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Shooting Superior Real Estate Drone Photography: A Step-by-Step Guide

Drones are revolutionizing the real estate industry, providing a unique perspective that captures the attention of potential buyers and helps real estate brokers seal the deal. The ability to capture stunning high-definition photographs of properties...

Drones are revolutionizing the real estate industry, providing a unique perspective that captures the attention of potential buyers and helps real estate brokers seal the deal. The ability to capture stunning high-definition photographs of properties from the sky is enhancing the marketing materials and increasing the chances of a successful sale. If you're interested in learning how to take superior real estate drone photography, we have a step-by-step guide for you.

Rely on the Fundamentals

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When it comes to photography, the fundamentals never change. While having a drone is essential, the skills and expertise of the photographer are just as crucial. Composition techniques like diagonals, patterns, contrast, and leading lines still apply in aerial photography. However, determining the exposure can be challenging since you can't manually control the aperture on most drones. But with practice, you can master the art of capturing the perfect shot.

Landscape Preparation

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Before you start photographing the property, it's essential to prepare the landscape. Remove any obtrusive elements that may distract from the main focus—the house. Clear the construction materials, cars, and children's toys to ensure the property takes center stage. A well-prepared landscape not only saves time on editing but also enhances the overall appeal of the property.

Changing the Options

Shooting RAW

Adjusting the settings of your drone before capturing images is crucial. Set your camera to shoot in RAW format, which gives you more flexibility during the editing process. If possible, use the 3:2 aspect ratio for better composition. Autofocus is recommended to ensure sharper images, especially when dealing with complex drones that may cause out-of-focus shots.

Taking Advantage of Intelligent Flight Modes

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Drones come equipped with intelligent flight modes that can greatly enhance your photography. Experiment with these modes to discover new and creative shots. For example, the tripod mode reduces the drone's speed, allowing you to line up shots more easily. Remember, flying a drone requires coordination and spatial awareness, so take it slow and aim for smooth footage.

Maintain a Low-Flying Drone

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One common mistake in drone photography is shooting from a high altitude, which often focuses more on the roof than the actual property. To capture the essence of the house, it's best to fly the drone at a lower altitude. This way, potential buyers get a better sense of what to expect from the property.


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The ideal time to capture real estate drone footage or photography is during sunrise or sunset. These golden hours offer warm and captivating lighting that adds depth to your shots. For nighttime shots, consider using portable lighting options to enhance the overall quality of the images.

Photograph the Facilities and Showcase the Surrounding Neighborhood

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Potential buyers are not only interested in the property itself but also in the surrounding neighborhood. Use the height advantage of a drone to capture captivating images of the area. Highlight features like nearby parks, cafes, and natural landscapes to enhance the property's charm. These visuals provide valuable insights to buyers and help them envision their future in the neighborhood.

Take Advantage of the Property's Advantages

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To capture the full essence of the property, take photos from various high vantage points. If there's a garden or pool, capture multiple angles to showcase both the house and its surroundings. Consider shooting from the farthest and highest corners of the property to show perspective, as well as straight-on shots and top-down photos to capture the entire property.


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Editing is an essential part of the photography process. Spend time editing your RAW images to make them visually appealing. Adjust the white balance, enhance colors, and smooth out harsh shadows using photo editing software. Editing allows you to transform ordinary photos into extraordinary visuals.


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Choose favorable weather conditions for real estate drone photography. Check the weather forecast before your shoot and plan accordingly. It's also recommended to have ND filters with you to combat harsh sunlight. ND filters act as sunglasses for your drone's lens, allowing you to capture better footage even in challenging lighting situations.


Real estate drone photography is a powerful tool that enhances the appeal of properties and attracts potential buyers. By following these step-by-step guidelines, you can capture exceptional images that showcase the true potential of a property. Remember, photography is an art, so don't be afraid to experiment and capture shots from different perspectives. Combining real estate photography with drones opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

Now that you have the knowledge and insights, go out there and capture stunning real estate drone photography that will leave potential buyers in awe!