Mexican Style Interior Design: Embrace the Vibrant Charm of Mexico

Mexico, a colorful country in North America, boasts a vibrant ethnic style that is gaining popularity worldwide. While the Mexican style has been prevalent in the USA for a long time, it is now making...

Mexican Style Interior Design

Mexico, a colorful country in North America, boasts a vibrant ethnic style that is gaining popularity worldwide. While the Mexican style has been prevalent in the USA for a long time, it is now making its way into small apartments, defying the notion that it requires large spaces. By incorporating key elements of this style, you can recreate the charming atmosphere of hot Mexico in your own home.

Embrace a World of Colors

In Mexican style interior design, there are no color restrictions. Even the most extravagant color combinations that might seem outlandish in other styles are embraced here. Different rooms can have radically different wall colors – from lime green in the kitchen to earthy browns in the living room. Mexico is for those who are bold and bright.

Warm bright shades like bright yellows, oranges, and scarlets evoke the sizzling summer heat and the scorching sun, boosting your mood and refreshing your interior. On the other hand, cool bright shades such as fuchsia, purple, and turquoise contribute to a sense of calmness and tranquility. Balancing these vibrant shades, white and brown act as more neutral tones.

Finishing Touches

In Mexican style interior design, walls can be decorated using wallpaper or paint. Textured plaster can be applied to create interesting and unusual reliefs that capture attention. Wallpaper, particularly textured ones, can also be painted to add an extra layer of creativity.

Ceilings are usually covered with water-based paint, and beams are often incorporated for decoration. The beams, made of natural dark-colored wood, are varnished to preserve their appeal. As for the flooring, tiles are a popular choice, especially terracotta tiles adorned with national motifs. Wood floors, sanded, polished, and varnished, are another excellent option for achieving that southern ethnic style.

Furniture with Character

Wood is the primary material used in Mexican furniture, available in various shades and finishes to suit your preferences. Mexican furniture is known for its certain roughness, which adds to its charm. It often features national patterns and ornaments, infusing vibrant colors into the atmosphere.

In addition to conventional furniture, wicker furniture made of rattan is also popular in Mexico. Folding furniture made from wooden slats with natural leather upholstery is frequently utilized for its practicality. Upholstered furniture, be it fabric or leather, can be found in bold and extravagant colors that seamlessly blend into a colorful Mexican interior. Ceramic tiles with ethnic patterns are commonly used to decorate furniture facades, while bright wooden chairs provide a burst of color, particularly in kitchens.

The Power of Decor

When it comes to achieving an authentic Mexican style interior, it's the little details that matter. Bright sofa cushions, patchwork blankets, paintings, indoor plants, and planters are commonly used to infuse the Mexican essence into a home. Ceramics and wicker baskets serve as both decorative pieces and practical storage solutions. Traditional Mexican elements like sombreros, dried red pepper, and guitars painted with ethnic patterns are also popular choices.

By carefully curating these small details, you can effortlessly bring the vibrant charm of Mexico into your own home.

Incorporating Mexican style interior design into your living space allows you to embrace a world of colors, celebrate the richness of Mexican culture, and create a warm and inviting atmosphere that is uniquely yours. So, let your imagination run wild and infuse your home with the vibrant spirit of Mexico!