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True Colors: Discovering the Perfect Gray for Your Space

For over a decade, gray has taken the neutrals world by storm with its multifaceted complexity. This versatile shade can convey an array of moods, from dramatic and elegant to soft and grounded. However, choosing...

For over a decade, gray has taken the neutrals world by storm with its multifaceted complexity. This versatile shade can convey an array of moods, from dramatic and elegant to soft and grounded. However, choosing the right gray can be a challenge due to factors like light sensitivity and color undertones. Paint chips often fail to capture the true depth and nuance of gray shades. But fear not, as a professional in the field, you have the expertise and guidance to help your clients find their perfect gray.

Understanding the Many Shades of Gray

Have you ever had a client exclaim, "Why are there so many choices?" Instead of feeling overwhelmed, use this opportunity to educate them about the world of color. Start by explaining that "pure" grays are straightforward blends of black and white, creating undiluted, light, mid, or dark tones. Most grays, however, are infused with other colors to create a range of diverse shades. By sharing this knowledge, you empower your clients to make informed decisions about the colors they choose.

The Subtle Power of Undertones

Undertones, the slight warm or cool tints mixed into colors, play a crucial role in creating a shade's depth and personality. They can significantly impact the appearance of a gray. Pure grays have no undertones and appear clear and distinct. Blue-grays evoke balance and serenity, while green-grays create a calm and grounded feel. If your clients seek allure and a touch of magic, suggest pink-, purple-, or violet-grays. Undertones may not be obvious at first, but they become more pronounced once the paint dries. Guide your clients through the undulating world of undertones to help them find their ideal gray.

Lighting: The Shapeshifter of Grays

Imagine your client finding a gray shade they adore, only to be disappointed when it looks completely different under different lighting conditions. Lighting has a significant impact on color perception. Natural, fluorescent, halogen, or LED lights can cause grays to shift in appearance, from green and brown to purple and blue. Help your clients understand this by sharing the knowledge that lighting can drastically change color. Encourage them to sample different grays in their space, considering how they interact with the lighting. Sampling is an inexpensive and time-saving way to find the perfect shade.

If your client needs some inspiration, have them check out Behr Paint Company's Top 10 Grays:


Platinum Platinum is an understated, pale gray with silvery green undertones. It can lighten and expand any space, making it ideal for living and dining rooms. Pair it with cool whites and deeper grays for a sophisticated look. In the kitchen, consider painting the cabinets gray and using a muted red or orange on the walls to stimulate the appetite. Platinum also works impeccably on the exterior walls or the front door.


Chic Gray Chic Gray is a highly versatile, mid-tone neutral with greige undertones. It brings elegance to tight spaces like small bathrooms, hallways, and entries. In kitchens, dining areas, and living rooms, it balances earth and sky tones, creating a sense of coziness. For exteriors, it complements traditional houses with timber or brick elements.


Natural Gray Natural Gray is a light, pure-neutral shade with taupe notes. It works well as an accent or backdrop in modern, classical, or transitional settings. For entries and hallways, it establishes a warm welcome. In kitchens, living and dining rooms, it fosters elegance and comfort. It pairs best with traditional wood exteriors and white accents.


Silver Bullet Silver Bullet is a cool, mid-gray with touches of lavender and a silvery effect. It serves as an ideal backdrop for bold accents or as a standalone accent. Pair it with neutrals in living rooms for a modern feel or create a classical look in kitchens and dining rooms. It also works beautifully on exterior walls or the front door, adding intrigue to any style.


Dolphin Fin Dolphin Fin is a soft and refreshing gray with cool-blue or warm-beige undertones. It integrates seamlessly as both a wall or accent color in social areas. Experiment with it in kitchens, baths, bedrooms, and entryways, pairing it with a variety of whites. This delightful gray adds comfort and balance to any space.


French Silver French Silver is an ultra-chic, mid-tone gray with elegant blue undertones. It works beautifully with an array of hues and other grays, breathing new life into a home. Pair it with light blue, yellow, or green for neoclassical social spaces. Achieve a Scandi look by using this shade on walls with light wood floors. For kitchens, try French Silver on cabinets paired with a light background. Bedrooms and baths will glow with this shade, especially when paired with a color that brings happiness.


Flannel Gray Flannel Gray is a cool, medium-gray with warm plum undertones, evoking comfort and peace. It exudes modern elegance in living and dining rooms when paired with muted beige, pink, or blue. Boldly consider a mid-to-dark earthy red for a striking contrast. Keep kitchens classic with complementary whites and brass or brushed nickel hardware. For bedrooms and baths, soothing pinks, purples, or greens work best. Flannel Gray makes a statement on an array of exterior styles or can be used as an accent color.


White Metal White Metal is a silvery gray that opens and expands spaces, establishing a sophisticated and mellow vibe. It's perfect for living and dining room walls. Consider accenting it with light, lively orange, or yellow. In bedrooms, create a soothing retreat by pairing it with a dusty-lavender hue. This shade also shines on kitchen walls or cabinets, providing a captivating backdrop.


Classic Silver Classic Silver is a mid-gray neutral with yellow and blue undertones, striking a balance between warmth and coolness. Make a statement in living and dining rooms by adding a few bold touches or creating a monochromatic scheme. In kitchens, it pairs well with gray and white combinations on walls or cabinets. Bedrooms and baths can be transformed into stunning spaces with Classic Silver, whether styled with dark wood or modern monochrome with pops of color. For exteriors, combine Classic Silver with white trim and a dark roof for a lasting impression.


Gratifying Gray Gratifying Gray is a light-base gray that delivers a soothing sense of satisfaction. It adds purity and elegance to any space, making it ideal for living and dining rooms. Accent it with muted, mid-to-dark teal, raspberry, or gold for a head-turning effect. Create balance and interest with lighter hues or a monochromatic scheme in bedrooms, bathrooms, and entryways. On exteriors, consider pairing it with mid-to-dark green, orange, or blue shutters for a beautiful and captivating look.

These 10 grays from Behr Paint Company's collection are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to finding the perfect shade. Remember, your client's inspiration and personal preferences play a crucial role in their final decision. By providing them with expert guidance, you can help them transform their space with the perfect gray.

Please note that the comparable color names between Behr Paint and Sherwin-Williams are used for identification purposes only. Behr Paint has created comparable colors using industry-standard technology.