Toddler Beds For Boys: The Best Options for Your Growing Boy

Toddler beds made especially for boys might sound like a crazy idea, but your young rascal may just welcome the extra space. It's quite a long time since you became a mother to your son,...

Toddler Boy Bed Race Car

Toddler beds made especially for boys might sound like a crazy idea, but your young rascal may just welcome the extra space. It's quite a long time since you became a mother to your son, isn't it? He isn't that small anymore. It feels as if he was in your arms only yesterday, needing constant nursing, care, and attention from you, and now he’s already crawling or walking about on his own. He’s a little ball of energy who keeps zooming around and exploring everything with curious eyes, absorbing the information of the world and asking lots of questions. Whether those questions are intelligible or not is up to him. It’s at this time that you’ll begin to notice that he’s outgrowing everything you’ve bought for him.[^1^]

He’ll start to need new clothes because he’s outgrown his old ones. He’ll start to need new bottles and new pacifiers because the old ones are either too small and don’t fit, or are well-worn (at least the silicone). You’ll even have to start preparing more solid foods as he becomes more receptive to things other than mother’s milk. But one of the most noticeable things you’ll notice is that he’s started to outgrow his baby crib. Now that he’s a bit more mobile, he’s finding the guardrails around the crib much easier to circumvent. It may be time to upgrade.

The 9 Best Toddler Beds For Boys

1. Dream On Me 4 in 1 Aden Convertible Mini Crib, Espresso

An odd place to start when talking about toddler beds for boys, perhaps, but this isn't a regular baby crib. It is, in fact, a convertible crib. One that goes from crib, to toddler bed, to twin size bed, allowing for adjustment and growth along with your child’s. It comes with a set of stationary rails to keep your baby safe as well as the ability to adjust the height of the mattress itself. This allows you to choose what you deem is safest for your child and easiest for you when reaching for your child. The bed frame itself is made out of solid pinewood for proper durability and it comes in a variety of different color finishes. Plus, it is lead-free and non-toxic, of course. I wouldn’t put anything that might be of risk to a child on this list if I could help it. Bear in mind, while it says that all materials for construction are included, this does not include the twin bed mattress. That is sold separately, but you can order it in a package deal.[^2^]

2. Delta Children Canton Toddler Bed

If you’re looking for premium quality at a budget price, then this might be just the bed that you are looking for. Delta Children are known for their high-quality wood beds, which are, of course, free from any lead, BPAs, and phthalates and have passed government and ASTM safety standards. This model is easy to assemble and comes with all the materials required for construction, but again, does require you to order the mattress separately unless you’ve been using the crib version. It comes in two lovely colors, cherry and white, both of which look natural and vibrant - really pleasing to the eyes. Choose the one that best compliments the bedroom decor. The bed shape itself is that of a sleigh toddler bed, ensuring your kid is safe from falling out during their nightly tumbles and turns, while still leaving them room to crawl out of bed if they want to. And if you’re worried about the sturdiness, while it does say that it holds up to 50lbs of weight, you can still lie down with your child if need be - should they get scared or need comfort. Do keep in mind that this doesn’t mean you can just leap on it, though! It’s still 50lbs for a reason.[^3^]

3. Delta Children Plastic Toddler Bed

This is the plastic variant of bed number 2. It has the same shape but swaps the wood out for plastic and steel to allow for a more themed and exciting bed for your little one. And what themes there are, for both boys and girls, although we’re here looking at toddler beds for boys today, so let’s concentrate on those. From Disney Mickey Mouse and Paw Patrol to Spider-Man and the Ninja Turtles, there is so much to choose from. Do keep in mind that if you have a baby girl you can get a Frozen-themed bed or a Minnie Mouse one to match the Mickey bed.[^4^]

4. Dream On Me, Classic Design Toddler Bed

Yet another classic toddler sleigh bed design, the Dream On Me doesn’t fail to impress either. The simple, ergonomic design helps keep your baby healthy throughout their growth period. It’s low to the ground and has a pair of center legs for extra stability, ensuring there is no chance of any serious injuries. If that’s not enough for you though, they also offer added side rails as extra measures of safety - these are sold separately. Another reason this bed tends to shine above some of the others is the sheer amount of different color finishes it comes in, giving you the option to adapt it to any part of your household with no extra bother. That means there is no need for any extra home improvement or the purchasing of any extra kids furniture to match the bed, as you can just do the reverse with the swipe of a mouse. Naturally, it also comes free of any lead, phthalates, and BPAs as well as meeting or even exceeding all of the ASTM and CPSC tests. The one flaw with this bed is that it is quite hard to assemble. That or my friends are just poor at assembly, but I did hear from a handful of them that it is truly a challenge. So leave it to your husband to puzzle over or consider a different one if you’re not a fan of slightly complex bed construction.[^5^]

5. Delta Children Wood Toddler Bed, Disney/Pixar Cars

Now this is a bed that spoke my, or rather, my son’s language. When I was browsing online with my son in my lap, I offered him a wide array of toddler beds that I found on Amazon and let him take his pick. We ended up on this one as it seemed to spark the most joy out of him - so we ended up getting it. And it was a purchase that I didn’t regret. While it does look simple, the Cars themed bed looks like a proper race car. And thanks to the three solid wood sides, I didn’t have to worry about my little one falling out of bed at any given point. Knowing that the finish was free of lead, phthalates, and BPAs also made me feel a lot safer when purchasing it as well as the fact that the bed adheres to all safety regulations. The best part about it was the fact that the stickers lasted a long while. It might have been due to my boy not being the most energetic of kids, but it still does tell you a lot about its quality.[^6^]

6. Big Oshi Contemporary Design Toddler & Kids Bed

A beautiful bed design that resembles the Dream on Me model, but with easier construction compared to the former. Its sleigh bed design, with a curved head and footboard with two side rails, a pair of center legs, and a variety of finishes make for one of the comfiest and safest beds you can purchase in this day and age. The bed itself has been on Amazon’s best sellers list for toddler beds for quite some time, and that in itself should be telling of Big Oshi’s quality. A perfect piece of home decor that fits into nearly any household thanks to the variety of color finishes the bed comes in. As a side-note, the bed itself can support a whopping 120lbs, meaning it is quite sturdy, allowing you to potentially lean on the side of the bed to join your child during story time. Though almost perfect, it does have two minor downsides, one of which many beds seem to come with, and that’s the fact that the mattress doesn’t come with the original purchase and is sold separately. That, and while the bed itself adheres to safety regulations and is phthalate and BPA-free, there are smidgeons of lead in the finish. Albeit non-chemical, is still worth mentioning when you are trying to decide between so many good bed options.[^7^]

7. KidKraft Toddler Houston Bed

A bed that resembles most grown-up beds, KidKraft keeps it simple and trusts that your toddlers are capable of maintaining their safety much more than other brands. While this may sound bad, that doesn’t mean they don’t care about your child. On the contrary, they still have the low to the ground design that other beds carry and still have the side rails, albeit more compact than on other beds of this type. The design itself is constructed of a medium-density fiberboard, which makes it slightly less durable than the hard pinewood ones but somewhat more comfortable. It offers easy assembly and is a steal for the price offered, but that said, it is a budget pick from all the other options. I’ve had fellow moms attest to the quality of the bed, but I have my reservations as I couldn’t live with myself if I had a bed that open. That, and the fact that the mattress is sold separately, although it fits most standard crib mattresses well enough.[^8^]

8. Delta Children Toddler Tent Bed, Disney Mickey Mouse

While you may have gotten sick of me suggesting Delta Children’s beds, it’s no lie that they make quality and creative bed designs. This one is no different as they’ve taken a toddler bed and added a tent atop it - a tent bed if you will. It’s potentially a bit claustrophobic, but the themed design on the tent guarantees the happiness of your dear son and is sure to entertain him throughout the years. Plus, it lets you pretend to go camping with your son so you can teach him about life in the great outdoors for any potential future family outings! The tent is removable if need be and comes with mesh windows and roll-up doors. For an extra dose of safety, it comes without any hard side rails for your child to accidentally hurt himself on should he be jumping on the bed. The two themes on offer currently are Mickey Mouse and Cars, something I wish I had seen before I decided to get the racecar bed, but I’ll have to live with that mistake. And the addition of the tent doesn’t mean that there are any hazardous materials added. The bed is still fully JPMA certified and meets all of the ASTM and CPSC safety regulations, as do all toddler beds on this list. The one bad thing about it is the fact that if your child or someone else applies a bit too much pressure on the tent, it will break. Thankfully, the manufacturer offers replacement parts if such a thing happens. Overall a unique purchase that your little ones are sure to get a lot of mileage out of.[^9^]

9. Graco Benton 4-in-1 Convertible Crib

And last, but definitely not least, is yet another convertible crib bed because their very concept helps save a lot of time, money, and effort for parents. As the name says, it’s a 4-in-1 bed, which allows for conversion from a baby crib to a toddler bed, day bed, and finally a full-size bed depending on your child’s maturity level and rate of growth. There are 3 different mattress heights to allow you to make your own choice in how you’d like your toddler to sleep and where you feel that they’ll be safe should they fall out. It comes in 5 different beautiful color finishes that, while not vibrant, are gender-neutral, so they can be used for both girls and boys without too much fuss. And, as per usual, all of the beds, including the Benton, are made to adhere to all CPSC and ASTM standards, so you don't have to worry about any lack of quality. The only concern, which many convertible cribs share, is the fact that the conversion kit is sold separately along with the mattress, which may inflate the price, but for this bed, I feel that the price is worth it. One of my dear friends used this bed for her two sons, four years apart, and the bed has yet to break at any point despite being used by both of them.[^10^]

Why Get A Toddler Bed Over A Baby Crib?

You might think that a crib is just fine when considering what to get for your little one, but as I previously said, it's way too easy for toddlers to escape from them once they reach a certain age. Plus, they might want a bit of extra space, which is why a toddler bed is perfect. Toddler beds for boys especially are recommended because boys tend to become more active earlier (most of them anyway, in my case, it was the opposite and my daughter was the big ball of energy). Baby cribs also tend to be quite high, and if your growing boy keeps escaping, he might end up hurting himself at some point, which is the last thing you want to see. Toddler beds, on the other hand, are quite low to the ground, so if your child does end up getting out of it, the chances of a severe injury are much lower - a bruise at best. Depending on the type of bed, you can still get the side rails that will prevent your kid from falling out of it. Plus, depending on the bed that you buy, the bed rails can usually be lowered, so your child doesn't have to feel imprisoned, and he'll learn how to get in and out of it properly. Plus, you kind of want to have the crib free in case you're planning on having another baby. Rather than having to buy an extra one (and baby cribs are more expensive than toddler beds oddly, so you'll save some of that baby budget), you can keep your current one and get a toddler bed for the older child. Doing it this way lets them feel like a grown-up and might be a good transition into them forming a more natural bond with a younger sibling by acting as a pseudo caretaker and copying the way you treat their younger brother/sister. As an added note of safety, most toddler beds have extra support from below in the form of a few extra legs to support your child's many energetic episodes. The last thing you want is for the bed to break while they're happily bouncing on the mattress. To add to that, these big-kid beds offer a substantial amount of extra space for your toddlers to toss and turn around. Another great convenience of a toddler bed, especially if you have a fully child-proofed room reserved for them, is that you'll have to get up a lot less when they do transition to one, or at least you'll have more time. Your child will simply be able to get out of the bed themselves without bothering you about having to be picked up and then use their entire bedroom as a source of entertainment. Who knows, they may end up wearing themselves out and heading back to bed without even waking you. Or, at the very least, give you more time to sleep before they start calling for you. Plus, if they're sufficiently potty trained and they have access to the bathroom, this might be a great way to let them become a bit more independent and less reliant on you. This will help in preventing any unnecessary clinging that may lead to separation anxiety down the line and will let them feel more accomplished about themselves. As you can see, there are plenty of reasons as to why one might consider grabbing a toddler bed for boys and girls alike over sticking with a baby crib. But, in the end, you have to make the best choice for your family. Still, do consider all of these facts before you decide what to do, especially considering the many types of kids beds out there.

Types Of Toddler Beds For Boys

Boy Toddler in Bed

  1. Toddler day beds - These beds tend to come with three full sides and a side that’s either open fully or has a retractable side rail for when it’s bedtime. (Not all do, so if you care about it, make sure to pay attention to what you’re buying.) A neat design if you or your kids want to use it as a place to lounge during non-sleeping hours.
  2. Bunk beds - A 2-in-1 solution if you have twins or kids who are close enough in age to be able to share a bedroom and a kid who is willing to take the top bunk. The ideal way to save space (and money) but keep the fun and bonding to a maximum for the two siblings. Do make sure that the older child takes the top bunk as they’re less likely to hurt themselves climbing down. There is a bit of height there after all, so if you’re afraid your little ones might get hurt, you might want to consider other types of toddler beds. Maybe a twin bed so they can sleep side-by-side?
  3. Vehicle toddler beds - Car beds are probably the most famous type of toddler beds for boys. I mean, what kid doesn’t like sleeping in a racecar, a truck, or even a train? Heck, there are even options for carriage-shaped ones if you have any girls envious of their brother’s fancy new bed.
  4. Panel day beds - Unlike most other toddler beds, these ones have two rigid sides as opposed to the usual slat-based ones. A slightly sturdier construction than the others, which come in a variety of materials.
  5. Convertible toddler beds - Another unique take on a toddler bed type. This one can function as a convertible crib, a toddler bed, and even a ‘fully grown’ bed, so to speak, thanks to the adjustable bed frame and construction - so you don’t have to invest in getting another bed. The only downsides are that you will need to get separate bed conversion kits and swap out the crib mattress for a bigger one every time you size up.
  6. Sleigh beds - These types of beds, as their name implies, are built in the shape of a sleigh. This means that they have a footboard, a headboard, and two side rails that leave some space between the head and the foot. Sleigh toddler beds are one of the most commonly found toddler bed designs and for a good reason. They’re safe and elicit the most positive response with parents.

In Conclusion

Blue Toddler Boy Baby Bed

The existing variety when looking for toddler beds for boys is massive. Make sure you go through all the options and figure out what would best suit your growing boy. Some parents even choose to build a DIY bed for their toddler, so it’s up to you to decide! It will be a part of his life for several years after all. At least make sure it ends up being comfortable enough. The one I bought for my son was a Cars themed race car bed, but that’s because I knew what he liked and, funnily enough, I asked for his input by letting him point out the one he wanted on the screen. I think it definitely paid off. But that’s all from me this time around. I hope I’ve managed to help you out with yet another dilemma.

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