Homes Haywood Guest House is a two-story log garage kit that offers a fully self-contained living area on the upper level. With an open-plan living room, dining space, kitchen, and bedroom, this guest house is ideal for various purposes, such as accommodating older parents or serving as a holiday home or space for relaxation. The first floor measures 864 square feet, while the second floor offers an additional 654 square feet, providing a total of 1518 square feet of usable space.

What Is Included in Log Garage Kits?

Most log garage kits include pre-cut, dried, and treated logs necessary for building the garage walls, along with a clear construction manual, roof materials, and caulk. It's important to check the kit's contents before purchasing, as some packages may not include doors and windows. Additional items to consider include:

  • Log Wall System
  • Subfloor
  • Windows and Doors
  • Roof System
  • Interior Stud Walls
  • Caulk/Stain
  • Locks

How Much Does a Kit Cost?

The most cost-effective approach to purchasing log garage kits is to buy them together with your log cabin home, as this often comes with a discount. If buying them separately, choosing log siding over full logs can help reduce costs. On average, log garage kits can cost $55 per square foot for the shell, while log siding kits average around $42 per square foot. Prices may vary depending on your location, log type, and the specific package you choose.

Choosing the Right Company

When selecting a log cabin company, it's important to consider their credibility and reputation. Here are some key questions to ask:

  1. Are they registered with an association? Registration ensures compliance with building standards and indicates a commitment to quality.
  2. Do they offer on-site assistance or installation services? A company that provides installation assistance demonstrates a dedication to customer support.
  3. Are the logs graded or stamped? Graded or stamped logs guarantee adherence to strict trade standards and ensure the use of premium materials.
  4. Do they offer a warranty? Most companies should provide a minimum 10-year warranty with a maintenance schedule caveat.
  5. Can you see examples of their past builds and speak with previous clients? Positive relationships with past clients indicate good customer service and satisfaction.

Thoroughly research each company before making a decision. Remember, if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is!

Did You Find Your Perfect Garage Kit?

Log cabin garages are a fantastic addition to any property, whether you have a log cabin home or want to enhance the aesthetics of another construction type. With endless possibilities, from car storage to luxurious retreats, log garages offer both practicality and charm. Consider a full log garage for high-quality construction or log siding for a more affordable option. For further information on the different types of log cabin garages available, check out our article on Log Cabin Garage Types. If you have any questions or would like to share your thoughts on these garages, we'd love to hear from you!