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57 Hilariously Terrible Real Estate Photos: A Comical Tribute

Have you ever wondered where your dream home would be located? Perhaps a cozy farmhouse tucked away in the woods or a lavish condo in the heart of Manhattan? And what kind of interior would...

Have you ever wondered where your dream home would be located? Perhaps a cozy farmhouse tucked away in the woods or a lavish condo in the heart of Manhattan? And what kind of interior would it have? A more traditional style with charming shiplap walls, or a trendy modern aesthetic?

We all appreciate stunning real estate photos that beautifully showcase the perfect house. However, this post is dedicated to the other kind - those hilariously terrible MLS photos that we've all come across. From semi-abandoned homes resembling scenes from a horror movie to eccentric home decor choices, these funny ads showcase the owners' and agents' unique perspectives on what makes a perfect listing photo.

If you're up for a good laugh and want to see some incredibly awful property photos, we've compiled a list of the most amusing fails below. Scroll down, enjoy the pictures, and let us know in the comments which one is your favorite!

That Way You Can Still Work on the Garden Even if it's Raining

If the weather clears up later, maybe I'll even mow the pool. But let's be honest, does this really count as a "water feature"? It might be more of a serious drawback than anything else.

Terrible Real Estate Photos - Selling a Home is Hard Caption: With this awkward bathroom photo, it’s hard to understand how the entire room looks…not sure I want to though.

You've Really Done a Lot to Make it Feel Happier in Here

This photo of an unusual bathroom setup leaves a lot to the imagination. But hey, at least the owners have made an effort to create a cheerful atmosphere.

"I think I'm beginning to see a pattern," said Holmes.

The Doll Will Be Staying with the House

In this photo, notice the figurine on the table. Did it just move? Perhaps there's more to this property than meets the eye.

You'll Never Guess What I Just Passed on the Stairs

As Alice from "Alice in Wonderland" once said, "We're all mad here." And it seems like this staircase perfectly captures that sentiment. Plus, who wouldn't want to be greeted by tortoise and hare faucets?

tortoise and hare faucets

A Rare Opportunity to Acquire a Sacrificial Dungeon Bursting with Original Features

This listing isn't just selling a flat; it's selling a lifestyle. And what better way to embrace the dark side than owning a sacrificial dungeon with its own unique charm?

This Christmas, Turn Your House into an Actual Advent Calendar

Close one door and another one opens...unless you get the sequence correct. This house offers a festive way to navigate through your living space.

Finished Basement, Great for Entertaining!

Buyers come and go, home prices fluctuate, and decor trends change. But one thing remains consistent in the real estate world: the abundance of terrible listing photos and the lack of attention to detail.

Reasons My Fan is Sad: A Potential Blog Idea

Ever wondered why there are so many bad listing photos out there? Despite the thousands of active listings, it's the terrible real estate photos that stand out. Perhaps it's time we shed some light on this issue.

All It Needs is a Coat of Paint, Some Air Freshener, and Perhaps a Direct Hit from a Short Range Ballistic Missile

This visually striking photo showcases a house in need of a little TLC. But hey, with some renovating, it could truly become a hidden gem.

Terrible Real Estate Photos - Selling a Home is Hard

Marie Antoinette Travels to the 1990s and Moves in with a Monkey Pirate: A Potential Script Idea

Imagine the possibilities of this unconventional storyline. A fusion of historical figures and modern-day madness, all under one roof.

Perfect for Recreating the Time You Spent as a Hostage in the 1970s

Feel nostalgic for the 70s? This house offers an authentic experience, complete with retro decor and a sense of captivity.

A Rare Chance to Own the Actual Pool from "Apocalypse Now"

Calling all movie buffs! This property provides a unique opportunity to own a piece of film history. Just beware of the inherent chaos that comes with it.

In the Mid-1980s, Tastelessness Reached Its Peak

This house embodies the era of questionable taste. It's a blast from the past, transporting you back to a time when excess was celebrated.

There's a Great Kids' Playroom with Lots of Natural Light Too

This listing boasts a fantastic playroom for children, complete with ample natural light. It's a space where imaginations can run wild.

After the Great Plague of 1665, Came the Less Famous Bubonic Bedroom Blight of 2019

Step into a bedroom that pays homage to historical epidemics. It's a unique selling point that will surely spark conversations.

When You're Halfway Through a Wash Cycle and Decide it Would be Easier to Just Sell Your House

We've all had those moments of laundry frustration. But this homeowner took it to the next level by incorporating the washing machine into their listing.

At Least the Neighbors Will Be Quiet...I Hope...

Seeking tranquility? This property promises peaceful surroundings, while the ambiguous white door adds an air of mystery.

Hit it with Something, See if it Moves. I'll Be Barricading Myself in the Kitchen Downstairs

There's something peculiar about this photo. Perhaps the door has a mind of its own? Whatever the case, the kitchen seems like a safe haven.

The Addams Family Finally Found Their New Home

This gloomy house gives off major Addams Family vibes. If you've ever wanted to live in the macabre, this might be the perfect match for you.

Recent Discoveries Suggest Mankind Didn't Always Know How Sofas Worked

Take a moment to ponder the mystery behind this peculiar sofa placement. A true enigma that showcases humanity's evolving understanding of furniture.

There's Really No Question, I Am NOT Following That Trail

While exploring this property, be cautious of mysterious trails that hint at untold stories. Some secrets are best left undiscovered.

Kimble's Paradox: The Door That Opens as You Close It

Real estate agents refer to this situation as "Kimble's Paradox," a perplexing phenomenon that challenges the laws of physics.

Police Are Still Investigating How Mr. Stevens Came to be Replaced by a Pile of Rope

This unusual scene raises many questions. Who is Mr. Stevens? And where did the rope come from? It's a case that needs solving.

2018 Will Be Remembered as the Year Someone Built a Pretend Wishing Well in Their Kitchen

Inventiveness knows no bounds in the real estate world. This unique kitchen setup offers a whimsical touch for those seeking a touch of magic.

Terrible Real Estate Photos - Selling a Home is Hard

A Rare Chance to Own the Opening Scene from 12 Different Horror Movies

Horror enthusiasts, rejoice! This property offers a thrilling experience, bringing the cinematic world of horror right into your home.

Winning a Year's Supply of Beer Didn't Bring the Unending Happiness the Samble's Had Hoped For

Sometimes, even prizes can't make up for life's disappointments. This house holds the bittersweet tale of unfulfilled dreams.

"Sure We Can See Upstairs Next - After You...I'll be Right Up"

If you're in for an adventure, this staircase promises a one-of-a-kind experience. But be warned, it may not be for the faint of heart.

If There's an Opposite of a Stairway to Heaven, I Think We've Found It

This peculiar staircase seems to lead to an entirely different realm. A place where chaos reigns and order is thrown to the wind.

This House Really Speaks to Me

Sometimes, a house has a unique way of communicating with us. This property seems to possess a voice, whispering secrets that only a few can comprehend.

Terrible Real Estate Photos - Selling a Home is Hard

I Think It's Too Late for Just Air Freshener. That Looks Quite Established.

This room exudes a distinctive scent of neglect. Air freshener alone won't solve the problems lurking within these walls.

"This is the Room Where it First Occurred to Me That My Life Was Pointless and My Career Had Been a Waste of Time"

Embrace the existential crisis while visiting this room. Its ambiance conveys a sense of epiphany that might not be entirely uplifting.

May Have Overshot the Desert Theme a Little

In an attempt to capture the essence of the desert, this room has gone a bit overboard. It's a bold statement that may leave potential buyers perplexed.

A Key Selling Point of Any Modern Home: The Mirror-Mounted Sharkzooka

Looking for a conversation starter? This mirror-mounted Sharkzooka adds a touch of whimsy to any contemporary space.

Where's That Piano Music Coming From?

Mysteries abound in this house, including the origins of unexplained piano music. Are there hidden musicians waiting to be discovered?

"Yes, It's an Emergency! And Bring Toilet Paper!"

Some distress calls leave us pondering the urgency of the situation. This house offers a wealth of surprises, perhaps even an emergency or two.

I Don't Remember Leaving the Light On Downstairs

Curious about the supernatural? This property might appeal to those seeking a hint of the mysterious. Just make sure to turn off the lights downstairs.

Terrible Real Estate Photos - Selling a Home is Hard

"Think We Could Ask Them to Rearrange Us So I'm Closer to the Window?"

Personal preferences come into play when choosing a living arrangement. In this case, proximity to the window is the top priority.

Before You Tell Him to Tidy His Room, Maybe Draw Up Some Sort of Project Plan

Getting children to clean their rooms can be a challenge. This room, in particular, calls for a well-thought-out strategy.

Hence the Phrase "As Sad as a Picnic Table without a Picnic. In a Garage"

This peculiar setup evokes a sense of longing and missed opportunities. It's a reminder that sometimes, even in a garage, something is missing.

The Previous Owners Aren't Moving Out; They Just Went into the Backyard and Never Came Back Out

When buying a house, it's always essential to clarify whether the previous owners are truly leaving or just temporarily stepping out.

Terrible Real Estate Photos - Selling a Home is Hard

It's a Tale of Unrequited Love Between a Garden Chair of Solitude and a Park Ranger Who Promised to Return, but Never Did

Sometimes, objects in a house carry a story of their own. This garden chair seems to hold a forlorn tale of lost love.

Isn't This Where "The Walking Dead" Was Filmed...Or Maybe Inspired?

For fans of the zombie genre, this house provides an ideal setting for reimagining scenes from popular undead narratives.

"Honey, I Found the Ladder! It Was in the Fitness Studio That We Also Use as a Utility Room and Study Where We Keep the Musical Instruments"

Keeping track of household items can be a challenge. This unique ladder discovery underscores the versatility of space within this property.

Wasn't This a Scene Out of "Ghostbusters 2"?

If you've ever longed for a real-life ghost encounter, this property might satisfy that desire. Just be prepared for the unexpected.

Terrible Real Estate Photos - Selling a Home is Hard

I Have a Sudden Urge to Play Tetris

This peculiar room layout brings back memories of the beloved puzzle game. Can you rearrange the furniture into the perfect configuration?

That Reminds Me: I Need to Get Out of Here Right Now and Never Come Back

Some houses have a way of making you question your life choices. If this thought crosses your mind, it might be time to move on.

"Well Detective, That Explains the Lack of Presents This Year. And Going by the Smell, He's Been Here Some Time"

If you're looking for a house with its fair share of mysteries, this property won't disappoint. Just don't expect presents during the holidays.

If I Only Make the Bed...

Sometimes, we try to make small improvements to a space to make it more appealing. But in this case, making the bed won't solve all the issues.

Terrible Real Estate Photos - Selling a Home is Hard

Warning: Potentially Catastrophic Combination of Flammable Gases

A word of caution for potential buyers: this house might be a ticking time bomb. Safety first!

Of the Possible Explanations, Very Few Have a Happy Ending

This cryptic room invites endless speculation about its purpose and the stories it holds. Prepare to embrace the unknown.

Terrible Real Estate Photos - Selling a Home is Hard

Susie Likes it When New People Move In, But She Gets Sad When They Run Away Screaming

Beware of Susie, the unseen presence in this house. She may welcome you warmly, but be prepared for a chilling reception.

A Rare Achievement: This Image Manages to Convey the Idea of "Furnished" and "Unfurnished" at the Same Time

In a remarkable feat, this photo captures both furnished and unfurnished elements in a single frame. A true paradox.

Terrible Real Estate Photos - Selling a Home is Hard

C is for Cat, and Also for Certifiable

Unusual circumstances call for creative solutions. In this case, a cat becomes a centerpiece, reminding us of the unpredictability of the real estate world.

The Previous Viewing Was Conducted at Such Speed It Caused a Localized Sonic Boom

Imagine a property that leaves potential buyers in awe, even causing sonic booms in their wake. This house certainly knows how to make an impression.

Terrible Real Estate Photos - Selling a Home is Hard

So It Turns Out the Apocalypse Already Happened, But it Was Confined to This Bathroom

Prepare for a post-apocalyptic experience in this bathroom. It's a testament to the enduring power of survival in the face of chaos.

When I Said to Decorate Your Yard...Perhaps I Should Have Given More Details

This unconventional yard decor leaves room for interpretation. Make sure your artistic vision aligns with potential buyers' expectations.

"Seriously Guys, Open Up. We Can Talk About This"

In desperate times, we must resort to negotiation. This house seems to have a mind of its own, requiring a conversation to resolve the standoff.

I Keep Trying to Get to the Open House

Some houses have a knack for hindering our progress. But don't let that deter you from exploring the possibilities that lie within.

Terrible Real Estate Photos - Selling a Home is Hard

The Randolphs Were So Proud of Emily's 4th-Grade Scores, They Had Her Stuffed

In a display of parental pride, the Randolphs immortalized their daughter's academic achievements. A touching commitment to their child's accomplishments.

If You Stare for Long Enough...

Sometimes, a photo can capture our attention indefinitely. This image captivates, urging us to delve into its essence and unravel its secrets.

Tips to Make Sure You Never Have Photos That Make This List

To ensure your listing photos don't become the subject of laughter, check out our article on "10 Things You're Doing Wrong When Taking Real Estate Photos." We want to help you avoid common pitfalls.

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This comical tribute to hilariously terrible real estate photos sheds light on the other side of property listings. While we all aspire to showcase our homes in the best possible light, sometimes even the most unique and eccentric choices can leave potential buyers scratching their heads. Enjoy a good laugh as you scroll through these photos, and remember to avoid the common pitfalls when capturing your own real estate images. And if you're in need of a website that truly represents your business, our team is here to help you stand out from the crowd.