PiN Software Review & Updates: Enhancing Real Estate Investments

In 2019, Connected Investors launched PiN, a remarkable marketplace for UNLISTED properties that are highly likely to be sold at significant discounts. PiN has revolutionized the world of real estate investing by being the first...

PiN Software Review & Updates

In 2019, Connected Investors launched PiN, a remarkable marketplace for UNLISTED properties that are highly likely to be sold at significant discounts. PiN has revolutionized the world of real estate investing by being the first voice-activated software in its domain. Since its launch, the Connected Investors team has been dedicated to enhancing the speed, data, and functionality of PiN. As a result, real estate investors now have access to an even more powerful tool for their investment endeavors. Let's delve into the new upgrades and improvements that have recently been implemented.

New Upgrades to the Connected Investors’ PiN Real Estate Software

  • Data: Connected Investors now has direct access to the best real estate data in the country. Unlike most competitors who are mere resellers, PiN ensures that you have the most updated data at your fingertips. This advantage gives you a competitive edge in the market.

  • Contact Information: PiN not only provides comprehensive property data but also offers valuable insights into property owners. With the new detailed skip tracing API, you can obtain information such as phone numbers, emails, and even demographic data, including age, sex, ethnicity, and education level. Furthermore, skip traces can now be obtained at no cost. Recent algorithm updates have significantly improved match rates, surpassing our original expectations.

  • Pro Comp and Everything Reports: Gain comprehensive knowledge about a property, including mortgage details and liens, as well as the prices of neighboring properties that are up for sale. This feature eliminates the need for a realtor and empowers you to make faster and more informed decisions.

  • Buyability Scores: Using cutting-edge AI technology, PiN assigns a score to each property, indicating the likelihood of the owner being willing to sell. This score takes into account over 30 data points, with continuous learning and improvement to ensure accuracy.

  • Exporting: PiN is as creative as you are! Easily export your data via APIs and connect it with your preferred marketing tools, CRMs, or mailer systems for seamless integration.

  • Fast Start Training: Embark on your real estate investing journey with confidence through PiN's comprehensive training. Gain valuable insights and learn the key aspects to focus on as you establish and expand your business. Additionally, PiN offers a dedicated training segment on micro-renting, complete with free downloadable resources.

  • Landlord and Flipper Data: Locate every property flipper and landlord with ease, providing you with a competitive advantage in the market.

  • New Motivation Displays: In addition to an extensive list of existing motivation types and filters, PiN now includes HOA, TAX, and Mechanics Lien indicators for a more comprehensive understanding of property motivations.

  • Mobile App: PiN's web app for mobile devices is currently under development and will greatly enhance the user experience on iPhones and iPads.

  • Speed Updates: The entire platform's infrastructure has undergone a complete overhaul, resulting in improved speed and smoother performance.

What’s Next for PiN:

This year is set to be monumental for PiN users. The development team is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible, aiming to provide investors with a significant advantage in their real estate endeavors. However, it's important to note that the pricing for PiN will also be increasing. So if you haven't already, now is the perfect time to tap into the power of PiN.

How Do Real Estate Investors Use PiN?

We reached out to successful PiN users to gather their experiences and insights. Here are some inspirational stories:

  • Sharee Reese’s $18,000 Micro-Flipping Story: Discover how Sharee, a single mother from Ohio, bravely left her full-time job to pursue a career in real estate investing amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Adam’s Model for Success: Gain exclusive insights from Adam, who shares his strategies for using PiN and Connected Investors to successfully move millions of dollars' worth of property from the comfort of his own home.

  • Eudania Micro-Flip Bundle: Learn from Eudania as she recounts her journey of finding the right seller and end buyer, closing the deal, and shares valuable tips she has acquired since closing several more deals.

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Connected Investors' ultimate mission is to propel its members' success in real estate investing. With PiN, you'll gain the upper hand in finding lucrative investment opportunities. Here's to your continued success!