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A Photography Journey with the LUMIX GH5

Capturing the Essence of Still Photography An image of the LUMIX GH5 in action. The LUMIX GH5 has been a game-changer in the world of photography, providing a delightful experience and outstanding image quality. As...

Capturing the Essence of Still Photography

A still photography look at the LUMIX GH5 An image of the LUMIX GH5 in action.

The LUMIX GH5 has been a game-changer in the world of photography, providing a delightful experience and outstanding image quality. As a photographer, I have always been drawn to the ergonomic design and external controls of the GH series. In this article, I will share my personal journey with the LUMIX GH5 and highlight some of its amazing features that have made it my go-to camera.

Embracing the Familiarity

The moment I held the GH5 in my hands, I was reminded of the comfortable grip and sturdy build that initially captivated me with the GH3. Unlike other retro-styled cameras, the GH5's DSLR-like shape instilled confidence and ensured a secure hold throughout long shooting sessions. The abundance of external controls eliminated the need for frequent menu navigation, allowing me to make adjustments effortlessly without taking my eyes off the viewfinder.

A Perfect Blend of Power and Versatility

Having previously relied on the LUMIX GX8 for its high resolution and stabilized sensor, I found myself limited when it came to long lenses and wildlife photography. The GH5, however, exceeded my expectations. Its larger size and improved grip made shooting with the LUMIX/Leica 100-400mm lens a breeze. The GH5's external controls, though not as extensive as those on the GH8, provided the flexibility I needed. It was the perfect camera to fulfill my desire for a GH series upgrade.

Unleashing the Potential

From the moment I unboxed the GH5, I knew it was a revolutionary camera that would leave its predecessors in the dust. In various shooting scenarios, the GH5 consistently delivered exceptional results, making my other camera bodies obsolete. There are several standout features that have truly impressed me:

Image quality

With its 20.3MP sensor and no anti-aliasing filter, the GH5 offers unparalleled sharpness and resolution. This has been a game-changer for capturing nature's intricate details such as leaves, feathers, and fur.

Stabilized sensor and dual IS

The built-in image stabilization system, known as Dual IS, has proven invaluable for nature photography and other subjects. The 5-axis stabilization, working in sync with LUMIX lenses, minimizes camera shake and allows for longer shutter speeds without the need for a tripod.

AF joystick

The addition of a small joystick near the thumb on the GH5 allows for easy movement of the focus point or focus area without taking one's eye off the viewfinder. This feature has greatly enhanced my shooting experience, especially when using the camera with the battery grip.

Front Fn button

The programmable Fn button on the front of the camera, next to the lens mount, has become one of my most frequently used controls. Its inclusion on the GH5, the first GH series camera to feature this button, was a welcome addition. It provides quick and convenient access to customizable functions.

Dual SD slots

A professional-level camera in 2017 wouldn't be complete without dual SD slots. The GH5 offers flexibility in utilizing both slots for various purposes such as separating photo and video files, shooting RAW and JPEG simultaneously, or creating backup copies.

AF tracking

The GH5's 225-point autofocus system and AF-C mode deliver outstanding performance when shooting moving subjects. The custom area mode allows me to select the precise AF area I desire, and the joystick enables swift adjustments on the fly. Whether capturing wildlife or sports, the GH5 proves to be an exceptional tool.

Enhanced menu organization

Navigating the GH5's menu is a breeze, thanks to its improved organization. The "custom wrench" menu now contains five sub-menus, allowing direct access to specific settings. Additionally, the introduction of tabs on the right side of the screen allows for quick and efficient selection. The inclusion of the "My Menu" tab, which enables the customization of frequently used menu items, demonstrates Panasonic's commitment to user convenience.

Exceptional Battery Life

Similar to its predecessor, the GH4, the GH5 boasts remarkable battery life. During a recent four-day photography trip with my kids, I utilized one full battery in the camera and another in the battery grip. Despite shooting intermittently throughout the trip, the batteries seemed to last forever, even with the stabilized sensor.

Unleashing Creative Possibilities

The GH5 offers a range of innovative features that have expanded my creative potential:

  • 6K photo: Capturing 30 frames per second and providing the option to save a chosen frame as an 18MP JPEG, this feature pushes the boundaries of what is possible in photography.
  • Post focus: Allowing focus adjustment after capturing a shot, this feature adds a new dimension to image refinement.
  • Focus stacking: The GH5 enables focus stacking right within the camera, eliminating the need for additional software. This capability opens up exciting possibilities for depth of field exploration.

The Charm of L. Monochrome

As a fan of capturing both RAW and JPEG, the superb black and white images produced by the LUMIX cameras using the L. Monochrome photo style have captivated me. Unfortunately, this style was absent from the GX8. Therefore, I was thrilled to discover its inclusion in the GH5, allowing me to create stunning monochrome images.

A Camera for the Photography Enthusiast

In this article, I have focused primarily on the GH5's still photography capabilities, without delving into its exceptional 4K video features, waveforms, or vector scopes. While the GH5 undoubtedly excels in videography, it is important to highlight its incredible capabilities in the realm of still photography. As a passionate still photographer, the GH5 has exceeded my expectations and become an essential part of my creative process. If you have any questions regarding the GH5 or wish to delve into the work of my esteemed colleagues on the LUMIX Luminary team, feel free to reach out. Trust me, we are all thrilled about this remarkable camera!

Note: The article contains images from the original article by the author, demonstrating the GH5's image quality.

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