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4 Most Powerful Single Property Websites for Realtors

Are you in search of the most powerful single property websites for Realtors that will not only help sell a listing faster but also fetch top dollar? In this article, we will introduce you to...

Are you in search of the most powerful single property websites for Realtors that will not only help sell a listing faster but also fetch top dollar? In this article, we will introduce you to four exceptional single property websites that Realtors can use to market their listings, attract hot leads, and sell homes at premium rates.

What Is a Single Property Listing Website?

A single property website is a specialized real estate website or landing page with a unique URL dedicated to showcasing a particular listing. It provides an opportunity to display an unlimited number of images, videos, 3D tours, floor plans, and other detailed information about the property. Single property websites are especially useful for luxury properties or unique listings that require exclusive marketing to highlight their special features.

These websites serve multiple purposes. They allow Realtors, agents, and sellers to fully showcase their listings and attract serious homebuyers who are willing to pay premium prices. Furthermore, single property websites help agents increase their value for clients and reduce competition from the MLS (Multiple Listing Service).

Typical features found on a single property website include a lead capture form to collect homebuyer leads, the agent's contact information and profile photo or company logo, mortgage calculators, Google Maps and social media integration, downloadable digital flyers, unique property URLs with SEO features, floor plans, virtual staging images, 3D tours, home walk-through videos, drone photography, and clear calls-to-action to schedule viewings.

Now, let's dive into the four most powerful single property websites for Realtors.

4 Most Powerful Single Property Websites for Realtors

  1. PhotoUp Single Property Websites

PhotoUp Single Property Websites PhotoUp Single Property Websites

PhotoUp offers the most powerful and user-friendly single property websites in the industry. They excel in real estate photo editing, virtual staging, floor plans, video editing, property flyers, custom house portraits, virtual assistants, and more. Their website builder is not only visually appealing but also easy to use and customize. Moreover, PhotoUp's single property websites come with SEO features to boost your online visibility and search engine rankings. According to statistics, single listing sites can drive 55% more traffic to your listings.

With six professional template designs/themes to choose from, PhotoUp single property websites are perfect for showcasing high-end luxury listings.

Price: PhotoUp offers 10 free credits upon signup, which can be used to create a single property website for free or applied to any other service. Additionally, you'll receive a matching property flyer for free.

  1. Single Property Sites

Single Property Sites

Single Property Sites is another notable service, albeit with a slightly less attention to detail compared to others. It is commonly favored by homeowners selling without a listing agent or brokers focusing on rental listings or holiday homes. The website's dominance of text makes it less user-friendly for marketing real estate. However, it offers a free trial where you can present your listing to prospective buyers through their system before deciding to publish it. The platform's monthly subscription fee depends on the number of active listings.

Price: Monthly fees start at $12 per month per active listing, with the unit cost decreasing with each additional active website in your bundle.

  1. Listings Unlimited

Listings Unlimited

Listings Unlimited offers many interesting features for Realtors and brokers. Their mobile lead capture tool allows professionals to capture mobile leads by providing homebuyers the option to text for more information about a listed home. This platform is primarily geared towards Realtors with a strong mobile and social media presence. While their sites are easy to create using classic templates, color schemes, and headers, they may not be ideal for showcasing high-end luxury listings.

Price: Listings Unlimited provides a free 14-day trial period, followed by a monthly fee of $24.95, which includes 25 properties.

  1. CribFlyer


CribFlyer boasts a well-designed website and a range of interesting features for users while building a site. The platform is responsive, visually pleasing, and focuses on helping brokers swiftly create numerous sites. However, CribFlyer's website builder may not pay as much attention to detail as some of the smaller, more niche services.

Price: CribFlyer offers property websites starting at $7 per month and reduces the cost slightly as you add more properties. For example, sites featuring five properties will cost $25 per month.

The PhotoUp Advantage

Using single property websites, such as PhotoUp's, can enhance your professional image as a Realtor and demonstrate your willingness to go the extra mile for clients in order to sell their homes. These visually striking and exclusive websites can attract more buyers and potentially increase the overall sale price. Furthermore, single property websites allow you to build brand awareness by adding your contact information, photo or logo, a brief description, and links to your social media networks and website.

Get started with PhotoUp today and create captivating and exclusive property websites that will help you sell your listings faster and at premium rates. Best of all, you can even get a website for free!

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