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1930s Interiors: Discovering a Fresh Perspective

When we think of Art Deco interiors, our minds often conjure up images of black lacquer, gold motifs, and extravagant drama. But there is so much more to the 1930s aesthetic than meets the eye....

1930s interiors

When we think of Art Deco interiors, our minds often conjure up images of black lacquer, gold motifs, and extravagant drama. But there is so much more to the 1930s aesthetic than meets the eye. In this article, we'll delve into the lesser-known side of 1930s interiors, exploring a world that embraced vibrant colors, delicate designs, and a mix of old and new styles.

Exploring Beyond the Norm

The classic portrayal of Art Deco interiors, popularized by Hollywood films like "The Great Gatsby," has captivated us for decades. However, not all homes in the 1930s adhered to this opulent style. Everyday living spaces of that era often faced the challenge of incorporating the Art Deco look without compromising on light and space. This led to the exploration of alternative color schemes and design elements that were lighter and more accessible.

Embracing Colors of the Era

1930s living room advert

Patrick Baty, the owner of Papers and Paints, a London-based specialist in architectural paint and color, sheds light on the vibrant color palette of the 1930s. Mint green, lemon yellow, cornflower blue, and multiple shades of orange were all the rage. These colors, combined with neutral tones such as stone, ivory, and cream, created a harmonious balance that could transform any space.

Reimagining Everyday Interiors

1930s bathroom

Step into the bathroom of this cusp between the 1920s and 1930s. While it may not exhibit the streamlined elegance typically associated with Art Deco, it showcases a delightful mix of frills, ornate panels, and country cottage charm. This example reminds us that not every interior adhered strictly to one design movement; rather, it was a reflection of personal taste and the preservation of cherished heirlooms.

Unveiling Subtle Elegance

1930s lounge - Geffrye Museum

The Geffrye Museum in London offers a captivating glimpse into the past with their period rooms. One particular 1930s interior stands out for its masterful blend of wood elements and touches of mint green. The geometric design on the fabric of the chairs has become a coveted inspiration for curtains and upholstery. Striving for authenticity, this example embodies the essence of the 1930s aesthetic.

Delving into Timeless Classics

1930s living room - 1 Home Farm Drive, Banbury

National Trust's 1 Home Farm Drive in Banbury takes us back to the 1930s with its dark, atmospheric living room. Despite its slightly somber ambiance, it showcases quintessential 1930s elements such as leather chairs, a walnut display cabinet, and streamlined lighting. This example highlights the importance of sourcing authentic pieces to create a cohesive and true-to-era atmosphere.

Nature-Inspired Motifs

1930s house - Black Country Museum

Nature played a significant role in 1930s interior design, as evidenced by this room at the Black Country Living Museum. The vibrant Cubist-style wallpaper, reminiscent of a sunrise, takes center stage, while the remaining elements maintain simplicity. This holistic approach embraced natural motifs to create a harmonious connection with the outdoors.

Bringing Sunshine into the Home

1930s Kitchen

Health and wellbeing were highly valued in the 1930s, leading to an emphasis on bringing the outdoors in. This sunshine yellow and grass green kitchen embodies the desire to create an uplifting environment. The clever use of bright and fresh colors, paired with simple lighting fixtures, amplifies the sense of spaciousness, making it a perfect fit for smaller modern homes with low ceilings.

Embracing Art Deco Details

1930s bedroom

Stepping into this authentic 1930s bedroom in Hertfordshire feels like traveling back in time. The exquisite wood furniture and meticulous attention to detail showcase the beauty of Art Deco craftsmanship. The search for unique pieces, such as a display cabinet or an Art Deco style chair, can truly transform a space, adding an air of elegance and a glimpse into a bygone era.

Finding Hidden Gems

Art Deco Style Chair

Sometimes, the perfect piece can be found in unexpected places. For example, charity warehouses may offer hidden treasures that perfectly align with your vision. Searching for that elusive Art Deco chair became an obsession, until stumbling upon an affordable find in need of some TLC. With a little refurbishment and a dash of personal touch, it transformed into a cherished gem, adding character and authenticity to the room.

A Fabric Oasis

Loome Fabrics Art Deco Ripples

To complete the 1930s ambiance, selecting the right fabric is crucial. Loome Fabrics offers a stunning range of Art Deco style curtain and upholstery fabrics. The Deco Eclectic Deco Ripples in mint green perfectly captures the luxurious essence of the era. It's amazing how a carefully chosen fabric can tie the room together, elevating the overall aesthetic.

Bringing it All Together

Having explored Patrick Baty's insight and discovered unique 1930s interiors, it's time to embark on your own interior design journey. Whether it's incorporating mint green as a main color focus, mixing in cornflower blue, or experimenting with stone-colored walls, the possibilities are endless. With a little patience, authenticity can be achieved by sourcing the perfect furniture and fabric. Let your imagination guide you as you create your own 1930s-inspired sanctuary.