High End Kitchen Cabinet Brands: Elevate Your Kitchen with Exceptional Quality

Image source: iStock.com / Serghei Starus Quality kitchen cabinets are not just a functional necessity but also a statement of style and elegance in your home. Choosing the right high-end kitchen cabinet brand allows you...

High End Cabinets in Luxury Kitchen Image source: iStock.com / Serghei Starus

Quality kitchen cabinets are not just a functional necessity but also a statement of style and elegance in your home. Choosing the right high-end kitchen cabinet brand allows you to enjoy efficient storage space that remains beautiful and functional for the life of your home. Let's explore some of the top brands in the market that offer exceptional craftsmanship and design.

Finding Your Brand

Before you embark on your search for high-end kitchen cabinets, it is essential to define your requirements. Are you looking for semi-custom or custom options? Some brands offer both, while others specialize in exclusively custom models. Custom cabinets not only add a distinctive look to your kitchen but also offer better functionality as they are designed to suit your kitchen's shape and your specific needs.

It is also important to determine the style that best suits your taste. While high-quality options are available for every interior design style, most high-end kitchen cabinet brands specialize in a limited range to master the intricacies of that particular style. A brand that excels in innovative modern minimalist cabinets might not be the best choice for detailed French country-style cabinets. Additionally, consider any limitations on the size and configurations of cabinets that the brand offers, especially if your kitchen has unique dimensions or shape.

High-End Kitchen Cabinet Brands to Watch

Here are some of the top high-end kitchen cabinet brands known for their exceptional quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail:

Starmark Cabinetry

Starmark Cabinetry Image Caption: Starmark Cabinetry - Consistent Quality and Custom Options

Starmark Cabinetry is renowned for its consistent quality in construction and finish. Every cabinet is meticulously crafted by hand in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, using high-quality hardwoods. They offer a wide range of styles, from modest traditional and transitional designs to more ornate options with intricate hand-applied molding. Starmark's expertise extends to creating custom colors, allowing you to match nearly any item in your kitchen.

Kemper Cabinets

Kemper Cabinets Image Caption: Kemper Cabinets - Semi-Custom Options with Attention to Detail

Kemper Cabinets, owned by MasterBrand Cabinets, Inc., offers exquisite semi-custom cabinets. Their selection focuses primarily on traditional and transitional styles, although they also offer streamlined contemporary designs and timeless rustic options. The Emerge product line offers the widest range of customization options and attention to detail, allowing you to add personality to your kitchen with decorative cabinet feet and legs.

Hampshire Cabinetry

Hampshire Cabinetry Image Caption: Hampshire Cabinetry - Intricate Detailing and Durability

Hampshire Cabinetry is known for its custom hardwood cabinets, loved for their intricate detailing and durability. Their primary product line features traditional styles complemented by sleek contemporary designs. For those seeking a more eye-catching option, Hampshire offers specialty cabinets and a variety of hardwoods to choose from, including mahogany. With a wide selection of colors, glazes, and application techniques, you can achieve the exact look you desire.

Prevo Cabinetry

Prevo Cabinetry Image Caption: Prevo Cabinetry - Traditional Woodworking Techniques with Contemporary Technology

Prevo Cabinetry, a custom hardwood cabinetry manufacturer based in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, combines traditional woodworking techniques with modern technology. Their meticulous attention to detail and exceptional durability set them apart. While their range of designs predominantly focuses on traditional and transitional styles, they are flexible in helping customers achieve their ideal cabinetry look. With an extensive selection of paints, glazes, and stains, as well as the ability to match any color, Prevo truly caters to your individual needs.

Da-Vinci Designs Cabinetry

Da-Vinci Designs Cabinetry Image Caption: Da-Vinci Designs Cabinetry - Bringing Interior Design Dreams to Life

Da-Vinci Designs Cabinetry, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, specializes in creating custom cabinetry that brings your interior design dreams to life. While they offer cabinets in popular traditional and contemporary styles, their true talent lies in their skills with distinctive Old World designs. If you envision a kitchen with the ambiance of a Medieval Castle or a French Chateau, Da-Vinci can transform that vision into reality.

Wellborn Cabinet

Wellborn Cabinet Image Caption: Wellborn Cabinet - Tailored Luxury and Customization Options

Wellborn Cabinet, located in Ashland, Alabama, offers quality custom cabinets with an extensive range of options. Their luxury Estate Collection and Premier Series boast over 30,000 different cabinet door styles. The Select Series provides more limited semi-custom options. With a focus on shaker and contemporary styles, Wellborn also offers decorative glass, wood, and metal cabinet doors. If you have a specific design in mind, their You Draw It program allows for special sizes and modifications beyond the standard customization options.


Wood-Mode Image Caption: Wood-Mode - Solid Wood Custom Cabinets with Endless Possibilities

Wood-Mode is recognized for producing solid wood custom cabinets in America. With over 200 styles to choose from, they offer an extensive selection for every taste. The Wood-Mode line features furniture-grade plywood, while the Brookhaven line uses particle board. Their range of styles leans towards American and European traditional designs, with options for modern slab-style cabinets as well. To add a distinctive touch to your kitchen, explore their selection of specialty doors in glass, rattan, and exotic woods. Wood-Mode also provides a custom color matching process, allowing you to create the perfect shade for your cabinets.


Snaidero Image Caption: Snaidero - Modern Luxury Cabinets with Italian Elegance

Snaidero USA brings modern luxury kitchen cabinets from their Italian parent company to the American market. They specialize in sleek minimalist styles, many of which are designed by award-winning Italian designers. With options for gloss and matte finishes, as well as their exclusive mica-based lacquers, Snaidero cabinets offer a subtle shimmer without the glare of high-gloss lacquers. The Elegante Bespoke Collection provides nearly unlimited design elements and finishes, exclusively available in the U.S. For a semi-custom option, their Signature Collection allows you to choose from 13 design elements, tailoring the cabinets to your ideals.


Porcelanosa Image Caption: Porcelanosa - Contemporary Slab-Style Cabinets in Sophisticated Finishes

Porcelanosa, a Spanish manufacturer, focuses on custom kitchen cabinetry featuring contemporary slab-style models. Their collections showcase sophisticated, on-trend colors and finishes. The luxury Emotions series offers options in smooth or textured laminate and veneer, as well as high-gloss or high-pressure laminate (HPL). If you desire a minimalist design with the warmth of wood, their rustic wood-look veneer option is a great choice. The Residence line provides a selection of laminate or HPL finishes. While larger high-end kitchen cabinet brands typically offer a broader selection of popular styles and colors, smaller brands often excel in providing distinctive specialty styles. Therefore, it is worth exploring a range of brands to find the perfect cabinets that meet your specific needs.

Elevate your kitchen with high-end cabinets from these renowned brands, and enjoy the perfect combination of functionality, style, and durability in your culinary haven.