6 Modular Homes With High Ceilings

Are you dreaming of a home that feels open, spacious, and luxurious? Look no further than modular homes with high ceilings. With soaring ceilings and stylish architectural details, these homes take elegance to new heights....

Are you dreaming of a home that feels open, spacious, and luxurious? Look no further than modular homes with high ceilings. With soaring ceilings and stylish architectural details, these homes take elegance to new heights. In this article, we'll explore six stunning modular homes that raise the bar - and the ceiling!

The Edgewood: A Perfect Balance of Sleek and Classic

bba791ac-f770-47d7-95e9-8b7e3a859737 Image: The Edgewood - Clayton Homes

The Edgewood model is a masterpiece that combines sleek modern features with classic charm. Its high ceilings are adorned with recessed and hanging pendant lights, crown molding, and window cornices. The open entryway seamlessly connects the kitchen to the living room and the dining room to the family room. The living room boasts a stunning tray ceiling that adds depth, while the kitchen features tall, paneled top cabinets. With its impeccable design, the Edgewood is a true gem.

Alpine Ridge: Modern Open Floor Plan

37SAV16763AH22 Alpine Ridge July 2022 Kit-Liv 4240-1 Image: Alpine Ridge - Clayton Homes

The Alpine Ridge model offers a modern open floor plan that exudes warmth and affordability. Tray ceilings and a ceiling fan in the living room create a cool and relaxing ambiance during summertime. The intricate details and touches throughout the home make it truly stand out. From weathered wood-style flooring to a chic wood kitchen island and cabinets, this home effortlessly blends farmhouse and modern styles. Bring your kitchen appliances and gadgets, as the Alpine Ridge offers ample storage space and style.

K1676H: Maximizing Vertical Space

791652ea-b9af-40b6-b1ce-88a79d1d2e70 Image: K1676H - Clayton Homes

The K1676H model showcases the beauty of 9 ft. ceilings, creating an abundance of vertical space for incredible features. The living room boasts a dramatic archway to the kitchen, complete with built-in shelves on either side. This architectural masterpiece is perfect for displaying family photos, creating a mini library, or showcasing your favorite knickknacks. Crown molding adds the finishing touch to this fully functional and beautifully designed space.

1440 Carolina 4BR Belle: Unique Styles

58CAR32764AH DiningKitchen 01 Image: 1440 Carolina 4BR Belle - Clayton Homes

The 1440 Carolina 4BR Belle model makes excellent use of its high ceilings by incorporating two different styles. In the living room, you'll find dark beams stretching across to the dining room, creating a rustic charm. The kitchen features a recessed coffered ceiling adorned with beautiful white beams. The metal orb chandelier in the dining room adds a stunning focal point, overlooking the front porch. With columns, shiplap accent walls, and an X-paneled kitchen island, this home is truly unforgettable.

ING564F Shasta GW: Embracing Light and Space

72ING28563EH Shasta Kitchen 2021 July-001(1) Image: ING564F Shasta GW - Clayton Homes

If you're searching for tall ceilings, tall windows, and an open floor plan, the ING564F Shasta GW model is perfect for you. Sunlight floods the living space through large bay windows, creating an inviting atmosphere. Ceiling beams in the kitchen and dining area add character, while a cream accented tray ceiling hovers over the living area. The kitchen features chic hanging pendant lights that illuminate the spacious kitchen island, providing a versatile space for breakfast, work, and storage.

The Enchantment 3070A: Grand High Ceilings

93ENC30703AH14 The Enchantment Kitchen3 (1) Image: The Enchantment 3070A - Clayton Homes

The Enchantment 3070A model boasts grand high ceilings and an array of exquisite features. Recessed lighting, crown molding, window cornices, archways, and a tray ceiling in the living room create a truly enchanting living space. The kitchen is a sight to behold, with tall windows, cabinets, and a glass-doored hutch. This home combines elegance with functionality, offering a remarkable living experience.

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