The Ultimate Guide for Great Realtor Headshots in 2024

Are you a realtor looking to update your headshot for the new year? Your professional photo is an essential part of your branding and can have a significant impact on how potential clients perceive you....

Are you a realtor looking to update your headshot for the new year? Your professional photo is an essential part of your branding and can have a significant impact on how potential clients perceive you. In this ultimate guide, we will provide you with valuable insights on what to wear, how to style your hair and makeup, and tips for a successful photoshoot.

What To Wear For Real Estate Headshots

Choosing the right outfit for your real estate headshots can make a world of difference. While everyone has their own unique style, sticking to some simple guidelines can help you make the best choice. To ensure you have plenty of options, bring three to four professional business outfits to your session. Consult with your photographer for their recommendations based on your personal style.

When selecting your clothing, aim for solid colors and avoid heavy patterns or prints. Your face should be the focal point, and distracting clothing or jewelry can take away from that connection with potential clients. Keep your jewelry minimal or avoid it altogether. Remember, your headshot is a reflection of your branding and the first impression people will have of you.

While shoes may not be visible in your headshot, wearing a pair that makes you feel confident can help boost your overall demeanor during the photoshoot. If you'll be walking around during the session, opt for comfortable shoes. It's essential to wear an outfit that aligns with your brand and what you would typically wear when meeting clients. This builds trust and authenticity.

Consider the weather if you're shooting your headshot outdoors. Different locations have varying climates, and looking cold or uncomfortable in your photo is not ideal. If you're shooting in a professional studio, you have more flexibility with color choices. However, shooting outside can introduce a green color cast from the grass or leaves, so seek advice from your photographer.

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Hair And Makeup For Pictures

When it comes to hair and makeup for your headshot, it's essential to strike a balance between looking polished and maintaining your natural appearance. Your headshot should still resemble you in real life. Avoid over-the-top makeup that may not align with your everyday look. Instead, opt for a realistic and simple version of yourself. If you're unsure, a professional makeup artist can provide expert guidance.

If you choose to do your own makeup, focus on enhancing your features without altering your appearance drastically. Fake lashes and lash extensions can open up your eyes in the photo, but be mindful of choosing ones that are too thick or glamorous. Remember, the goal is to look like the best version of yourself, not someone else.

One often overlooked detail is the whites of your eyes. Red or blood-shot eyes can negatively impact your image, and editing them out may not always be possible. To brighten your eyes, consider using specific eye drops like Lumify. These drops not only whiten the whites of your eyes but also reduce redness around the eye area. Applying them before your session can make your eyes appear clearer and more prominent.

Another common concern is flyaways in your hair, especially for those with dark or light hair. Editing out flyaways can be time-consuming and may not always yield perfect results. To avoid this, use a clear eyebrow gel. Lightly run the gel over the flyaways before stepping in front of the camera, and they will be held down without being weighed down. This simple trick can ensure your hair looks neat and polished in your headshots.

Day Of Photoshoot Tips for Your Professional Profile Photo

Preparing for your photoshoot is crucial to ensure you look your best and convey the right message. Follow these tips to make the most out of your real estate headshot:

  • Stay out of the sun the day before your session, especially if you plan on having a fake tan. Test any new tanning products well in advance to avoid unexpected results.
  • Get enough sleep the night before your photoshoot to look well-rested and refreshed.
  • Plan your outfits well in advance to avoid last-minute stress. Iron and hang your clothes a few days before the shoot. Consider wearing a dress or a blouse for a polished and professional look. Choose colors that complement your skin tone and the environment. It's advisable to have at least one outfit ready before arriving at the photoshoot.
  • Smile in all your photos. Research shows that a genuine smile conveys warmth, approachability, and competence. Practice your smile in front of the mirror, and try giving a silent fake laugh to make it seem more authentic. Remember, a tired smile doesn't look genuine, so bring out your best smile for your headshot.
  • If you have a preferred side for your portraits, communicate this to your photographer before the shoot. Photographing you from your best side can enhance the overall results. Experiment with different hairstyles or parting your hair in a new way to change the perception of your photos.
  • Don't limit yourself to one pose or one outfit. Having multiple poses in various outfits gives you more options to choose from. You can use different headshots for different marketing materials while maintaining consistency in your brand.
  • Stand up straight and maintain good posture. A confident posture signals competence and professionalism, qualities that clients look for in a real estate agent.
  • Avoid a double chin by slightly pushing your head forward and down. This technique defines your jawline and makes you look more attractive and confident. Practice this pose in front of a mirror to see its effect.
  • Relax and trust your photographer. If you've chosen a photographer whose work you admire, have confidence that they know how to capture you in the best light. By being open to their guidance and coaching, you'll feel more relaxed and end up with headshots that truly represent you.

Posing For Your Pictures

A skilled photographer will guide you through poses that flatter you and align with your brand. It's essential to avoid looking stiff or awkward in your headshots, as it can be off-putting to potential clients. When choosing a photographer, look at their previous work to ensure their subjects appear comfortable and approachable.

Avoid pressing your arms against your body, as it can make them look bigger in photos. Maintain good posture with a straight back to convey confidence. Leaning slightly towards the camera can make your photos appear more engaging and friendly. And always remember to smile in every pose, as a warm smile is inviting and helps build rapport with your audience.

By following these tips, you'll be well-prepared to capture professional headshots that authentically represent you as a realtor. Remember, your headshot is an integral part of your personal brand and can make a lasting impression on potential clients. So dress to impress, embrace your natural beauty, and exude confidence in front of the camera.