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Chinese Good Luck Symbols and Their Feng Shui Meanings - Enhancing Your Luck

Chinese culture is rich in symbols and charms that can bring good luck into your life. These symbols, rooted in ancient feng shui principles, are designed to create harmonious environments and enhance the quality of...

Chinese culture is rich in symbols and charms that can bring good luck into your life. These symbols, rooted in ancient feng shui principles, are designed to create harmonious environments and enhance the quality of life. From Chinese characters and mythical creatures to crystals, plants, and colors, there are various ways to harness the positive energy of these symbols.

What are Chinese Good Luck Symbols?

Chinese good luck symbols are unique and powerful tools to attract positive energy and enhance specific areas of life. Whether it's health, wealth, relationships, career, or knowledge, each symbol holds its own special meaning. These symbols come in many forms, including written characters, statues, and animal charms. They can be displayed in your home or carried as charms with you, allowing you to tap into their beneficial energies throughout the day.

Pinyin - Lucky Chinese Characters

Chinese characters are widely believed to bring blessings of good luck, abundance, and harmony. These characters can be seen in calligraphy, paintings, sculptures, and even tattoos. Each character carries its own unique meanings, and here are some of the most popular ones:

(福) Fú - Chinese Character for Luck

Fu is considered the ultimate good luck symbol in feng shui. It combines two radicals that mean "gift from God" and "abundance and wealth." Hanging the calligraphy of Fu on red paper is said to bring the blessing of luck.

(禄) Lù - Chinese Character for Wealth and Prosperity

Lùxīng is the god of career advancement in Chinese legends. Displaying his symbol is believed to enhance job opportunities and bring wealth.

(寿) Shòu - Chinese Character for Long Life

Shòu symbolizes long life and good health. It is often given as a present during birthdays and to elderly people. According to Chinese legends, Shòuxīng is the star God that controls the lifespan of mortals.

福 (Fú), 禄 (Lù), 寿 (Shòu) Trinity

While these Chinese symbols can be used independently as standalone charms, they become even more powerful when used together. This auspicious trinity bestows luck, prosperity, and long life.

("喜喜" 双喜) Shuāngxǐ - Chinese Character for Double Happiness

Xǐ is the Chinese symbol for "happiness." When written twice, it represents double happiness. It is commonly used as a gift, symbolizing wishes for much joy in life. This character is often seen in Chinese weddings.

(爱) Ài - Chinese Character for Love

The Ài symbol enhances the energy of love. It is not only used in China but also in other Asian countries such as Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, and Korea. This character is often found in tattoos, celebrated for its deep meaning and beauty.

(安) Ān - Chinese Character for Peace and Harmony

The Ān symbol is used to promote peace and harmony in your home. By displaying this character, you can create harmonious relationships free from arguments and misunderstandings.

Popular Amulets in Feng Shui

In addition to Chinese characters, there are popular amulets in feng shui that can activate good energy in your home. These amulets are known as good luck charms and can be placed strategically to attract positive forces into your life.


Bagua Map

The Bagua is a map that helps you locate specific energies in any space. It can be applied to your entire home, a single room, or an office. By using the Bagua, you can determine the areas in your home that correspond to specific aspects of life such as wealth, health, career, or relationships. This map guides you in placing your feng shui charms in the appropriate corners or sections of your space.

Chinese Coins

Chinese coins are powerful symbols of wealth and prosperity in feng shui. They are circular with a square hole in the middle, representing heaven and earth. These coins are often tied with red strings and hung in the auspicious section of your home to attract wealth. You can also carry them in your wallet or pouch to invite more money into your life.

Chinese Lucky Coins

Wind Chimes

Wind chimes create sound and energy vibrations, making them powerful feng shui amulets. They help clear unwanted energy in your home and bring clarity. Wind chimes are typically connected to the metal element and can be tied with auspicious red strings. Hanging them in the western or northwestern sections of your home helps improve the energy of completion or attract helpful people into your life.

Eternal Knot

The Eternal Knot is a Chinese symbol for good luck and fortune. It is often used to hang various feng shui charms such as Chinese coins and wind chimes. The Eternal Knot, also known as the Buddhist Endless Knot and Mystic Knot, symbolizes eternity as it has no beginning or end. By using the Eternal Knot, you can invite endless luck, harmony, and long life into your space.

Laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha is the most popular Buddha statue in feng shui. It is depicted with a round belly and a huge smile on his face, sitting on a bed of coins. The Laughing Buddha is believed to bring joy, abundance, and good luck when displayed in homes. You can place the Laughing Buddha in various areas of your home, such as the entrance, garden, or wealth corner, to attract positive energy.

Jade Laughing Buddha

Lucky Mythical Creatures

Chinese culture is also fascinated with mythical creatures that bring good luck. Including these creatures in your home decor and surroundings can enhance positive energy.

Chinese Dragon

Dragons are benevolent creatures that represent good luck in Chinese culture. These magnificent creatures are believed to bring good fortune, wisdom, and protection. You can place a dragon image wherever you feel is a lucky spot, but avoid enclosed spaces where chi can't flow freely. Wearing a dragon amulet can also bring you luck and protection.

Dragon & Phoenix Jewelry

Phoenix or Fenghuang

The Phoenix is a celestial bird that symbolizes good luck and prosperity. It represents the rise above difficulties and is often considered a good omen. When displayed with the Chinese dragon, they make up the ultimate couple in feng shui. For optimum results, keep the Phoenix in an elevated position and place it in the love area at the southwest corner of your home.

Pixiu or Pi Yao

Pixiu, also known as Piyao, is a mythical creature associated with abundance and prosperity. It is believed to bring financial luck to those who take care of it. Pixiu is often depicted as a creature that hunts for treasures across the land, devouring and trapping them inside its belly. You can place a Pixiu ornament in the southeast corner of your home or wear a Pixiu bracelet, ring, or necklace for wealth and good luck.

Pixiu Bracelets

Fu Dogs

Fu Dogs, part lion and part dog, are known for guarding palaces, temples, homes, and even tombs against thieves. They are believed to ward off negative energies and provide protection. Placing a pair of Fu Dogs outside your house or workplace can help prevent theft and burglary.

Three-Legged Toad

The three-legged toad, also known as the feng shui money frog, represents wealth in Chinese culture. According to legends, this creature can produce silver and gold coins from its mouth. Placing the three-legged toad in the north or southeast section of your home activates your career or wealth luck.

Animals That Bring Good Luck

In addition to mythical creatures, certain animals are considered bringers of good luck in Chinese culture.

12 Zodiac Animals

Each of the 12 zodiac animals represents specific energies. Keeping an image of your zodiac animal based on your birth year can bring balance and harmony into your life. You can also display all twelve zodiac animals together to invite overall harmony.

12 zodiac animals

Lucky Cat

The lucky cat, also known as the beckoning cat or welcoming cat, is considered a lucky symbol in feng shui. Displaying a golden lucky cat at the entrance of your home or establishment can protect you from misfortune while welcoming wealth and good energy.

lucky cat - beckoning cat - welcoming cat

Koi (Carps) and Goldfish

Koi and goldfish are considered lucky in Chinese folklore. The carp, in particular, symbolizes success and abundance. Placing koi fish in a bowl or aquarium can attract wealth and growth. For a koi pond, putting eight red and one black fish in it is believed to bring smooth sailing and longevity.


Birds are considered lucky in feng shui as they represent a connection to heaven. Cranes symbolize long life and the granting of wishes, while Mandarin ducks represent marital success as they mate for life. Positioning crane statues in the health area and displaying a pair of Mandarin ducks in the love area can bring positive energy and harmony to your home.

mandarin ducks


The tortoise is a symbol of wisdom in feng shui. It also represents longevity, endurance, and protection. Placing an image of a tortoise in the north sector of your home can invite wisdom for your work. You can also have real or statue tortoises in your garden to inspire longevity and protection.

Crystals and Their Meanings in Feng Shui

Crystals harness the energy of nature and can be used to activate feng shui energy in your home. Here are some common crystals used in feng shui and their meanings:

Amethyst, The Calming Stone

Amethyst is a purification stone that promotes peace and harmony in the family. Placing amethyst in the family area at the center of your home can help calm emotions.

Amethyst Collection

Black Obsidian, The Protective Stone

Black obsidian is a powerful crystal for absorbing and transforming negative energies. Place it in the four corners of your home or bedroom to repel unwanted vibrations.

Black Obsidian Collection

Citrine, The Manifesting Stone

Citrine is known as the "lucky merchant's stone" and is used to manifest wealth and abundance. Place it in the wealth area at the southeast sector of your home.

Citrine Collection

Clear Quartz, The Healing Stone

Clear quartz is a master healer crystal that promotes good health. Place it in the east sector of your home, your bathroom, or your kitchen for cleansing energy.

Jade, The Lucky Stone

Jade is a valuable stone associated with good health, luck, and abundance. Display jade in the east sector, or at the center of your home for health luck, in the southeast sector for wealth, or at the front door for protection.

Jade Collection

Rose Quartz, The Love Stone

Rose quartz is known as the stone of love. It brings self-love, joy, and emotional healing. Place it in the love area at the southwest sector of your home or bedroom.

Tiger's Eye, The Clarity Stone

Tiger's eye is a stone of clarity and decision-making. It helps boost knowledge, abundance, and career success. Place it in the east, west, southeast, or north sectors of your home for its specific benefits.


Lucky Feng Shui Plants

Plants not only bring beauty to your surroundings but also nourish the energy in your home. Here are some lucky feng shui plants:

Lucky Bamboo

Bamboo symbolizes good luck and balance. Depending on the number of stalks, lucky bamboo attracts different aspects of life. Place two stalks in the southwest corner for love and three or nine stalks in the southeast for wealth.

lucky bamboo

Jade Plant

Jade plants, also known as money trees, symbolize good fortune and wealth. Place them in the southwest corner of your home to invite wealth energy.

jade plant


Fruits are symbols of abundance in feng shui, and oranges are particularly favored due to their coin-like shape. Place a bowl of fresh oranges or other fruits to invite wealth into your home.



Fresh flowers attract positive energy into your space. Some lucky flowers include peony, orchid, and chrysanthemums, which bring positive energy, joy, and harmony.

Lucky Colors in Feng Shui

Colors play a vital role in feng shui as they hold specific energies. Here are some lucky colors to enhance positive energy in your home:

bagua map colors

  • Red: The most auspicious color, associated with life, protection, and wealth.
  • Green: Symbolizes vitality and growth. It promotes good health and harmonious relationships.
  • Yellow: Connected to wealth, abundance, and stability. It also represents the nurturing energy of nature.
  • Black: Symbolizes wisdom, protection, and the flow of wealth.
  • White: Invites clarity and productivity, often associated with completion and creativity.
  • Gray: Embodies wisdom and clarity. It helps you find helpful people in your life.
  • Blue: Represents growth, harmony, and knowledge.
  • Gold: Attracts the energy of metal and earth, associated with abundance and wealth.
  • Orange: Represents enthusiasm and optimism, fueling passion in various aspects of life.
  • Brown: Brings stability, grounding, and good health to your home.
  • Purple: Symbolizes abundance and power. Enhances reputation and family harmony.
  • Pink: Represents love and partnerships. Used to enhance the energy of love in relationships.

To use colors in feng shui, surround yourself with the colors that align with your birth element. You can decorate your home with these lucky colors or incorporate them into your outfit and accessories to enhance positive energy.

Lucky Numbers in Feng Shui

Numbers also play a role in attracting good luck in feng shui. Here are a few lucky numbers to keep in mind:

  • Lucky Number Two: Represents doubling excellence and multiplying good fortune.
  • Lucky Number Eight: Associated with prosperity and wealth.
  • Lucky Number Nine: Symbolizes sufficiency and abundance.

Incorporating these numbers into your phone numbers, house addresses, or personal belongings can invite positive energy and good fortune into your life.

How to Use These Feng Shui Symbols

Now that you have learned about these Chinese good luck symbols, it's time to apply them to your everyday life. Here are some ways to incorporate these symbols into your surroundings:

  • Display them as ornaments in your home.
  • Carry them as charms in your pockets or wear them as jewelry.
  • Create a crystal grid to amplify their energies.
  • Place them in the appropriate sectors of your home based on feng shui guidelines.
  • Use them as elements in your personal sacred space or altar.

By incorporating these symbols into your life, you can attract positive energy, enhance different aspects of your life, and create a harmonious environment.


Chinese good luck symbols are powerful tools that can enhance positive energy in your life. From Chinese characters and mythical creatures to crystals, plants, colors, and numbers, there are numerous ways to tap into their beneficial energies. Whether you choose to display them in your home, carry them as charms, or wear them as jewelry, these symbols can bring luck, prosperity, and harmony into your life. So, go ahead and use these Chinese good luck symbols to attract positive energy and enhance your well-being in every aspect of your life.