Wellington's Vote to Annex 257 Acres: A Move Towards Progress and Expansion

Introduction Wellington, a vibrant community known for its equestrian industry, is on the verge of expanding its boundaries. The village council recently voted to proceed with a referendum on annexing 257 acres of unincorporated land...


Wellington, a vibrant community known for its equestrian industry, is on the verge of expanding its boundaries. The village council recently voted to proceed with a referendum on annexing 257 acres of unincorporated land along Southern Boulevard and Seminole Pratt Whitney Road. This move, if approved by property owners in March, will pave the way for Wellington's growth and development. Let's delve into the details and understand the implications of this annexation.

Seeking to Annex Precious Land

Wellington is seeking to annex 257.9 acres of land split among 38 properties in Entrada Acres, an unincorporated protected area immediately north of the intersection of Southern and Seminole Pratt Whitney. This includes nurseries, equestrian farms, churches, Palm Beach County-owned lots, as well as residential and vacant properties. The village staff, after studying potential areas for incorporation, was approached by residents of these properties, expressing their desire to become part of Wellington.

Wellington seeks to expand its boundaries Picture: Wellington seeks to expand its boundaries.

Benefits and Concerns

Proponents of incorporation argue that joining Wellington will give them access to the village's utility services, schools, and development plans. However, concerns have been raised regarding the potential increase in density and construction in the rural suburbs. Nancy Gribble, president of the Fox Tail Property Owners Association, emphasized that the loss to the equestrian community outweighs the perceived benefits. It is essential to strike a balance between progress and preserving the unique character of the area.

County Opposition and Legal Challenges

The Palm Beach County Commission voted against the annexation effort, citing reasons such as non-contiguity with Wellington and failure to meet the requirements of urbanized areas under state law. The county intends to challenge Wellington in court if the incorporation proceeds. However, the village staff believes that the property is contiguous and argues that residents are already part of Wellington's economy and social life.

County threatens to sue Wellington Picture: County threatens to sue Wellington.

Annexation Procedure and Incorporation Plans

Involuntary annexation requires a vote by property owners registered in the area. Since 70% of the proposed land is owned by non-registered voters, the annexation can only occur with the consent of at least 50% of the owners. Wellington has garnered support from 55% of the property owners, who collectively own 66% of the total land. The referendum scheduled for March 19 will be crucial in finalizing the decision on annexation.

Wellington envisions dedicating 123 acres for commercial use and 125 acres for housing, with a density of two units per acre. This zoning transformation will provide the village with additional space for residential and commercial developments, contributing to its economic growth. The commercial areas will be along Southern and Seminole Pratt Whitney, while the residences will span the middle and northern reaches of the property.

The Village's Perspective

Wellington officials, like Mayor Anne Gerwig and Councilman John McGovern, support the annexation as it aligns with the village's expansion plans and grants them control over development in the area. They believe that incorporating mostly undeveloped properties will benefit both Wellington and the property owners.

Wellington officials support the annexation Picture: Wellington officials support the annexation.

The Voice of the Residents

Residents from the area have expressed diverse opinions on the annexation. Nancy Gribble, representing the Fox Trail residents, opposes the incorporation, believing it would detrimentally impact the rural, equestrian area. On the other hand, proponents emphasize the advantages of being part of Wellington, such as improved utility services, access to resources, and the opportunity for their children to attend Wellington schools.

Jeffrey Sluggard, a property owner within the 257 acres, sees Wellington as the most suitable entity to develop the Western gateway along Southern Boulevard. Ultimately, it is the residents themselves who will have the final say in this critical decision.


Wellington's vote to annex 257 acres presents an opportunity for growth, development, and increased prosperity. While concerns and legal challenges persist, the village's positive track record of annexation and the support from a significant number of property owners highlight the potential benefits of this move. As the residents cast their votes in March, Wellington eagerly awaits the outcome, ready to embark on a new chapter of progress and community expansion.