Year of the Rooster: Embracing the Energy of the Fire Rooster

Introduction The Chinese horoscope is set to shift on January 27, 2017, from the intense Year of the Monkey, to the meticulous and vibrant Year of the Fire Rooster. In this article, we will explore...


The Chinese horoscope is set to shift on January 27, 2017, from the intense Year of the Monkey, to the meticulous and vibrant Year of the Fire Rooster. In this article, we will explore the energy that the Fire Rooster brings to the world and what we can expect in the coming year.

Hard work will pay off—so tend to that nest egg.

build your nest egg in the year of the rooster A picture of a nest egg with the Fire Rooster energy.

Good old-fashioned hard work, with a feathery Rooster-style flair, will dominate this Chinese horoscope year. The Rooster rises with the Sun, so it's time to start your days off early. Create a morning ritual and become mindful of your money. Rushing ahead without a solid plan is not recommended in this year. Cultivating good habits and making time for regular exercise will keep us productive even in times of uncertainty.

However, it's important to be cautious of inflated egos and power trippers. Clearly establish the pecking order in joint projects, while also being mindful of cutting critiques from those in power. The Year of the Fire Rooster presents an opportune time for joint ventures. By pooling resources and bringing together different talents, remarkable achievements can be made. With the thrifty and financial strictness of the Fire Rooster, we may witness large cuts in government spending and a focus on national debt control.

Love will get flirtatious, showy and hot.

  • A picture of a couple embracing the passionate energy of the Fire Rooster.*

The Fire Rooster is a shameless flirt who revels in attention. This year, let yourself be a little more flamboyant as you court the sizzling spotlight or strut through the metaphorical henhouse. Regardless of your romantic preferences, indulge in titillating and tawdry exchanges (with consent, of course). The Rooster's swagger should not be mistaken for something serious. Sometimes, a little temptation and teasing is just for fun. So, enjoy the "cage-free" fun for what it is!

Flamboyant fashion will be a trend.

year of the rooster: beyonce and jennifer lopez both born in year of the rooster A picture of celebrities born in the Year of the Rooster embracing flamboyant fashion.

Break out the feathers, headdresses, and showboating style! The preening Rooster loves to be noticed. Iconic entertainers like Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and Britney Spears were all born under the Chinese horoscope sign of the Rooster. Expect a resurgence of Vegas-style glitz or a return to the funky fashion of the 1970s. Embrace sequined bodysuits, bellbottoms, body-con button-downs with big collars, and wild patterns inspired by the colorful Rooster.

The role of men will get a much-needed upgrade.

year of the rooster: men as feminists A picture representing men embracing the role of feminists.

With the Monkey-minded misogyny of 2016 fading in the mirror, 2017, the Year of the Fire Rooster, presents mixed emotions. While the Rooster can be a bit cocky, it does look after its hens. In this year, the fight for gender equality will continue, and it won't just come from women. Men and non-binary individuals are expected to stand up for women's rights and embrace the feminist label.

However, there is a fine line between chivalry and treating women as helpless "little ladies." It's crucial to find a balance and ensure that any acts of kindness come from a place of true care and respect. On a global scale, governments may display more swagger, but it's essential for leaders to avoid petty conflicts. Maintaining focus on strategic details and open dialogue is necessary to prevent the escalation of xenophobia.

Health and wellness will continue to be thriving issues.

A picture representing the importance of health and wellness.

Are you taking proper care of your body? The fastidious and health-conscious nature of the Rooster encourages us to integrate wellness into our daily routines. Find a gym or set up a home workout space, ensuring that you move your body every day. Schedule regular check-ups and seek out doctors who listen to your concerns and help you address any underlying health issues.

In the Year of the Rooster, preventative medicine takes center stage. Embrace practices like massage, acupuncture, and a vitamin-rich diet. The menu is likely to include more spices, such as turmeric, along with a combination of cooked foods and raw juices or smoothies. Remember, results won't come overnight, but by establishing healthy habits, we'll feel both confident and radiant by the end of 2017.


As we enter the Year of the Fire Rooster, let's embrace its energy with open minds and hearts. Hard work, love, fashion, gender equality, and wellness will shape our experiences throughout the year. By understanding the unique qualities of the Rooster, we can navigate its influence and make the most of the opportunities it presents. So, get ready to embrace the vibrant and flamboyant energy of the Fire Rooster!